Monday, April 03, 2006


For the most part it was a great weekend except for a few minor occurances.

Friday I had my final Fantasy Baseball Draft and of course I think I have the best team again. Yes 4 pennants for 4 leagues sounds about right.

Saturday spend almost all day at the MGM watching the Final Four and playing 1-2NL. Thankfully UCLA blew out LSU or it could have been a bad day. Four bad suckouts, I'll spare the details, had me stuck $400 so I cashed my winning UCLA ticket and a grinded my way back to only losing $165. Can't remember losing and feeling so good about it.

Yesterday watched the Soprano's for the first 57 minutes before the cable quit then went down for the opening of the Venetian Poker Room. Now the understanding was the room was going to be open to the public to play but they had a tournament with too many pros and way too many celebraties so they public, which unfortunately included me, was on a 3 hour wait to even get inside the room to get on the list to play. Being new to Vegas, I didn't realize how "Celebrity" Poker had become and the room was filled with VIP's who just wanted a photo op.

That dude Shane from Survivor is a real freak. He paced back and forth in front of the Poker Room playing with his hair and chain smoking cigs like he was about to be executed. Man the guy really looked out of place. I hope he doesn't win.


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