Thursday, June 01, 2006

Drew's Pop---Blogger Meet #2

Carmen and I hooked up with Chris for a short time yesterday evening at the MGM for some cash action. It was blogger meeting number two as Chris follows Gary who was here in April and precedes number three when Mookie and the Austin crew hit town in another 11 days. Woot it's awesome living in Vegas.

If you note Chris' picture he posted from the tables at the MGM you'll see him in the black shirt, moving right is the Mullet that put the spanking on him and then half of me beyond the dealers head. Now Mullet had a mullet to put any mullet to shame. He looks like a normal redneck in the picture but no lie his mullet covered his belt in the back. A fine shade of Ronald McDonald orange it was and he had some symbolic hoop earing with some small war feather somehow attached.(To the hoop not his ear) My boy was originally from, sorry Mookie, Austin Texas but now resides more fittingly in Bumbfuck, Arkansas. And like a good gun toting god fearing redneck he blasted Chris right in the gut with probably a Remington 12 gauge 2 3/4" shell that fortunately only temporarily slowed Chris down. I'll let him post the details but yes it was bloody.

I started slow as I ran my AK right into the donkey in seat 9's K-8. Hmmm preflop raise and he called, A-8-3 flop another raise he called, turn 8, and thankfully he check-raised saving me $100. After thanking him for saving me the money be jumping the gun with the check-raise, I complimented him on his astute play. He graciously said thank you and for just a second I wondered how he missed my sarcasm but after reviewing his play not only on my hand but a few other beauties I witnessed, it was easy to understand how it flew over his head. I left the table for about 15 minutes and sadly upon my return I was told that Seat 9 had retired to his room sans stack after running his K-2 into K-Q.

Anyway I grinded back with mostly crappy hands and finished the night ahead. That small winning session coupled with a small March Madness Sports Book ticket that I'd forgotten to cash will have me freerolling tomorrow when we play the Caesars Tournament.

I just thought of this, have you ever told the truth before another player bet only to have him distrust your comments and call your bet anyway? You unfortunate internet only players have probably not had the chance but it's really fun and exciting. Here's what happened. I was dealt 5-6 in the SB and completed with 7 players seeing the flop of K-7-8. The turn was the 4 giving me the straight I checked/called. Now the river was the Qc making 3 clubs on the board. I led out with a pot sized bet and the only player left asked me if that Q helped me. I told him no I don't have a flush my hand was made on the turn. He looked at the board and thought and thought and called me with two pair. I turned over my straight and said I told you I made my hand on the turn. The table loved it, a poker player telling the truth and giving the other player a chance to fold. I've seen that manuever work about 98% of the time because players are so distrustfull combined with being unable to lay hands down. Try it sometime it's fool proof, almost a guaranteed call and pay-off.

I was glad to see the turnout for the Mookie. It's awesome to be able to pay the Final Table. Sorry I missed everyone but we'll return next week.

I'll blog tomorrow about the Caesars Tournament and Carmen will have some pictures posted.

Stay Profitable.


At 12:52 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

So jealous of you guys getting to hang together period. And to do so in Vegas. Unreal. Regale us with more live poker stories. Sometimes it's easy to forget how much fun live poker can be, when you're playing online 7 days a week.

At 2:11 PM, Anonymous mookie99 said...

I have done that before and it works, another thing that works is to tell the table "if another X (insert suit or card here) comes down, I'm all in".

Good luck today in the Caesar's tourney.

At 2:28 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

telling the truth does work, i've done it many times and i've also had it done to me.

believe it or not i laid down a boat to quads after the other player told me he hit DQB on the turn. i believed him and folded to his all in. i showed, then he showed and the whole table was in disbelief. this happened in a live game at the Aladdin last summer. My GF wuz there to witness it and she couldn't believe it. i saved my stack there.

At 3:24 PM, Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Total agreement with Hoy. Building real head of steam to wander down to Gamora and see what all you heathens are up to.

Don, please tell me you had money on me last night... I am considering retiring after that run.

Looking forward to more photos and more tales from the felt.

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