Friday, April 28, 2006

Letter from the Senator

I was somewhat surprised this morning when I opened my email and found a letter from Senator John Ensign replying to my demand that he not vote for any legislation prohibiting online gaming. Now being fairly new to this Great State of Las Vegas...I mean Nevada, I have yet to dabble into the local political scene but I must say I'm impressed with this guy based purely on his form letter.

Now before you think I'm easily swayed please be aware that I've only voted for one party my entire life, heck I might actually have been one of the 600 or so votes from Palm Beach County back in 2000 that got Dufus elected, but even so my mind is much more open lately.

I digress, anyway my man Ensign told me I can rest assured, I love that phrase, that the proposals did not unfairly discriminate against certain forms of gaming, while favoring others, such as gaming on Indian reservations and race tracks and furthermore, it is vital that individual states maintain the right to regulate gaming operations within their borders.

Now that I can put my head on the pillow tonight and fall immediately to sleep is comforting. Sounds to me like even though Nevada probably has no pull with all the moral assholes back East, that no matter what legislation may or may not be passed, worst case is I'm playing on the Poker Stars Network who's offices will be based right next to the Harrah's Corporate Offices right here in Vegas.

Back to Poker, well actually staying with Poker, I had a nice run this afternoon to the tune of $71 an hour playing low limit cash games on Stars. Yes my full house beat Broadway and yes my doubled stack AA all-in preflop took down one the robot multi-tablers double stack KK. Let's see 1x2x2=4. It's been a good month on Poker Stars, and I might have to consider either playing two tables at the same level or jump up a level and stay at one table.

Finally GCox, the lovely Carmen SinCity, and myself will be playing in the 11am Sahara Tournament. Gary and Carmen both have their cameras ready so one will try to have some updates and pics Friday night or Saturday morning. Stay tuned.

Everyone have a enjoyable and also profitable weekend.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Big O

In the money at the Big O! I've now hit the board twice in four attempts since I've started playing the Big O and WWDN which is surprising to me since I've been playing 95% cash games both online and live for the past few months.

This does have the Tournament juices flowing again and I hope to carry the momentum forward on Friday when Carmen SinCity(Set Queen)and I hook up with Gary Friday morning at the Sahara for their $33+$9 with a $20 add-on Tournament. Friday is a big day there so we might see as many as 70 players. Carmen is charging the camera so she'll definitely have pictures up sometime Friday night or Saturday morning.

I was stuck on the bubble for way too long battling it out with Mrs. Mookie as the short stack. After having decent playable cards most of the tournament I went card dead at teh absolute wrong time. I was looking for anything to push but nothing even close looked accetable.

Well Mrs. Mookie got all-in with QQ against KJ and doubled up leaving me way short stacked. Next hand I get Q9 sooted so I push and luckily no one calls. Next hand I get the Tourist, and again push only but this time I get called by AT. Flop comes 7-Q-9 so I hit my three outer and survive. The way my luck has been running lately I thought for sure I was done but finally I caught a break.

It takes 22 more agonizing hands before Mrs. Mookie gets all-in with Sniperboy. At this point the three of us and Drew's Pop are sweating this thing out so when she runs her A-Q into K-K the bubble bursts and I sneak into the money.

I then push A-10o on the button after two limps in front of me and both call. The board shows 4 diamonds and I hit the nut flush to beat 7-7. I'm almost back in this thing now.

Two hands later and staying aggressive I get A-10 sooted and push again and get called with 9-9. Now it's either I'm chip leader or I go home. My hand doesn't improve and I go home in 5th place which again I'll take since I've been living on the cash games and haven't played too many Tourneys lately.

Thanks again Mookie for hosting the game and thanks to all the bloggers for their interesting stories that keep me coming back on a daily basis. It's awesome to be a part of this and I look forward to seeing all of you whenever you make it to Vegas.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Will Remember

I will remember that I want to get all my chips in with AA against K-10 sooted and QJ sooted. I will remember that the flop won't always come K-K-Q. I will remember that in this situation I will usually be tripling up rather than reaching into my pocket for another $200.

