Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Live Action

Tonite I'm looking forward to the weekly WWDN on Stars. After not playing any MTTs for a while I'm getting the feel of Tournament action again and I hope to keep the game improving.

Here's a couple live hands from the fishtank also know as the MGM. The game was 1-2NL with a $200 buy-in.

I'm in seat 9 which I love. 2-3 or 8-9 are by far my favorite seats as you can see everyone at the table when sitting at the end. Most everyone likes the middle so they can see the flop but you don't get a good view of your opponents from there and who watches the flop anyway. Too much info to be gained from watching players rather than cards.

Anyway, there is this 50-year-old guy playing and man was he superstitious. He moved seats four different times trying to find the place where the good cards were going to fall. The guy limped on way too many hands and was a typical calling station. Now he finally got settled in at Seat 10 and twice within a couple orbits he beat me by hitting his second pair on the river. First I had K-Q to his K-4 after a K flopped and the second time I had A-10 to his A-3 when an A flopped.

Now this guy thought he was good which is the funny part because he was flat out horrible. After he sucked out the second time on me I asked him if he finally found the right seat? He sneered and told me yes especially now that he had a bunch of my chips in front of him. I immediately bought back up to the $200 maximum and I was hoping to get a crack at this chump before someone else on the table took him down.

About five orbits later and me having nothing and my friend in seat 10 donking off some of my chips I get Jh-Th on the button. MP, a tight kid who only raised made it $10 to go. I called knowing the 10s would call and that I'd have position on the hand. The flop came 9h-8h-2c and I was stoked, if I hit my draw I'm going to bust this sucker.

BB checks, and MP raises $10 into a $31 pot. I smell weakness, I know BB will call no matter what he has plus I'm on an open-ended straight, a flush, and an open-ended straight flush draw so I'm excited. I call and BB does not disappoint.

Turn is a Qs. BB checks to the raiser, he actually said that, MP doesn't like the Q so he checks, I've hit the straight so I quickly bet $60 hoping the BB has hit some of this board. He of course call and MP folds. River is 5d and BB checks again. I put on the act of indecisiveness and finally shrug and call all-in. Before I can even push my chips the BB yells call and turns over Ac-Qc. TPTK folks. I turn over my cards and say nothing and the guy doesn't even realize he's beat until the dealer counts down my chips to see if I have him covered. The guy goes storming off swearing and I get that certain pleasure from busting a chump who thinks he's got game.

Now immediately the seat is taken by some dude who just took down the SnG at the table right behind us. He had just turned a $60 buy-in into $300 so he was feeling a might cocky from the moment he sat down.

Now the guy played some really iffy hands but he was winning. He pushed two guys off big pots then won another good pot in the SB when his 4h-5h flopped a full house. So now his head is quite noticeably bigger than when he sat down, which I know is hard to imagine, and this internet stallion is probably dreaming about bracelets and women, and his future plans as the 'Poker Champ.'

About 10 hands later I'm SB and Mr. Head is UTG. He calls which starts a chain reaction and soon enough there are four other callers. I have 4d-9d the odds are right and I complete and the BB calls making it 7 to the flop which is 4h-4c-2s. Me and the BB check and Head makes it $15 to go. It folds back to me and I of course call as does the BB. Turn is 8s. Again check, check and Head bets the pot of $60. I smooth call and the BB folds.

The River is a 2d. I check again, and Head pushes his stack, looks me straight in the eye while smiling and announces all-in. I go right into acting mode bow my head and rub my eyebrows with my thumb and middle finger, you know that deep in thought pondering look, all of course for effect. Now it didn't really matter of course I'm going to call him but I asked the dealer for a count while I made sure my hand was indeed the full-house. $303 the dealer says. I announce I call and let Head know I have the four. His eyes get big, the smile slowly turns into a look of disbelief and he screams fuck, loud enough to get the attention of most of the busy room. He kicks his chair and hauls ass out of the room without once turning back, his ego cracked and with the dreams of bracelets and babes. He did leave his 2-6 sooted face-up for everyone to see though.

Now it doesn't always happen like this when you really get to bust weaker players but lately its been happening way more than not. This month the wins have been at least a doubling of the buy-in and the loses have been even or close to even which is a very good sign. Man I love living in Vegas.

See everyone tonite at the WWDN. Stay profitable.


At 9:26 AM, Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

You have the ability to put the reader at the table in a fresh way Don (Trust me, I know, I have read A LOT of blogs these last two weeks!). I think its because you deliver a sense of whats happening aside from the cards, which is what those of us who play online primarily are really missing out on.

On a tactics note, with that many callers pre-flop, if you were in his position with a guy like you calling from position, at what point do you give him credit for a 4, despite having the underfull? I know playing this in my mind when the board paired again on the turn, despite giving me 2 full of 4, I would be wondering why the other guy keeps hanging in there...should you check the river in that position? Or put another way, how do you get away from his hand? I know at my stage, I am focusing my attention less on what I have (that's pretty straightforward), and more on where I am in position, and what to put the other guy on.

Anyway, great stuff.

At 10:18 AM, Blogger Tom aka 10,000 Days said...

Haha. Gotta love it when you can bust someone after they donk limp like that.

If I'm in this guy's position, purely hypothetical since I never would be, I'm not betting the turn after I fire on a ragged flop and both blinds call me. I'm figuring one of them has the 4 and is setting me up for a check raise on the turn.

At 11:09 AM, Blogger drewspop said...

Let's hope that is what happens when I get there next week.

Great night for you. See you at the WWdN.

At 4:03 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

There's nothing better than busting DWA's (Donkeys With Attitude). Very nicely done.


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