Monday, April 24, 2006

Finally Finally Happened

Well my streak finally ended and I left the MGM with less money than I came with. I don't know how someone can be card dead for 11 hours but somehow I managed. Now I did have a small 15 minute streak of cards where I had the second best hand each time so I wasn't completely card dead. I got stuck early and had to replenish my stack then somehow I pulled a straight out of nowhere and got all my loses back plus about $30 but that aforementioned 15 minute streak took all that comeback away. Oh well now that the streak is over I can just get back to playing cards.

I sat with Carmen SinCity as they opened a new game after we'd been waiting about 15 minutes and that was a real treat. This is only the second time we've sat together at a cash game and man did the deck hit her in the face. She hit I think eight sets over the course of the night. I of course hit zero. The best part was she kept betting her sets and new fish kept calling her down with their two pair or TPTK and she kept raking the money. What a great run of cards. Even though I didn't do so well it was fun to spend all that time together at the table. We were able to watch each others game and look for some possible tells. I do know this, if Carmen gets her money in the pot unless you have a higher set or better muck quickly!

Even though I've become a 98% cash game player I'm still going to play in the DADI tomorrow night. Heck if my $28 can be used to help send a blogger to Vegas then so be it. Of course over the weekend I did find a couple drunks in the cash games on Stars to pay for my buy-in and them some so we can thank them for their kindness. They say an anonymous donation is the best since it leaves the ego out so a shout out to the two guys that put me all-in when I had the nut straights! The blogger community commends you. Whomever does make it out here let me and Carmen know and we'll come cheer you on from the rail.

I hope everybody had a profitable weekend and I'll see a lot of you tonight for the DADI.


At 5:58 PM, Blogger jjok said...

Good luck this evening.....hope to see you there provided I can get online before it starts.........


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