Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Opening Day & NCAA Final

College basketball needs help! What was up with all the 50 point total scores throughout the tourney? Lack of skills IMO. Hopefully the minimum age requirement for NBA draft eligibility might help sending some players with skills to the college ranks. Of course nobody can shoot anymore and basic basketball fundamentals are shot because all kids care about is looking cool dribbling and dunking and since not many 13 year olds can dunk all the do is look cool dribbling. Last I checked you get zero points for dribbling.

Opening day means the fantasy baseball races are on. How anyone can watch a complete baseball game is beyond me, yes it's even more boring than live NL cash games, but as long as there is fantasy involved then I can devote a few seconds every other hand to seeing how my players are doing.

I called about the MLB extra inning package and was absolutely shocked to find out the blackout restrictions as they apply to Vegas. It seems that Colorado, Arizona, LA, Anaheim/LA, Oakland, and San Fran all fall under blackout rules. Now I always aced geography in school but I need an explanation to how all these teams are my local squads??

Also since I'm a brand new blogger I'm pleased to find some many great poker blogs and bloggers tourneys. It's will be nice to partake in the online events and to see and meet people when the venture to Vegas to play in the live events.

Time to had over to Stars and play a few SNGs. I'm already bored this afternoon might as well keep the trend going.


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