Thursday, April 13, 2006

You Re-Raised?

I went down to the MGM today for a some live action with the lovely Carmen SinCity in hopes to catch a few fish and I did not leave disappointed.

In a world of sometime too many bad beat stories I'm here to share with you a story of hope and goodness, perhaps the story of what might be my Hand of the Day/Week/Month/Year.

I had some decent cards early on and found myself playing in about 5 pots that had a fair amount of money in them. Unfortunately I only won two of the five pots but fortunately I made two tough lay downs when I got rivered to keep from taking a big early beating but I was still down about $25 at this point. I'm usually a TAG but I'm sure at this point my table image was LAG which probably helped on the following hand.

I limped in MP and was called by a total of 6 players. Flop comes 6h-8d-8h and I bet $10 into the pot. I figure the table probably thinks I'm some loose local trying to buy the pot and sure enough it works. CU calls and the button then re-raises to $20. I call and so does the CU.

Turn is a 7d and I bet out $20. CU re-raises to all-in but unfortunately he only has a total of $38. The button calls and I call.

River is a beautiful 10h putting 4 cards to a straight and 3 cards to the flush and I can't resist, All-in. CU is grinning ear to ear although wishing he had some more chips to toss into the pot. They count down my chips, give the button my amount and he calls. He stands up immediately and is the first to throw do his hand.

K-K. What? First off he limped Pocket Kings on the button? Greedy yet stupid bastard. Second didn't that 4 cards to a straight or 3 cards to a flush scare him somewhat? Third Thank You!! The sad thing, at this point, is he still thinks he has the best hand.

CU sees the K-K and throws his hand down. Yes I know they revealed their hands backwards but hey it helped preserve the drama. CU flips over 9c-10c. He caught the straight on the turn and now it's he who thinks he won the pot. Too bad you had a short stack buddy or my rake would have been even sweeter.

By this time all the players in the game are standing and for me everything seems to be moving in slow motion. I'm on stage, I have an audience, we're right on the rail and there must have been 15 people watching while pointing and oohing and aahing about the mound of chips on the table. I wait about 5 seconds, slowly stand and announce to everybody, "These two guys are going to hate me."

I flip over two beautiful blacks 8's. That's right I flopped freakin' Quads. Man I had to do a double take after the flop to make sure I did have two 8's in the hole and indeed I did. Not only did I flop Quads I was still able to get paid on those quads.

Think about this, when was the last time you flopped Quads and had someone re-raise into your lead-in bet? Now think about this, when was the last time you flopped quads and had two people re-raise your lead-in bet? This was too good to be true.

So in the world of bad beats, which I have too many of, it's nice to have a story where the hero takes down the villain. Hey that's 3 winning sessions in a row, hopefully I can stay on a hot streak.

Unfortunately though, after catching the Quads I did not see another worthwhile hand for the next 4 hours at which point Carmen and I decided to head home but not before stopping at Jasmine's and getting the best Thai food in Vegas.

Life is plenty good!!

See you at the tables.


At 11:44 AM, Blogger cc said...

Nice score. Best quads hand I witnessed was at the Bellagio late last year (15/30). I'm in 1s and muck something. 2s is late 20's guy who has been dealt KK and QQ in the first three hands, and this is his 5th hand. 3s is 30's Asian tight player, 4s is 50's LAG. One raise by 2s and they call. Flop comes 872 rainbow, bet/raise/re-raise/cap/call/call. 8 on turn there is a bet/call/raise/re-raise/call, cap (2s gets's all-in at the end of this). 7 on river gets a check/call. You can guess the hands: 77, 22, 88 for 2s, 3s, and 4s. The topper is that the 2s says, "I would have checked the river," to which I say, "Look, I would have driven to an ATM on that river."

Have a good weekend, and keep flopping quads. They seem to be +EV in the long run.

At 10:58 AM, Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Wow - what a DRAMATIC story. I was sitting on the edge of my seat and I already knew that you won :)


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