Monday, April 17, 2006

What Could Have Been & A Monster

Another session Saturday at the MGM and talk about what could have been. Did you ever have a session where you made money and still felt like you lost? No it wasn't because of shitty play either.

I sat in on what was possibly the loosest game I've ever been involved in and after doubling up my buy-in within the first hour I was salivating with the possibility of making so bank. Unfortunately though I went absolutely card dead. I had I think four playable hands in the next four hours while some players where donking away thousands of dollars. Literally thousands of dollars. I almost cried.

Pre-flop raises were $20 with usually four players seeing the flop. Most pots were anywhere from $100-$400 and these guys were playing crap.

Example 1. Three players all-in pre-fop with, I'm not making this up, A-8 sooted, K-10 sooted, and yes the monster 6-7 sooted. The button much to his dismay threw away 9-9 and missed a set and $700. Amazingly enough the flop and turn missed everyone followed by a 6 on the river to give the biggest donkey the huge pot.

Example 2. Four players see the flop of Js-9s-7s after a $25 raise. First two are all-in with TPTK and Two Pair 9's and 7's. Last guy calls with, of course, the nut flush and collects an $800 pot.

It went on and on like this I had nothing. Now I'm very TAG and I just couldn't bring myself to play 5-5 and 4-4, which were my only Pocket Pairs, for $20 pre-flop against 3 other players. Other than that I was dealt absolute crap. If nothing else I did have a lot of fun watching these guys throw chips all over the table even though I didn't get to stuff my pockets with their money. Oh well a win is a win.

I did catch a monster on Stars Friday night though playing some NL. I was in the BB and UTG doubled the blind and it got back to me with 6 callers so I was priced in and had to call with 3d-6d. Flop comes Jd-10d-2d. After a bet, raise, and re-raise, me UTG and CU saw the turn which was a 9c. Check, Check, All-in, All-in, All-in. I was worried that maybe someone had a higher flush and I was demanding no diamond on the river which was 3h and my flush held up and beat A-A and Q-Q. More than tripling up was beautiful but even better was listening to the idiots with A-A and Q-Q bitch and moan and call me a donkey and how much I suck. Of course I fueled it by questioning their pre-flop betting strategies and quizzing them what the odds are that A-A or Q-Q hold up against 6 other players.

I'll get into some thoughts more in-depth this week but lately I can't stay away from the cash games. I used to play mostly all SNG's and MTT's both online and live and for the most part did rather well in both but my hourly rate has sky-rocketed from playing cash games. I'm very patient and I don't have any problem folding until I get the monster and since I'm a bottom-line type of guy I like the results. Again I'll get more in-depth this week and hopefully get to pick the brains of some of you veteran players.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable and profitable weekend.


At 9:39 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Hey Don. I fully agree, nothing beats taking lots of chips from people who then go on to berate you for your "poor" play. 9 times out of 10, it's when I hit something after calling their too-small on the flop or turn, and these clowns have no appreciation whatsoever for betting enough to make my odds bad to continue to play my draw. Pot is 600 after the flop, and this guy bets 100 when I have a draw to the nut flush. I call it, and then hit my flush on the turn, he moves in with TPTK or even 2 pairs, and he's toast. I love it! For 6 to 1 odds I'll call that bet All Day Long baybeee!

At 9:03 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

Hi Don,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me some tips for Vegas. I appreciate the help.

If you are in town next Thursday night/Friday let me know, maybe we can find a soft game somewhere.



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