Wednesday, April 12, 2006

First Blogger Event

Tuesday night and I played in my first ever Blogger Tourney on stars and I came away very impressed. Since moving to Vegas I've had a chance to play a lot of live action and I think because of this I find myself actually bored playing online. Now most of what I read seems to be slanted favoring online with the casinos being boring but I'll take live action any day over clicking the mouse.

Now what impressed me about playing in the WWdn tourney was the speed and knowledge of the players. Rarely did you see the 15 second warning, people don't push early with mediocre hands, and everyone it seemed was focused. When we went to the second break I had seen an amazing 160 hands which definitely kept me focused. No time for TV, fantasy baseball, or reading blogs, it was concentrate and play cards.

I was actually nervous when I first sat down and it didn't take long to get the adreneline pumping. On the 6th hand I catch Ac-Qs in the BB and call an $80 raise from the button. Flop comes Ah-4c-8h and I bet out $100 only to be re-raised by the PFR to $300. Now I get a moment of panic but I'm able to take a breath and think I have the best hand and call the bet. Turn is a 4h and I check then smooth call the $300 bet. River is a 5d and I check hoping to check/raise but it's called and I take down $1370.

3 hands later in the CU I get Ks-8s and raise two limpers to $60. My opponent from earlier is the only caller and we see a flop 8h-6s-5s. I bet out $80 and am re-raised to $180. With top pair and 2nd nut flush draw I re-raise him all-in and he winds up folding JJ.

These two hands kind of got me off and running and I slowly accumulated chips and made my way into the Top 5. We are in Level VI (100/200) and I misplay AQ when a K comes on the turn and it cost me $3700 and knocks me back to 20th out of 25.

We get down to 14 players and I fortunately get all my chips in with AA against 10-10 and double up then take down a big pot with a set of 4's which safely takes me past the bubble and into the money. I go card dead, get blinded and finally bust out in 6th place.

Man I'm stoked. Since I've recently found this awesome Poker Blogger's World I've been waiting to play in a tourney and to finish in the money on my first trip is a great way to start.

I've only had brief exchanges with a couple of the many bloggers I read daily and it was an honor to be sitting at the table with so many of them. There are too many to list but if you saw me sitting at your table it's a good bet that I've read your blogs and look forward to getting to know more and more.

If anyone is planning a trip to Vegas make sure you let me know so we can play in some live action together.

That's it for now. I'm going to get a good night sleep and head down to the MGM tomorrow with the lovely Carmen SinCity in hopes of catching some fresh fish just getting off the airplanes.


At 10:40 AM, Blogger jjok said...

Glad I was able to donate half my stack to you.....haha

Good job finishing 6th!

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Nice performance, Don, especially for a first blogger event. And you are right, it's a very sophisticated and savvy crowd (from a poker perspective, anyways), and doing well in a blogger event is really a testament to your poker skillz, at least in my book. So to final table your first WWdN, that is something special. Had fun playing at your table for a while, both at the beginning, again in the middle and then at the final table. Sorry I couldn't last long in the final table, I don't even remember what I went out on, but I remember knowing I was beat before I made the final call, but being pot committed to the point where I felt I had to call with my underdog hand anyways at that point. Hopefully it was you who knocked me out so you could benefit from my chips.

Congrats again man. Looking forward to seeing you at more blogger tourneys. Tonight, for example, Mookie has his regular Wednesday evening 10pm ET tournament which is attended mostly by bloggers. If you're around, go check out his blog for the password, and come join us. It's on Stars as well.

Maybe see you then?

At 5:55 PM, Anonymous mookie99 said...

Found your blog through CarmenSinCity (which I found through Katitude). Wish I could live in Vegas !

We will be out there in June, do you guys usually play at MGM ? I think we will be staying at the Luxor.

We would love to have you come play in the weekly Wed. tourney we have on Stars.

At 11:18 PM, Blogger surflexus said...

Just came across your blog tonight; hope to see you at more blogger


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