Tuesday, May 30, 2006

How Quickly We Forget

Man I haven't blogged in a few days and its amazing how quick you get out of the habit. Not many people update their blogs over the weekends and truthfully I miss it. I usually wake up around noon Vegas time make my coffee, check out my fantasy baseball teams, then read about 30 blogs. No such luck on the weekend.

Just because someone only plays No Limit Hold'em doesn't make them a bad poker player. I'm tired of all the garbage posts that try to belittle people who strictly stick with one aspect of poker. IMO there is nothing wrong with being a specialist at one particular poker game or even a one variation of that particular game.(NL Cash vs NL MTTs) Man if you only play cash games NL, or MTTs, or 2-4 limit for that matter so be it. There are specialists in law, medicine, and even baseball. If I have a real estate legal matter I'm going to a lawyer who specializes in real estate law not your common Joe lawyer who is well-rounded but not a specialist. If my liver is about to fail, I'm not going to the Proctologist for an opinion sorry. And if my baseball team needs a save I'm going with the closer, yes another specialist. Play what you like and specialize if you want!

Alright Miami! Lets hope the Heat can dispatch the vastly overrated Pistons in Game 5 so we can have 9 days of rest before we stick it in Mark Cuban's obnoxious booty during the Finals. Dwayne Wade is the MVP. Not Nash, Not LeBron but Wade. Do I smell a prop bet in the final JJ? If Rasheed Wallace was not in the NBA my guess would be prison. Anyone want to bet he has major legal issues within two years of retiring?

I finally signed up for Full Tilt on Friday to take advantage of their 100% signing bonus and I've been playing the 100NL tables and the players are not very good. Yes it's low limit, yes its where I get my practice online for the fish at the MGM but the play is weak. Unfortunately it was me that ran A-A into J-5 sooted, and another A-A into A-To. It was also me who flopped two pair with K-J and ran that into Q-5 losing when 9-T turned and rivered. And yes it was me who flopped the wheel in the SB with 2-4 as 7 were seeing the flop, and yes it was me who re-raised the opening bettor, and yes it was me who re-raised him all-in after he re-raised my re-raise. But alas it was he who turned over Ac-5h on a flop of Ah-3h-5d. Need I say more? Yes runner-runner heart and his 5h makes a flush and I get stacked. All this and I actually made $20 at FT over the weekend. Is the play here always this bad?

As many of you already know, Chris will be here Wednesday and will be joining Carmen SinCity and myself for some live action. Thursday we play in the Caesars Tournament at noon, and Friday the Binions at 2pm. Maybe we'll get Chris to squeeze in some cash action at the MGM too. We'll keep everyone up-to-date and as always Carmen will post only the G rated pictures on her site.

BTW I hit the board again at the DADi last night placing 5th. I'm on a strong run of final tables yet I can't quite get the top prize. The last 5 blogger MTTs I've played my results are 5 final tables, but 4th, 8th, 3rd, 7th, 5th. Maybe I can finally get over the hump tonite at the WWDN or tomorrow at everyone's favorite The Mookie.


At 5:46 PM, Blogger DP said...

I share your views on specialization. There's nothing wrong with focusing on what you enjoy playing.

Ultimately, the free market will take care of this -- as can be seen: there is high demand for NL hold'em (both in tournaments and cash games) therefore most of the games are in that format.

A lot of professionals (namely Daniel Negreanu; who is highly respected) tend to shun specialization (often claiming that that's not what "poker" is about). If I were them, I'd stop preaching and let people enjoy what they like to play.

At 7:05 PM, Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...


Out of the gate firing! Great stuff - I agree there should be a live and let live attitude about these things. Am I out of my head for not understanding why people can so worked about it one way or the other? Flaming people for having opinions or preferences? Dubious minds at best...

Its funny cause I used the downtime to really mull over what I want to do with poker for the next 2 years and specialization is the only thing that makes sense to me. Yeah I just spent the last 8 years doing just that, so you could argue I'm addicted to the concept...

See ya tonight.


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