I will remember the risk/reward of limping with A-6 sooted. I will remember the excitement I felt when two player bet into me when the flop came 6-6-Q. I will remember that I want all my chips in against 6-9 and Q-3 in this situation. I will remember that in this situation I will usually be tripling up rather than reaching into my pocket for another $200 when I 9 falls on the river.

I will remember callling a re-raise will 9-9 against a ultra aggressive local slumming at the 1-2 NL table instead of the juicy 2-5 NL game. I will remember leading into him when the flop comes 2-4-6. I will remember calling his re-raise all-in when the turn is 7. I will remember him saying "sick read" when the river is a J and he turns over 8-8, doubling me up.

I will remember that just because I make correct decisions I can and will lose money in the short term. I will remember that if I continue to make correct decisions I will make money in the long run.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I get my table assignment as we start the DADI and even though I'm a rookie blogger and have only played a few events I do know my table was stacked. Bad Blood, ArtofSuckout, Drew's Pop, YouzaViper, BobRespert, and eventual champion Tony Soprano. When they broke down another table Jordan was sent over and we get

HighOnPokr said, "uh oh"
HighOnPokr said, "i liked the fish at my other table better"
HighOnPokr said, "TABLE CHANGE ON 7"

Anyway it was a challenge. Once again in the first hour I stacked some chips when my KK beat Change 100's JJ. But soon thereafter in Level 4 (50/100) Art of Suckout raised to 400 from the cut-off seat. I was the SB re-raised to 2000 putting him all in. I was hoping he had a small pair or something like AK, or AQ and might decide to push against my JJ.

Well go figure Tony Soprano goes all-in from the BB and ArtofSuckout folds. My thoughts are; best case does he think I was stealing by forcing ArtofSuckout in and maybe he's trying to pressure me into laying down and he has something like 8-8, 9-9, or TT, middle case he has the AK sooted and he wants me to lay down whatever I have instead of racing, or worst case he has QQ, KK, or AA.

I usually play these events too tight so I figure I'm pot committed at this point so I either double up to become the chip leader or I go home early so I called.

Obviously it was worst case. The champ had AA. Now good old Poker Stars gives me an open ended straight draw with my Jacks and how many times have we all seen AA get cracked by drawn out straight or flush so I figured I had a chance to suckout. No luck and off I go.

It was a fun event and sending a blogger to the WSOP makes it $30 well spent.

Carmen SinCity and I are heading down to the MGM this afternoon to see if we can't make a few $$$$$ of the tourists. Hey what better way to spend a beautiful Tuesday Vegas afternoon/evening than sitting at a Poker table in the MGM.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Finally Finally Happened

Well my streak finally ended and I left the MGM with less money than I came with. I don't know how someone can be card dead for 11 hours but somehow I managed. Now I did have a small 15 minute streak of cards where I had the second best hand each time so I wasn't completely card dead. I got stuck early and had to replenish my stack then somehow I pulled a straight out of nowhere and got all my loses back plus about $30 but that aforementioned 15 minute streak took all that comeback away. Oh well now that the streak is over I can just get back to playing cards.

I sat with Carmen SinCity as they opened a new game after we'd been waiting about 15 minutes and that was a real treat. This is only the second time we've sat together at a cash game and man did the deck hit her in the face. She hit I think eight sets over the course of the night. I of course hit zero. The best part was she kept betting her sets and new fish kept calling her down with their two pair or TPTK and she kept raking the money. What a great run of cards. Even though I didn't do so well it was fun to spend all that time together at the table. We were able to watch each others game and look for some possible tells. I do know this, if Carmen gets her money in the pot unless you have a higher set or better muck quickly!

