Friday, April 21, 2006

More MGM Fun and a SnG

First many hugs for the lovely CarmenSinCity who has hit her first bad beat wall in a while. After taking a kidney shot with AK vs A7 one away from the final table at the Big O Wednesday night, today she takes another bad beat on the bubble when a two outer hits on the turn. Yesterday at the MGM her set got rivered by a flush and her two pair got rivered by a gut shot straight. Keep your confidence up baby and keep getting your money in with the best hand, eventually it will pay off in a big way!

At the MGM yesterday I got a seat right away at my favorite Table #7 and found much to my surprise one of the fish that got away on Saturday. After the pleasantries I asked if he might be a local and he said no that he'd been here on business all week, was leaving Friday but would be back for another week in the beginning of May.I duly noted his itinerary in my memory and sat down for some action and I wasn't disappointed.

I hit a flush against his two pairs, Had AK vs his A8 after a flop of A-K-2, and flopped a nut flush against his TPTK and someone elses set. Yes it was a fun afternoon. Sooner of later you would think people would figure out I almost always turn over the nuts there. Of course with so many coming and going having the nuts never gets old. I've learned how to sit for hours if needed waiting for that one magical hand and yesterday after two hours I got three within 15 minutes. Hey an $82 an hour session never hurts. I'm running hot right now and I can only hope it continues.

I forced myself back into the SnG world today at Stars and right away came up with a first place finish. In trying to identify some of my online problems and coming across some advice from another blogger named Columbo I hope I have a solution. It figures it's opposite how it applies to me but anyway:

Top three reasons you need to play live cards on a regular basis:

1. The game slows down and allows you time to think. You need to take the opportunity and think longer about decisions BEFORE you make them instead of after you make them.

I was playing online games way too fast and that, along with some rust, is quite possibly what has led to my semi-slump. One one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, okay now assess the situation and think about what I should do. That and a slight loosening up from the cash games and hopefully I have my remedy to start making some money in MTTs and SnGs. I'll keep you posted as I go forward.

Friday/Tomorrow Carmen and I might stop by the Bellagio for awhile and check out Day 3 of the $25K buy-in. Of course it will be hard to stay too long with us both wanting to get down to the MGM for another live session.

I hope everybody has a profitable weekend on the tables and I look forward to meeting some of you when you make it out to Vegas.


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