Thursday, April 06, 2006

Who Am I

I probably don't have any readers yet but I do know you have to start somewhere so this is going to be somewhere. I'm 40 and moved to Vegas in February 2006 from beautiful Delray Beach Florida. I owed a business that dealt with drug and alcohol addiction that I sold in December 2005 and decided it was time to move on and to what better place than Las Vegas.

Now in searching the country for a new place to live Las Vegas started becoming a real option. First there is a huge need for people facing alcohol, drug, and gamblng addiction and the facilities here to combat those problems are minimal and substandard. So I have a perfect opportunity to start another business with the same structure provided I can break the public/professional stigma of Vegas being nothing but Sin City and sell my services and this city as a great chance for someone to start their live over again. It will take some effort but I know in my heart it will work so that's 90% of the battle.

Also I love playing poker and even though I've only been playing a year or so I took into account what better place to be able to play poker whenever and wherever than Vegas. Now I'm one who would much rather play live than online, (a discussion for another day) and when considering Vegas this option also helped in the decision.

Poker in Florida flat out sucks! All they have is 1-2 or straight 2 limit hold'em with a 3 raise max. They did have some $45 buy-in tournaments which thanks to Jeb Bush are now illegal so instead of playing poker it was more like going to the bingo hall.

Now considering the business and poker wants/needs Vegas suddenly was #1 on the list of cities for relocation. I got in touch with a realtor and made an appointment to spend a couple days driving around Vegas and looking at properties to in early February and man I was blown away.

This city is beautiful! Once you get away from the strip and head west or south it's all new and clean, and scenic, basically suburbia. Now all the locals bitch about the cost of real estate but coming from South Florida prices are 35% less which is amazing so add that factor in.

To sell me completely the weather was a beautiful 78 degrees the week I was here and I made the Final Table and got a five way chop for 2nd place out of 71 at Bininions. Done deal. I found a new house for $500 less a month than I was paying so I flew back to Florida packed up only 1 van load of things, my girlfriend and my dog and hit the road.

I love it here. Yes I'm going to start another business but not yet. I'm enjoying things for a while and I plan on playing a lot of poker both ring and tournament. I've also found the Poker Bloggers world and I look forward to meeting many new people across the country and maybe someday when any of you make it to Vegas we play a game together.

See you at the tables.


At 7:43 PM, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Good luck man. Seems like you have a good thing starting in Vegas. I'll be keeping an eye on you.


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