Even though I've become a 98% cash game player I'm still going to play in the DADI tomorrow night. Heck if my $28 can be used to help send a blogger to Vegas then so be it. Of course over the weekend I did find a couple drunks in the cash games on Stars to pay for my buy-in and them some so we can thank them for their kindness. They say an anonymous donation is the best since it leaves the ego out so a shout out to the two guys that put me all-in when I had the nut straights! The blogger community commends you. Whomever does make it out here let me and Carmen know and we'll come cheer you on from the rail.

I hope everybody had a profitable weekend and I'll see a lot of you tonight for the DADI.

Friday, April 21, 2006

More MGM Fun and a SnG

First many hugs for the lovely CarmenSinCity who has hit her first bad beat wall in a while. After taking a kidney shot with AK vs A7 one away from the final table at the Big O Wednesday night, today she takes another bad beat on the bubble when a two outer hits on the turn. Yesterday at the MGM her set got rivered by a flush and her two pair got rivered by a gut shot straight. Keep your confidence up baby and keep getting your money in with the best hand, eventually it will pay off in a big way!

At the MGM yesterday I got a seat right away at my favorite Table #7 and found much to my surprise one of the fish that got away on Saturday. After the pleasantries I asked if he might be a local and he said no that he'd been here on business all week, was leaving Friday but would be back for another week in the beginning of May.I duly noted his itinerary in my memory and sat down for some action and I wasn't disappointed.

I hit a flush against his two pairs, Had AK vs his A8 after a flop of A-K-2, and flopped a nut flush against his TPTK and someone elses set. Yes it was a fun afternoon. Sooner of later you would think people would figure out I almost always turn over the nuts there. Of course with so many coming and going having the nuts never gets old. I've learned how to sit for hours if needed waiting for that one magical hand and yesterday after two hours I got three within 15 minutes. Hey an $82 an hour session never hurts. I'm running hot right now and I can only hope it continues.

I forced myself back into the SnG world today at Stars and right away came up with a first place finish. In trying to identify some of my online problems and coming across some advice from another blogger named Columbo I hope I have a solution. It figures it's opposite how it applies to me but anyway:

Top three reasons you need to play live cards on a regular basis:

1. The game slows down and allows you time to think. You need to take the opportunity and think longer about decisions BEFORE you make them instead of after you make them.

I was playing online games way too fast and that, along with some rust, is quite possibly what has led to my semi-slump. One one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, okay now assess the situation and think about what I should do. That and a slight loosening up from the cash games and hopefully I have my remedy to start making some money in MTTs and SnGs. I'll keep you posted as I go forward.

Friday/Tomorrow Carmen and I might stop by the Bellagio for awhile and check out Day 3 of the $25K buy-in. Of course it will be hard to stay too long with us both wanting to get down to the MGM for another live session.

I hope everybody has a profitable weekend on the tables and I look forward to meeting some of you when you make it out to Vegas.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blogger Events & Cash Games

Ok, it's official, my SNGs and MTTs have gone to shit. I think I've now become something I thought I'd never be; a cash game specialist.

I was an also ran in both the WWDN and Mookie's game which was distressing as I doubled up in the First Level both nights. I had fun Mook, Carmen and I are now booked in for Wednesday nights.

Before I moved to Vegas I played live Tourneys in Florida and all SNGs and MTTs online and loved them. There was nothing like the thrill of the tournament especially getting down near the bubble and having to make something happen to get in the money. Once I hit the money a few times in live Tourneys and also found myself consistently cashing in live SNGs I was hooked.

We spent a week in Vegas house hunting and I played in five Tourneys in four days, cashing in four, including a big cash at Binion's, and bubbling to a suckout in the other. Man I loved it. There was no better feeling then cashing at a live event, no matter what the buy-in was.

In the time right before we moved to Vegas I decided to try my skills at a cash game on Stars and right away got some good results. I was still playing SNGs and MTTs but I found myself liking the money action of the cash games. I made some money the first few times but soon thereafter got stuck for my, at the time, meager bankroll. Basically I paid to learn the difference between the tourney's and the cash games.

