Thursday, June 29, 2006


Okay this girlie chat thing may be my demise. I finally succumbed to the peer pressure and downloaded the thing and its 24/7 action. Do any of you bloggers ever sleep? Talking smack with Waffles, Iak, and JJ amongst others is a blast never mind the wild $25/NL cash games played which has now turned into a nightly event. These non-blogging Johnnycakes don't even know what hit them they get steamrolled so fast. Of course Waffles blowing three or four buy-ins is always good for some laughs too.

Who rules the DADI? That would be team JJ, Chris and Miami Don. JJ's run to third helped pave the way as our squad dominated all the competition.

I went out in 20th place when I ran KK into Surf's AA. He slow-played that sucker well and got me to commit. Oh well I rarely lay down KK so what are you going to do. It just might have been payback from the same situation that I sent my boy Iak to the rail with.

Friday and Saturday Carmen and I are heading down to the MGM to try and work on that cash supply thing. I've heard the games right now are juicy and there are lots of wannabes and tourists hanging out in all the card rooms. I'm hoping for 15-20 hours of solid poker this weekend as I try to build my game and confidence towards making the step up to the 2/5NL arena. Plenty of updates to come.

We also talked about heading down to the Rio for a couple of hours on our way to the MGM to possibly meet up with CC. If we do stop by I'm sure we'll run into Dr. Pauly as well. As always Carmen will bring the camera so she should have some pics on her blog this weekend.

Life is good and yes Vegas Rocks.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


The plan was for Carmen and I to head to the MGM and get in some live action at the tables. Well I slept until 1pm, Monday is house cleaning day, why I don't have a cleaning service is still a mystery but anyway, and Carmen had a few errands to run. So we cleaned the house, she ran her errands, we ate some awesome Thai food, and decided to play the MATH. Good decision on my part.

My last blogger event, RAZZ doesn't count, was the WWDN Not last Thursday where I finished 2nd to the ever lovable Waffles. Tonite I did one better and took down first in MATH. Actually Ski and I decided to chop first as we were virtually even when we went Heads-Up but we played it out anyway. I beat him when we got all our money in on the turned after I flopped a flush to his two pair. He and I had some big battles throughout the tournament with more than a few isolated raises and re-raises when there were still two tables left but I guess I got him at the end.

He nearly crippled me when we were on the bubble, as I tried to bluff him off his JJ with 77 but he called and I was wounded. But I've become a very good short stack player lately and most all of my final tables and near misses in blogger events are when I've been short stacked. I really feel my cash game experience has been productive on my short stack play because it allows me to be extremely patient and not force pushes.

I got lucky on a three-way all-in when I pushed A-4 and hit a straight to beat Sox Lover's set of 3s. After that I re-raised all-in with AQ and beat A9 and re-raise with AK and beat A6. That got me back in contention and I got my break when I called Sox' raise with 7-6 heart from the blinds. The flop came 5-6-7 and Sox pushed all-in with top pair. My two pair was good and I went from possible Bubble boy to 1st place.

My tournament strategy has been to play tight but play extremely aggressive when I do play. I mix in some timely bluffs and last night it seemed to work. Now I occasionally bitch and moan about tournaments but deep down I really love them. Now from a profit standpoint I'm not straying from the cash games because they are my bread and butter but I do have this love/hate can't let go thing with the freaking tournaments. I see Hoyazo and Smokkee hitting the big dollars on the tournaments and it certain whets my appetite.

So my thoughts are I'm going to play in some of the SnGs, which I fucking hate, on Full Tilt, in order to win some tokens for the higher pay-off Tournaments. That mixed with the blogger events should give me my fill of MTTS. I've also decided I'm going to try and satellite into some of the WSOP events. I'm going to take some of my current and upcoming live winnings and see if I can't at least get a taste of the big time. There I said it. I'm going to make a small commitment to the Tourneys but not at the expense of my cash games.

