Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blogger Events & Cash Games

Ok, it's official, my SNGs and MTTs have gone to shit. I think I've now become something I thought I'd never be; a cash game specialist.

I was an also ran in both the WWDN and Mookie's game which was distressing as I doubled up in the First Level both nights. I had fun Mook, Carmen and I are now booked in for Wednesday nights.

Before I moved to Vegas I played live Tourneys in Florida and all SNGs and MTTs online and loved them. There was nothing like the thrill of the tournament especially getting down near the bubble and having to make something happen to get in the money. Once I hit the money a few times in live Tourneys and also found myself consistently cashing in live SNGs I was hooked.

We spent a week in Vegas house hunting and I played in five Tourneys in four days, cashing in four, including a big cash at Binion's, and bubbling to a suckout in the other. Man I loved it. There was no better feeling then cashing at a live event, no matter what the buy-in was.

In the time right before we moved to Vegas I decided to try my skills at a cash game on Stars and right away got some good results. I was still playing SNGs and MTTs but I found myself liking the money action of the cash games. I made some money the first few times but soon thereafter got stuck for my, at the time, meager bankroll. Basically I paid to learn the difference between the tourney's and the cash games.

Once I moved to Vegas, I played my first cash game at the nasty old Excaliber and turned $200 into $500 in about 3 hours. Soon after this Carmen and I found the MGM which, as I now know, is an absolute fish tank. I've learned how to sit for hours and wait for the right hand, isolate the fish and force them into mistakes, to trap aggresive players by semi-slow playing big hands, and to fire big bets at calling stations when I have the nuts. I don't have to worry about blinds increasing and antes. I'm not forced into action.

Since I've started playing almost all cash games, which is obviously a totally different style, it's made me an averge at best player now at SNGs and Tourneys. I used to think you could do well here only playing Tourneys and I remember locals telling me the bread and butter is the cash games and when you make money there you take stabs at Tourneys hoping for the big score. I thought they were full of shit. I'm now one of those guys.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, it's just that playing in these blogger events has my competitive juices flowing again, and I want to start getting my feel back for the SNGs and Tourneys. I'm worried though, is it worth it? Is the work to practice and play in SNGs and MTTs worth what I might be missing in the cash games?

I guess these questions will be answered going forward. I'm not giving up my cash games but I'm going to start playing Blogger events, live MTTs and online SNGs and MTTs. Right now I can say I love the cash games. Hopefully I can balance the different styles and be successful at both. If not then I'll certainly stick to whichever makes the most money.

Now it seems that everybody I read loves to play and has successes at the SNGs and MTTs as opposed to the cash games. Any comments would be welcome on what your preference is and why. I'm always interested in hearing different view points.


At 10:23 AM, Anonymous mookie99 said...

Thanks for playing last night. It was nice meeting you and Carmen. We will be in Vegas June 11th, so we will need to meet up at MGM and/or Caesars and play !


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