Once I moved to Vegas, I played my first cash game at the nasty old Excaliber and turned $200 into $500 in about 3 hours. Soon after this Carmen and I found the MGM which, as I now know, is an absolute fish tank. I've learned how to sit for hours and wait for the right hand, isolate the fish and force them into mistakes, to trap aggresive players by semi-slow playing big hands, and to fire big bets at calling stations when I have the nuts. I don't have to worry about blinds increasing and antes. I'm not forced into action.

Since I've started playing almost all cash games, which is obviously a totally different style, it's made me an averge at best player now at SNGs and Tourneys. I used to think you could do well here only playing Tourneys and I remember locals telling me the bread and butter is the cash games and when you make money there you take stabs at Tourneys hoping for the big score. I thought they were full of shit. I'm now one of those guys.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, it's just that playing in these blogger events has my competitive juices flowing again, and I want to start getting my feel back for the SNGs and Tourneys. I'm worried though, is it worth it? Is the work to practice and play in SNGs and MTTs worth what I might be missing in the cash games?

I guess these questions will be answered going forward. I'm not giving up my cash games but I'm going to start playing Blogger events, live MTTs and online SNGs and MTTs. Right now I can say I love the cash games. Hopefully I can balance the different styles and be successful at both. If not then I'll certainly stick to whichever makes the most money.

Now it seems that everybody I read loves to play and has successes at the SNGs and MTTs as opposed to the cash games. Any comments would be welcome on what your preference is and why. I'm always interested in hearing different view points.

Monday, April 17, 2006

What Could Have Been & A Monster

Another session Saturday at the MGM and talk about what could have been. Did you ever have a session where you made money and still felt like you lost? No it wasn't because of shitty play either.

I sat in on what was possibly the loosest game I've ever been involved in and after doubling up my buy-in within the first hour I was salivating with the possibility of making so bank. Unfortunately though I went absolutely card dead. I had I think four playable hands in the next four hours while some players where donking away thousands of dollars. Literally thousands of dollars. I almost cried.

Pre-flop raises were $20 with usually four players seeing the flop. Most pots were anywhere from $100-$400 and these guys were playing crap.

Example 1. Three players all-in pre-fop with, I'm not making this up, A-8 sooted, K-10 sooted, and yes the monster 6-7 sooted. The button much to his dismay threw away 9-9 and missed a set and $700. Amazingly enough the flop and turn missed everyone followed by a 6 on the river to give the biggest donkey the huge pot.

Example 2. Four players see the flop of Js-9s-7s after a $25 raise. First two are all-in with TPTK and Two Pair 9's and 7's. Last guy calls with, of course, the nut flush and collects an $800 pot.

It went on and on like this I had nothing. Now I'm very TAG and I just couldn't bring myself to play 5-5 and 4-4, which were my only Pocket Pairs, for $20 pre-flop against 3 other players. Other than that I was dealt absolute crap. If nothing else I did have a lot of fun watching these guys throw chips all over the table even though I didn't get to stuff my pockets with their money. Oh well a win is a win.

I did catch a monster on Stars Friday night though playing some NL. I was in the BB and UTG doubled the blind and it got back to me with 6 callers so I was priced in and had to call with 3d-6d. Flop comes Jd-10d-2d. After a bet, raise, and re-raise, me UTG and CU saw the turn which was a 9c. Check, Check, All-in, All-in, All-in. I was worried that maybe someone had a higher flush and I was demanding no diamond on the river which was 3h and my flush held up and beat A-A and Q-Q. More than tripling up was beautiful but even better was listening to the idiots with A-A and Q-Q bitch and moan and call me a donkey and how much I suck. Of course I fueled it by questioning their pre-flop betting strategies and quizzing them what the odds are that A-A or Q-Q hold up against 6 other players.

I'll get into some thoughts more in-depth this week but lately I can't stay away from the cash games. I used to play mostly all SNG's and MTT's both online and live and for the most part did rather well in both but my hourly rate has sky-rocketed from playing cash games. I'm very patient and I don't have any problem folding until I get the monster and since I'm a bottom-line type of guy I like the results. Again I'll get more in-depth this week and hopefully get to pick the brains of some of you veteran players.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable and profitable weekend.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

You Re-Raised?

