Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hot Start to May

First of all a big Thank You to The Mookster for another awesome Tournament. Give this man some props as he's definitely the host with the most. He plays, he mingles with all five tables, he keeps a live blog of all the action, and best yet he finishes in the money. Awesome display man!!!

Congrats to Surflexus for the win and a fine showing. I got to play with him most of the night and he was down to T230 at one point and man he kept grinding back. His play shows you're never out of a tournament no matter what your stack size is.

Well I hit the money for the second straight week in The Mookie with a 4th place finish and I was very pleased. My night ended when I called JJOK's all-in bet with 6-6. He turned over A-J and promptly hit the Ace on the flop and my night was done.

JJOK and I had quite a battle all night as we played together on two tables before we even got to the final table. We started on the same table with him two to my right, we met again at another table with him two to my left, and then at the final table he was directly on my right.

Now JJOK is one of my favorite bloggers because he, like me, concentrates mostly on cash games, so it's fun to be able to cut loose together in a blooger tourney. We were raising and re-raising each other all night long up to and including my final hand. JJ it was a blast and I know you had two pair when I laid down my AK after that flop came K high!

I do know I have to work on my middle game when I'm playing these tourneys. Playing so many cash games I don't need to worry about blinds increasing and sometimes it causes me to tighten up too much when I should be stealing, particularly when the tables get so tight as we get closer and closer to the bubble. I made sure though that once we got to the final table I was going to be aggressive. I raised all-in on a couple of occasion after limps and 3xBB raises and it paid off safely getting me past the bubble.

One aspect of my game that I was proud of was making 3 laydowns including laying down KK pre-flop to AA. These are plays in the past where I would have pushed too hard and wound up on the rail but with so much time spent in cash games lately I'm seeing the table better, learning more about probe betting, and learning to live to fight another day. Now this doesn't mean I will get pushed off of hands easily but I'm much more in tune to betting patterns and player recognition which helps decide what move I need to make.

Anyway I warmed up for the Mookie playing a $.50-$1.00 NL cash game on Stars and hit a $264 pot. Six players called a $3 UTG raise so I found value playing my 4-4 . The flop came A-A-4, turn came 5, river came 3. Now like my friend Hoyazo I slow played this hand and finally got all-in against what turned out to be a the Wheel and a Flush. I was slightly nervous of running into an Ace high full house but I wanted to try and milk this hand for all it was worth, which luckily I did.

I mentioned the other day that I might have found a leak in my game and that I was anxious to repair it and see the results. Well three days into May and I'm nearly $600 to the good already. Let's hope it continues. Saturday is the Kentucky Derby and the DeLaHoya fight, the later which will take place on my home turf at the MGM Grand so I look for lots of fish to be swimming all day. I'm hoping to have a big day so Carmen SinCity and I are planning for a 1pm arrival and probably a 12 hour session, depending on the fish.

Speaking of Carmen, unfortunately she was the bubble girl in the Mookie, when Mookie himself hit a Jack on the River to send her to the rail. Now we all know how awesome Mookie is but check this out, he sent Carmen $11 so she can free roll in next weeks event. Again your awesome Mookie!

I love Wednesday nights! Stay profitable everyone.


At 3:34 AM, Blogger jjok said...

Rock on Don.....!!!!!

$200 a night is, um, nice?!?! Hell yeah!

Keep grinding away. Just don't come to any table I'm at, because I want to win money. haha

Congrats again man, well played.

At 11:39 AM, Anonymous mookie99 said...

Once again you make another deep run. Great job last night. We really enjoy playing with you and Carmen.

I am not much of cash game player, so one of these days I need to pick your brain.

At 12:56 PM, Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Nice finish in the Mookie, and nice pot in that cash game! If I had to guess I'd say that hand was from Party Poker! :-)

At 4:56 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Don, I'd be interested in hearing the details of your laying down KK preflop to someone with AA. On very rare occasions, I find that to be easy (ie, there is a limp and not one not two but three allins ahead of you, and you know at least someone has the bullets. But in almost any other case, I don't see how you can really lay down KK preflop. Tell me how that happened and how you arrived at the decision to muck.


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