Friday, May 05, 2006


Yes I love Survivor and yes it's the original Reality TV show. This Exile Isle season is awesome as we get down to the final four. Terry can't be beat but I don't see him winning when the Jury votes.

I love the NBA Play-offs. The regular season drags big time but it really heats up once we get to May. Go Heat!

In going to place a few small wagers Saturday on the Kentucky Derby. Point Determined at 12-1 is my pick. I'll play him straight up and I'll try and find a few bombs to pair with him in the exacta.

It's fight night Saturday at the MGM so that means a packed house and plenty of fish. Carmen SinCity and I hope for a 10 hour session on Friday and a 12 hour session on Saturday. Yes it's good to be us.

Speaking of Carmen, she's bubbled in 3 Blogger Tourneys in two nights and she's pulling her hair out. Growing pains in Poker can sometimes be tough.

I was getting frustrated going through a card dead period that caused some leaks to appear in my game and that also tested my mental state. I'm sitting eating a burger taking a break and something kind of clicked about the leaks and so far so good with my play lately. Something else big happened that night as I looked back. One decent player at my table had the worst luck I've ever seen. He got all-in preflop on two occasions, once with QQ against KK and once with KK against AA. He lost with trips King Kicker to trips Ace kicker. His lost with a lower full house to a higher full house. He lost when he flopped a set only to run into a higher set, I've never seen anything like it. The guy finally left the table probably down a grand, obviously frustrated and ready to commit murder yet he didn't complain. Not a word. I said to the guy sitting next to me, "I'll never complain again." So far I haven't. I hope I always remember that day. Remember it could always be worse.

I'm reading four books right now, all on Poker of course, one being The Tao of Poker. I came across something today and that stuck out and it's a lesson I've learned playing live cash games.

Rule 189: Bad players who are betting away with great confidence on marginal cards are sometimes the hardest players to play against.

From this I've learned patience and how to throw a hand away. I've learned that sometimes no matter what these players won't fold and they'll suckout on the river. I've learned that sometimes conventional strategy doesn't work against these players and I have to adjust my thinking to their level. I've also learned when I can push a lot of my chips in the middle and come away with a big stack of their chips although some days it never happens. Hand selection, Patience, and leave the ego at the door.

Stay profitable!


At 6:07 PM, Blogger Bloody P said...

Hey Don,

Good to play/chat with you last night! What a freakin' riot those tourneys are.

See ya at the tables, yo.



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