I went down to the MGM today for a some live action with the lovely Carmen SinCity in hopes to catch a few fish and I did not leave disappointed.

In a world of sometime too many bad beat stories I'm here to share with you a story of hope and goodness, perhaps the story of what might be my Hand of the Day/Week/Month/Year.

I had some decent cards early on and found myself playing in about 5 pots that had a fair amount of money in them. Unfortunately I only won two of the five pots but fortunately I made two tough lay downs when I got rivered to keep from taking a big early beating but I was still down about $25 at this point. I'm usually a TAG but I'm sure at this point my table image was LAG which probably helped on the following hand.

I limped in MP and was called by a total of 6 players. Flop comes 6h-8d-8h and I bet $10 into the pot. I figure the table probably thinks I'm some loose local trying to buy the pot and sure enough it works. CU calls and the button then re-raises to $20. I call and so does the CU.

Turn is a 7d and I bet out $20. CU re-raises to all-in but unfortunately he only has a total of $38. The button calls and I call.

River is a beautiful 10h putting 4 cards to a straight and 3 cards to the flush and I can't resist, All-in. CU is grinning ear to ear although wishing he had some more chips to toss into the pot. They count down my chips, give the button my amount and he calls. He stands up immediately and is the first to throw do his hand.

K-K. What? First off he limped Pocket Kings on the button? Greedy yet stupid bastard. Second didn't that 4 cards to a straight or 3 cards to a flush scare him somewhat? Third Thank You!! The sad thing, at this point, is he still thinks he has the best hand.

CU sees the K-K and throws his hand down. Yes I know they revealed their hands backwards but hey it helped preserve the drama. CU flips over 9c-10c. He caught the straight on the turn and now it's he who thinks he won the pot. Too bad you had a short stack buddy or my rake would have been even sweeter.

By this time all the players in the game are standing and for me everything seems to be moving in slow motion. I'm on stage, I have an audience, we're right on the rail and there must have been 15 people watching while pointing and oohing and aahing about the mound of chips on the table. I wait about 5 seconds, slowly stand and announce to everybody, "These two guys are going to hate me."

I flip over two beautiful blacks 8's. That's right I flopped freakin' Quads. Man I had to do a double take after the flop to make sure I did have two 8's in the hole and indeed I did. Not only did I flop Quads I was still able to get paid on those quads.

Think about this, when was the last time you flopped Quads and had someone re-raise into your lead-in bet? Now think about this, when was the last time you flopped quads and had two people re-raise your lead-in bet? This was too good to be true.

So in the world of bad beats, which I have too many of, it's nice to have a story where the hero takes down the villain. Hey that's 3 winning sessions in a row, hopefully I can stay on a hot streak.

Unfortunately though, after catching the Quads I did not see another worthwhile hand for the next 4 hours at which point Carmen and I decided to head home but not before stopping at Jasmine's and getting the best Thai food in Vegas.

Life is plenty good!!

See you at the tables.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

First Blogger Event

Tuesday night and I played in my first ever Blogger Tourney on stars and I came away very impressed. Since moving to Vegas I've had a chance to play a lot of live action and I think because of this I find myself actually bored playing online. Now most of what I read seems to be slanted favoring online with the casinos being boring but I'll take live action any day over clicking the mouse.

Now what impressed me about playing in the WWdn tourney was the speed and knowledge of the players. Rarely did you see the 15 second warning, people don't push early with mediocre hands, and everyone it seemed was focused. When we went to the second break I had seen an amazing 160 hands which definitely kept me focused. No time for TV, fantasy baseball, or reading blogs, it was concentrate and play cards.

I was actually nervous when I first sat down and it didn't take long to get the adreneline pumping. On the 6th hand I catch Ac-Qs in the BB and call an $80 raise from the button. Flop comes Ah-4c-8h and I bet out $100 only to be re-raised by the PFR to $300. Now I get a moment of panic but I'm able to take a breath and think I have the best hand and call the bet. Turn is a 4h and I check then smooth call the $300 bet. River is a 5d and I check hoping to check/raise but it's called and I take down $1370.