Looks like the Blogger Sunday night cash game is going to become a regular event so maybe some of you MTT players can come to our field and put your talents on some real money. It's only a $25 buy-in but its a tough aggressive game. Heck come and see if you can stack Waffles that's worth $25 in itself.

That's it for now. Stay profitable.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sunday Night Cash

That's how I spent my Sunday night. Imagine being that poor tool in Seat 2? He had no clue what he got himself into. I do bet this was the most exciting $25 NL game on the internet last night.

There was talk that this might become a Sunday night regular game which I hope is the case. I don't usually play live on Sundays so this seems like a good way to have some fun and try not to donk off any money.

Notice The Blogfather himself graced us with his presence.

This Waffles character is a real tool. He can talk more smack than most I've seen except that before all the 'crew' arrived he kept chasing away the dead money donkeys. We want them to reload Waffles not run and hide. He played the role of luckbox all night long.

Waffles' long-lost brother Iakaris broke his cash game cherry in fine fashion, unfortunately it was at the expense of the beloved Mookie. Mookie's set of tens was leading Iak's AA when the money went in but an Ace on the River did Mookie in. That and a full house losing to quad nines left Mookie shaking his head. Tough beats there bro. The one outer and the two outer. Brutal.

Now the Tool Brothers, Waffles and Iak, seem to have some escalading drama which started with their battles in last weeks blogger events. See either blog for recaps but if you ask me the real problem seems to be Melinda the dumb yet sexy Korean bi-sexual love slave. Stay tuned for when the brothers show up in Vegas in 10 days as we await the possible arrival of Melinda and what is sure to be fisticuffs.

Now I'm sure you're all aware but stay away from this guy. He wins the Mookie every other week and he won a couple buy-ins beating down this very tough table. Pack your shit and get to Vegas George. There is money waiting to be made and yes there is plenty for you and I and whomever else wants to make the trek to desert cash cow. Come one come all.

I stole the pic from my teammate JJ who came by for a short while after kicking some "eurotard" ass on whichever site he's pimpin lately. Read this guys blog, its funny shit.

And lastly to old-schooler Scott part of the Too Live Austin crew. Man multiple Austin crews who would have figured and both with separate home games. Sounds like a road trip for all of us out-of-towners. Now that would be a game. It was a pleasure Scott, always nice to meet new bloggers.

That's it. It's almost 3am in the Vegas and my ass in about to be down for the count. The WSOP will be off and running and I need my sleep as the influx of dead money should be hitting the cash tables this week. Time to make some bank.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Heads Up with the Waffler

Miami Heat 2006 NBA Champions!

Speaking of basketball the NY Knicks fire Larry Brown and hire Isaiah Thomas as Head Coach. BBBAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Isaiah ruins every thing he touches sort of the anti-Midas. CBA-ruined, Indiana Pacers ruined then brought back by Bird, NY Knicks ruining something that Scott Layden had already sent reeling but when you thought it was bad it could only get worst. The Knicks have problems, particularly with the cap that will take 10 years to maybe straighten out.

Sorry but I hate NY sports teams and NY sports fans. Everything there is the greatest. Now they will all argue but they are a bunch of whinny front runners. Does anybody remember when the Yankees sucked in the 80s and they only had 18-20K fans every night? I do. It was the during one of those once every 15 year periods when the Mets actually had a good team, ('69-'86-'01) and suddenly everyone had Mets caps. It will be the same this year once the Yankees fade and again everyone will be a Met fan. Fireman Ed and the Jets? The worst degenerates alive. J-E-T-S Suck, Suck, Suck! I hate NY.

I hope everyone can stop by and wish Carmen a Happy Birthday. Alright I'll tell you, she's 33 today although you could never guess my looking. Happy Birthday baby.

I decided to take a day off from live Poker today even though I only clocked seven hours during the last three nights. I'll make up for it though by playing long sessions Friday and Saturday at the MGM and Sunday at the Red Rock.

