Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hand Results and Wednesday Action

It's 4:45am here in Vegas and Carmen SinCity and I just got back from a session at the MGM. Hope everybody on the East Coast is driving safely right now on their way to work. I got stuck about $200 early tonight when twice I got conterfeited but as usual I grinded back and walked +$180 for 5 hours. My table was tight/weak most of the night and I caught a couple fish when they thought they had the goods but didn't.

Before the MGM I came in 4th at the Mookie for my 3rd cash in 4 weeks. I was card dead for most the night and I bluffed and re-raised my way down to the final two tables. There I got cripple by Darval when he called my bluff and hit the river. I stole a couple of blinds to survive some orbits and finally pushed all-in against Hoyazo with the Hammer against his AK. Flop came 2-3-5 all hearts, turn was a blank, and the river was a King of hearts giving him the top pair and me the flush.

I got moved to balance the tables and doubled up against the chip leader Drew's Pop when my KK held over his QQ. I started getting cards and worked my way up to T26,000 making the final table then the money before blowing a couple hands and finishing in 4th. As always the Mookie was a blast really a home game played online.

Okay lets finish the hand history from yesterday. I folded end of story. Can you believe that? I didn't think so.

Picking up the hand with;

muledog: checks
MiamiDon: bets $8
Aart13: raises $42 to $50
Ede_Kowalski: folds
muledog: folds

Now I went into the tank hard. The two things I was worried about right away was a set or of course the flush but I just couldn't understand such a big bet if his hand was made. If he had the set and raised that high and I did have the flush he's dead so I ruled that out first so now does he have a flush or is he drawing to a flush.

I really think if he had the flush he would have come over the top to $16 or $24 and seriously if he made that type of raise I probably would have folded but $42? It started more and more to smell like he was drawing. Now two pair is usually the kiss of death to this type of flop and I was thinking is this worth it or should I just pick another spot.

Finally I think he has something like KcTx, KcQx, QcJx, QcTx. I cursing myself for that stupid raise to $3 but this is what happens sometimes when you do that small raise thing. So finally as my clock runs down I make this move.

MiamiDon: raises $41.50 to $91.50 and is all-in.

Let's see what he's got? If he's not made will he still call or is he pot committed. Immediately I get,

Aart13: calls $41.50.

Now my thoughts are I'm screwed he has the flush, no way he calls all-in without it. I'm thinking what a bonehead move on my part but I'm still puzzled to his raise with a made hand. I didn't though have long to sweat it though because of this.

*** TURN *** [Tc 4c Ac] [Td]
*** RIVER *** [Tc 4c Ac Td] [6s]

Full House baby. Now I hope he doesn't have a flush because I want my read to be right instead of looking like some big donkey and here it is.

*** SHOW DOWN ***
MiamiDon: shows [Ah Th] (a full house, Tens full of Aces)
Aart13: shows [Qc Jc] (a flush, Ace high)
MiamiDon collected $193 from pot

Nope I completely butchered the read but thankfully I got the results. Now obviously it doesn't matter what the guy did becasue I drew out on him but I still for the life of me can't figure out his big re-raise. Man smooth call, or mini-raise but $50? I definitely bet out when I have a good hand but not so much that I possibly scare an opponent off a hand.

Oh well I've been getting very good results lately, my reads have been tight, my hand selection for the most part has been very controlled but occasionally I blow it and usually I pay, luckily this time I caught a winner.


At 11:18 AM, Blogger drewspop said...

Wow, yeah, I guess he caught you overanalyzing his overbet, but it paid off in the end.

The 2 week countdown is on.

At 11:40 AM, Blogger Tom aka 10,000 Days said...

Woo for 4 outers! Nice hit, man. I suspected a flush, but was figuring on a baby flush and not a legit one.

Villain should have raised smaller and then attempted to punish you if the turn card didn't pair the board.

At 2:12 PM, Anonymous mookie99 said...

Nice job...again... on the cash last night. You played great, but like many of us ran into Smooth Call.

I love reading your blog, but get jealous when I read about your Vegas exploits ! June 11th....

At 2:41 PM, Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Whew, nice catch. I didn't comment in the last post because I honestly couldn't narrow this guy's range to anything reasonable. What a strange play on his part.

At 5:04 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Don, I'm sure you'd like me to comment on that hand history, but I'm still not talking to you after your mf'ing Hammer bested my AK in a key spot with less than 2 full tables left in the Mookie tournament last night. You will have to donk some chips to me in some other blogger event before I will consider us even.

At 5:19 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Well, at least he did have a legitimate flush. I figured him for lower connectors, and he was trying to push you off. I guess the same thought applies if he thought you had the X Kc. I am kinda stunned that your savior card came on the turn and not the river. Usually these rigged online poker games wait to the river to make a big move. You know that online poker is rigged, right? I read it in a blog somewhere ;p

Good seeing you at the Mook. Congrats on the cash. And like so many others, I am totally jealous of your Vegas exploits. I'll be there in July for the WPBT, so I'll be looking for ya. See ya out there.

At 6:04 PM, Blogger jjok said...


Now go back to your cash games. haha


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