3 hands later in the CU I get Ks-8s and raise two limpers to $60. My opponent from earlier is the only caller and we see a flop 8h-6s-5s. I bet out $80 and am re-raised to $180. With top pair and 2nd nut flush draw I re-raise him all-in and he winds up folding JJ.

These two hands kind of got me off and running and I slowly accumulated chips and made my way into the Top 5. We are in Level VI (100/200) and I misplay AQ when a K comes on the turn and it cost me $3700 and knocks me back to 20th out of 25.

We get down to 14 players and I fortunately get all my chips in with AA against 10-10 and double up then take down a big pot with a set of 4's which safely takes me past the bubble and into the money. I go card dead, get blinded and finally bust out in 6th place.

Man I'm stoked. Since I've recently found this awesome Poker Blogger's World I've been waiting to play in a tourney and to finish in the money on my first trip is a great way to start.

I've only had brief exchanges with a couple of the many bloggers I read daily and it was an honor to be sitting at the table with so many of them. There are too many to list but if you saw me sitting at your table it's a good bet that I've read your blogs and look forward to getting to know more and more.

If anyone is planning a trip to Vegas make sure you let me know so we can play in some live action together.

That's it for now. I'm going to get a good night sleep and head down to the MGM tomorrow with the lovely Carmen SinCity in hopes of catching some fresh fish just getting off the airplanes.

Monday, April 10, 2006

MGM Weekend

Two sessions at the MGM and a day on the couch watching the Masters. Life is wonderful!

I went to the MGM both Friday and Saturday evenings with my girlfriend, the lovely Carmen SinCity and had a blast. I've only been playing poker semi-seriously for about 8 months so I'm by no means an expert but I'm no slouch either, and I must say that room was full of fish. Plenty of tourist who all think they got game when in fact they didn't but because of the fish factor man did I see some poor poker and way too many of bad beats. Yes believe it or not I took some bad beats as well.

Saturday the aforementioned Carmen SinCity had the benefit of doubling up with Pocket Kings early on then in the ideal dream situation doubled up again when her set of Aces smoked a set of tens. Some nice work to turn a $200 maximum buy-in to $861 over a 7 hour session. Well done baby and thanks for breakfast on the way home.

I'm one of those guys that used to bitch and moan about bad beats and how unlucky I always seem to be until recently reading an archived blog that contained a quote basically saying if you have your money in the pot and a high majority of that time it's with the best cards then you're going to encounter some bad beats. Now sometimes I think for me it's still more than my fair share and I felt like Friday was no exception. 7 times I got a good portion of my chips in the pot and on all 7 hands I held the best cards but unfortunately I only won twice. Thankfully it was enough to return about a $70 profit but I couldn't help think about what could have been.

I got rivered by a runner/runner flush and then a gut shot to lose about $120. After re-buying for that $120 to get my stack back up to the max of $200 I caught Pocket Queens against A-J then a set of 10s against two pair to get up to almost $600. Then in a matter of 30 minutes I got caught by another flush with TPTK, counterfeited with two pair to a higher two pair when the board went runner/runner to pair, and lost with JJ against 10-10. That was enough. Time to go before I wound up back in the negative again.

Saturday it was back for some more fun and before I knew it here comes the first bad beat of the night. I raised on the button with Jd-5d behind four limpers and got one caller UTG with Ah-3h. Flop came As-Js-5c and UTG bet $25 which I smooth called. Turn was an 8d, UTG bet $25 I re-raised to $75 UTG goes all-in. I called and cards are turned up and I'm feeling good. River is the 4d and the wheel runs me over. Oh great here we go again.