I did manage to take some time and play in the WWDN not. After missing the last three blogger events it was nice to actually play in one. I missed all the smack talk and since blogger events are my only MTT action I don't like to go to long without playing.

Congrats to Waffles for taking it down. Love him or hate him he's definitely got game. BTW I did manage to come in second by playing extremely aggressive during the final table. Waffles had too big a lead when we made it heads up and he used his big stack advantageously. Next time Waffles, I'm gonna get you. The top six finishers are all listed to the right, in the top third no less. Only three got paid but it was nice going to the final six with everyone being from our crew. Surf got 3rd, JJ was the bubble boy in 4th, Iak took 5th, and Kat took down 6th.

I got my books today for my summer school classes and I've already started in on them even before I got the syllabus. No it's not what you're thinking. The books are the Psychology of Poker by Alan Schoonmaker, and No Limit Theory & Practice by Sklansky and Miller. I hope to get Double A's in these classes as I try an advance my game in the hopes of moving up levels and making more money.

I'm not that big a fan of online poker but I hope everyone is sending those letters to their Congressman and Senators. Yes, it's a long-shot that Big Brother can find a way to stop the action but stranger things have happened. If a supposed blue state like Washington can ban online poker, and poker blogs for that matter, anything is possible. I've sent all my letters and follow-up letters from replies but if they really somehow do prevent online play, which is blogger only events for me anymore, I have about 40 poker rooms within a half-hour drive so I'm solid. Don't be lazy about this it's your life at stake.

It was 108 here in Vegas today and its suppose to get to 113 on Saturday. No BS it really doesn't seem that hot. Yes it's hot but it's not Florida hot and it's not Africa hot. Without the humidity it is actually somewhat tolerable. Of course, unless neccessary, I only go out at night at that's to an air-conditioned casino so it's not like I'm a roofer or on the asphalt crews paving roads.

Have I told you lately how I wake up every single day with a smile on my face. If you don't please do something about it. Life is too good and if yours is not change it immediately.

Quick Update

Wow it's been a fun three days hangin' with some family but I really did miss not playing or railing the Math, WWDN, and the Mookie this week. I was able to play live for four hours on Monday and three on Tuesday but that's been it. Oh well, everyone is gone and I'll be getting in some long session Thursday through Sunday at both the Red Rock and MGM.

Today was awesome. Carmen and I hung with my sis and got to spend a few hours lounging by the pool at the Bellagio. We then had dinner in a fabulous Italian restaurant at Caesars. It was nice catching up with and it actually was nice to take a day away from Poker and truthfully I didn't even think about it much at all for a change.

And let's not forget the Miami Heat 2006 NBA Champions. Does Dwyane Wade remind you of anybody in particular?

I'm tired and going to bed. That's it for tonite. I'll be back tomorrow with some poker thoughts.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Monday Excitement

My sister was in town yesterday so Carmen and I got to hang out with her for lunch plus a few hours in the afternoon so it was nice. I think we are catching up again Wednesday afternoon for some pool action at the Bellagio. Life is good.

After the visit Carmen and I went to the MGM for some action and it was an interesting session. Right now I play 1-2NL with the goal to be playing in the much juicier 2-5NL games sometime soon. Now I do have the bankroll to support the 2-5 game but I'm still studying and working on my game and I really want to feel ready before I move up to that level.

With all that said, I get a seat at the 1-2 table and notice that there is only one 2-5 game in progress and it's all tourists and none of the tougher locals. Okay so what happens? Four of the tough 2-5 regulars take seats at my table within about 10 minutes as they wait for seats their usual game. There are also two tough tourists there already so including myself we have 8 good players.

I'm actually excited by the competition at the table as I can test the waters with good aggressive 2-5 player but with the cost only being a 200 buy-in. The game was a blast and I right away wanted to establish myself as a player.

After a few orbits of the table feeling each other out in get T-9o in the SB. The button a highly aggressive player made it $15 to go after two limpers so I decided to call knowing one of the limpers would play. I was hoping for a good flop but also I was trying to set up a move to back these two off somewhat.

