Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I get my table assignment as we start the DADI and even though I'm a rookie blogger and have only played a few events I do know my table was stacked. Bad Blood, ArtofSuckout, Drew's Pop, YouzaViper, BobRespert, and eventual champion Tony Soprano. When they broke down another table Jordan was sent over and we get

HighOnPokr said, "uh oh"
HighOnPokr said, "i liked the fish at my other table better"
HighOnPokr said, "TABLE CHANGE ON 7"

Anyway it was a challenge. Once again in the first hour I stacked some chips when my KK beat Change 100's JJ. But soon thereafter in Level 4 (50/100) Art of Suckout raised to 400 from the cut-off seat. I was the SB re-raised to 2000 putting him all in. I was hoping he had a small pair or something like AK, or AQ and might decide to push against my JJ.

Well go figure Tony Soprano goes all-in from the BB and ArtofSuckout folds. My thoughts are; best case does he think I was stealing by forcing ArtofSuckout in and maybe he's trying to pressure me into laying down and he has something like 8-8, 9-9, or TT, middle case he has the AK sooted and he wants me to lay down whatever I have instead of racing, or worst case he has QQ, KK, or AA.

I usually play these events too tight so I figure I'm pot committed at this point so I either double up to become the chip leader or I go home early so I called.

Obviously it was worst case. The champ had AA. Now good old Poker Stars gives me an open ended straight draw with my Jacks and how many times have we all seen AA get cracked by drawn out straight or flush so I figured I had a chance to suckout. No luck and off I go.

It was a fun event and sending a blogger to the WSOP makes it $30 well spent.

Carmen SinCity and I are heading down to the MGM this afternoon to see if we can't make a few $$$$$ of the tourists. Hey what better way to spend a beautiful Tuesday Vegas afternoon/evening than sitting at a Poker table in the MGM.


At 9:13 PM, Blogger Slimeface said...

You were at a tough table with some very good players... See you at DADI 6!

At 3:52 PM, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Thanks for playing. I love it when I'm quoted. Also, have fun with GCox. He mentioned that he'll be playing in Vegas with you this wkend. Lucky bastards!


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