Now I go card dead for about 90 minutes and just sit back and watch and talk hands with two players who turn out to be locals and regulars. At the other end of the table is a guy in town from Atlanta for a National Paper Rock Scissors competition. Really. How could anybody make something like that up? My man was sippin' Hennessey's and kissing a picture of his kid every time he played a hand, it was pure entertainment. This guy was bad but lucky. He'd always bet if he hit top pair, check/call we he hit middle or bottom pair and fold if he hit nothing. Problem was nobody caught on to his game except the three of us card dead locals who I might add were salivating to get this guys chips.

Well I finally get Jh-10h in the cutoff seat and I make a small raise which is called by three limpers and my man in the big blind. Flop comes Ah-Jd-10c and my man bets out $20 right away I had him on Ace rag and I smooth call. Now he could have had K-Q but after watching his play closely for the last 90 minutes I stayed with the Ace rag. Turn is a 2h and my man makes it another $25 to go. I now have two pair and a flush draw and I'm licking my chops. I reraise all-in and get called. My new table buddies are whispering you're going to get paid Don as my man turns over Ac-5d. I'm thinking no Ace, no Ace and the river is a 2c. It takes a second before I realize my dilemma. Counterfeited once again. This lucky guy winds up with a higher two pair and I'm now stuck $400.

I was pissed. I usually hold my composure but I lost it. A few yelled "Fucks" and a five minute walk and for the most part I was calmed down. I gave my self a little pep talk and remembered I had the best hand both times going in and I got sucked out on and that I was going to go back to the table and grind my way back.

After about 15 minutes I limp with pocket 6's, catch a set and win about $75 pot. I few small victories and my stack is up to around $300 when I meet my nemesis again. In the cut-off I limp with 6h-5d and 6 other limpers see the flop of Kc-4s-3d. Now I almost never play a hand like 6-5o but with all the limpers I figure why not. So my nemesis in the big blind bets $10 and 3 of us see the turn which is 9h. My man bets $25 and UTG calls. $94 in the pot and the money and odds seem good so I call. The turn is a 7c. Finally! My man bets $50 which is a big bet for him and I really get excited as now I think he has two pair and if so there is no way he can lay down that hand. With my read on him and the size of the pot I go all-in which is counted to $257. My man immediately calls and I'm sure he was thinking about again spanking my ass and again taking all my chips. As he stands he turns over K-7 for two pair and I swear I've never seen a bigger smile. Rikki, an awesome dealer who had been paying close attention to the action, said, "let me see that 6-5." I turn over the 6-5 while looking at a face I'll never forget. It took a few seconds, helped by the dealer sending me a three push pile, for the smile on Mr. Rock Paper Scissors face to turn to a look of utter disbelief. All my sorrow/anger from the previous two days of bad beats was instantly rewarded by one of ultimate satisfaction as after a long fight I caught a card and reeled in my biggest catch yet. I'm sure my friend enjoyed his free stay in Vegas and who knows maybe he won the $50k first prize in his little contest but no matter how much fun he had on his trip I'm sure he'll always remember the feeling he had the moment he realized that he lost that monster pot on Table 7 of the 1-2 NL game at the MGM Grand.

I ended up cashing for a $63 profit which I'll gladly take after the way the night started. I also learned a lesson about keeping my cool, staying off tilt and grinding my way back. I look forward to my next live session which will probably be Tuesday afternoon evening. I can't wait.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Who Am I

I probably don't have any readers yet but I do know you have to start somewhere so this is going to be somewhere. I'm 40 and moved to Vegas in February 2006 from beautiful Delray Beach Florida. I owed a business that dealt with drug and alcohol addiction that I sold in December 2005 and decided it was time to move on and to what better place than Las Vegas.

Now in searching the country for a new place to live Las Vegas started becoming a real option. First there is a huge need for people facing alcohol, drug, and gamblng addiction and the facilities here to combat those problems are minimal and substandard. So I have a perfect opportunity to start another business with the same structure provided I can break the public/professional stigma of Vegas being nothing but Sin City and sell my services and this city as a great chance for someone to start their live over again. It will take some effort but I know in my heart it will work so that's 90% of the battle.