The flop came K-T-4 rainbow, I check and MP bets out $15. The button raises it to $30 and I read both these guys to be postering so I check/raise to $100 and both players lay their hands down. I was nervous about making this play but I didn't feel like either player had anything and they wouldn't be willing to risk my check-raise and I was right.

A few orbits later I get Q-J on the button. A middle position player raises it to $10 there is one caller and I re-raise to $40 and both players call. The flop comes K-9-5 and both players check. I raise to $125 and both players fold so I take down another decent pot without having to show cards.

These were two good opportunities to make some plays and show some aggression that I somtimes was afraid to do in the past. Not any more though. One of the things I'm working hard on in these cash games is being much more aggressive against certain players and forcing them to make tough decision for a lot of chips. By picking and choosing my spots, it's working rather well actually, other than getting beat by a few suckouts, which is going to happen from time to time.

So my table image is aggressive and I haven't even had to show my cards so I'm sure I was becomming somewhat of a target especially to the local 2-5 players who were wathcing a 1-2 player taking down the biggest pots.

About 30 minutes later I get K-K UTG and I raise to $15. One of the 2-5 locals makes it $45 to go and it folds around to me. Now my thougts are I can either push here and see what he has, hope its not A-A, and see if he calls or set the trap and see if I can get his stack after the flop. Now I will play this hand both ways depending on the opponent so I go into the acting mode and decide to play the trap and just call.

Flop is K-Q-8 with two diamonds. Now the only way I put this player on a flush draw is if he raised with A-J diamonds which I seriously doubt and maybe he made a move and played J-T and is open-ended but I didn't think that was the case either so my set of Kings is looking good. My thought now is how to trap this guy. The past two big hands I check-raised the first one and led out strong on the second one so I think if I mix it up, feign a small weakness I might be able to get this guy so I bet out only $50 into the $90 pot.

No sooner do I make my bet he goes all-in for about $240, nice it looks like it worked. I immediately call and show him my Kings. All I get from him is, "ouch." The turn is Q to give me the full house, the guy mucks and says nice play, and I rake a nice sized pot.

The player was obviously making a move, not aware I had a strong hand, thinking I would lay down to his all-in bet so without even having to show my cards earlier, I was able to create a table image and when the time came for the real monster pot I had the goods.

I feel like my live cash game is getting strong and I felt really comfortable playing with all the good players at my table even though it was only 1-2. I'm going to keep studying, keep reading, keep playing, and really work on my game so I can make the jump up sometime this summer.

I love Vegas and I love cash games.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Alright Miami

What a basketball game, Dwyane Wade is the man no question about that. I think I was on my feet in my living room for the whole 4th quarter and OT. It was also the most nervous I can ever remember being for a sporting event that I didn't have money on. Even though my team won did that officiating suck or what.

Which leads to the state of officiating in all major sports. It seems to me that the athletes and the speed of the games have passed the ability of the officials to keep up. We saw it during the NFL play-offs, the World Cup refs have been horrible, particularly in the US-Italy game, and NBA and College BB games are being reffed way too inconsistently and outcomes are far too often decided by these lousy refs. Why do we have sixty-five-year-old men officiating games played by 25-30 years old? This definitely should not be about experience, it should be about capability. Get some 30-40 year-olds and lets get this corrected.

The weekend at the tables was profitable but man what could have been. Friday at the Red Rock I got caught and stacked by someone who limped with pocket aces into a six way pot and then stacked again when three of us got all our money in after the flop with my two pair A-K over A-Q and 6-6 only to see a 6 on the turn.

I grinded back and finally won a monster pot when I set an awesome trap on some super aggressive lady. She was raising everytime she had Ace-rag no matter the position and she had trouble laying down hands. She had just made a seat change and moved to the seat immediately to my right which was perfect.