Also I love playing poker and even though I've only been playing a year or so I took into account what better place to be able to play poker whenever and wherever than Vegas. Now I'm one who would much rather play live than online, (a discussion for another day) and when considering Vegas this option also helped in the decision.

Poker in Florida flat out sucks! All they have is 1-2 or straight 2 limit hold'em with a 3 raise max. They did have some $45 buy-in tournaments which thanks to Jeb Bush are now illegal so instead of playing poker it was more like going to the bingo hall.

Now considering the business and poker wants/needs Vegas suddenly was #1 on the list of cities for relocation. I got in touch with a realtor and made an appointment to spend a couple days driving around Vegas and looking at properties to in early February and man I was blown away.

This city is beautiful! Once you get away from the strip and head west or south it's all new and clean, and scenic, basically suburbia. Now all the locals bitch about the cost of real estate but coming from South Florida prices are 35% less which is amazing so add that factor in.

To sell me completely the weather was a beautiful 78 degrees the week I was here and I made the Final Table and got a five way chop for 2nd place out of 71 at Bininions. Done deal. I found a new house for $500 less a month than I was paying so I flew back to Florida packed up only 1 van load of things, my girlfriend and my dog and hit the road.

I love it here. Yes I'm going to start another business but not yet. I'm enjoying things for a while and I plan on playing a lot of poker both ring and tournament. I've also found the Poker Bloggers world and I look forward to meeting many new people across the country and maybe someday when any of you make it to Vegas we play a game together.

See you at the tables.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Opening Day & NCAA Final

College basketball needs help! What was up with all the 50 point total scores throughout the tourney? Lack of skills IMO. Hopefully the minimum age requirement for NBA draft eligibility might help sending some players with skills to the college ranks. Of course nobody can shoot anymore and basic basketball fundamentals are shot because all kids care about is looking cool dribbling and dunking and since not many 13 year olds can dunk all the do is look cool dribbling. Last I checked you get zero points for dribbling.

Opening day means the fantasy baseball races are on. How anyone can watch a complete baseball game is beyond me, yes it's even more boring than live NL cash games, but as long as there is fantasy involved then I can devote a few seconds every other hand to seeing how my players are doing.

I called about the MLB extra inning package and was absolutely shocked to find out the blackout restrictions as they apply to Vegas. It seems that Colorado, Arizona, LA, Anaheim/LA, Oakland, and San Fran all fall under blackout rules. Now I always aced geography in school but I need an explanation to how all these teams are my local squads??

Also since I'm a brand new blogger I'm pleased to find some many great poker blogs and bloggers tourneys. It's will be nice to partake in the online events and to see and meet people when the venture to Vegas to play in the live events.

Time to had over to Stars and play a few SNGs. I'm already bored this afternoon might as well keep the trend going.

Monday, April 03, 2006


For the most part it was a great weekend except for a few minor occurances.

Friday I had my final Fantasy Baseball Draft and of course I think I have the best team again. Yes 4 pennants for 4 leagues sounds about right.

Saturday spend almost all day at the MGM watching the Final Four and playing 1-2NL. Thankfully UCLA blew out LSU or it could have been a bad day. Four bad suckouts, I'll spare the details, had me stuck $400 so I cashed my winning UCLA ticket and a grinded my way back to only losing $165. Can't remember losing and feeling so good about it.

Yesterday watched the Soprano's for the first 57 minutes before the cable quit then went down for the opening of the Venetian Poker Room. Now the understanding was the room was going to be open to the public to play but they had a tournament with too many pros and way too many celebraties so they public, which unfortunately included me, was on a 3 hour wait to even get inside the room to get on the list to play. Being new to Vegas, I didn't realize how "Celebrity" Poker had become and the room was filled with VIP's who just wanted a photo op.

That dude Shane from Survivor is a real freak. He paced back and forth in front of the Poker Room playing with his hair and chain smoking cigs like he was about to be executed. Man the guy really looked out of place. I hope he doesn't win.