I was in the SB and she was the button. UTG+1 made it $7 to go and got four callers until my lady friend made it $20 to go from the button. I had K-K and after thinking about raising it then and there I decided to try and trap and just called. Three of the other five also called so the pot was $92. Flop came 6-3-3 and I checked to see the betting and also because I knew this lady would bet no matter what happened before her.

It folded around to her and she bet $20. Now that bet had weakness all over it and unless someone was slow playing a set I was looking to be in good shape. I check-raised it to $100 and everyone folded around to the lady who thought for a good two minutes and called.

Turn was a 10 and the board was rainbowed so no chance for any flush to kill me so I really believe that this lady can't lay her hand down and from her past betting no ways she had A-A so I pushed all-in for $152. So she thought again and finally called and turned over A-Q.

Can you believe it Ace freakin' high? I showed my Kings, river was a rag and I got paid. Then in what might have been the quote of the month she said to me, "Well I was right I knew you didn't have the 3 or 6 after the flop." That's correct ma'am I didn't have the 3 or 6 after the flop.

MGM Saturday was a good session that could have been much sweeter if I didn't have my Q-Q rivered by 9-9 on a three-way all-in. The play there was awful as usual so I was able to grind my way back and have a profitable session.

I'll say it again, if you have any skills at Poker and you have a chance to get to Vegas especially on a full-time basis I suggest you do it immediately. The players/tourists are terrible and the money to be won here in the cash games alone is amazing. Now I know many people have families that they can't uproot but if you don't have any kids and you don't absolutely love your job get your ass out here.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Loving Vegas

Here is one of the ways I make money living in Las Vegas. Now I'm obviously a huge Heat fan so I have to be careful of following my heart and not my head but this was too easy.

At three online sites 75% of the money was on Dallas.

At the Casino I had been following the line on the Mavs-Heat game since it opened at Miami -3'. By tip-off it actually went off as a Pick'em. Hmmmmmm the public is all over Dallas which is very interesting.

At the $200NL table I engaged everyone in some basketball conversation and all the donkeys liked Dallas. Some hockey fan kept going on and on about Shaq being washed up, and the others talked about the Western Conference and how Dallas was too up-tempo for Miami. I asked about the Mavs collapse in Game 3 and about Nowitzki choking from the line with 3 seconds left and everyone agreed that neither was a choke. I asked about possible momentum swinging the Heats way and they all agreed that there was no momentum and Miami got lucky. I asked who they would rather have Wade or Nowitzki and they all agreed that Nowitzki was easily the better player.

Now I watched them all play and donk off chips to each other. I eventually stacked the two most vocal Mavs proponents, of course they bought in with small stacks, when I only had TP and they couldn't lay down second pair weak kicker. I made one last attempt at saying I think the Heat will win this game and they all said no way. So I cashed out all the chips I took from them added with my buy-in, combined that with what was in my pocket and put it all on Miami. I made sure to stop back by the table and show them the ticket and the amount I put on Miami and thanked them for contributing with both their money and their feedback.

I then headed home to watch Miami hand Dallas their asses. What a game, Nowitzki was still tight-assed from Game 3 and Wade showed who the real superstar is.

Man I love Vegas. Tomorrow I can cash a big ticket, get Carmen a few special somethings for her birthday which is on the 23rd, and hope to score at the tables all weekend long and continue growing that bankroll.

BTW I played in the WWDN not and went out on the first hand with pocket Aces. You can't win them all but you can win the really important ones.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

This and That

First off Congrat to Hoyazo for his run to the WSOP last night. I had the privilege of railing him through the final two tables and I got to see him actually qualify for the seat here in Vegas. Awesome job Hoy!

Carmen and I had lunch with Mookie, Rocco Boxer and the rest of the Austin Crew at the Red Rock. Mookie and I then got in some 1-2NL action and both of us made some quick cash playing with a table full of absolute donkeys. It was also nice that anytime a donkey busted another donkey took his seat, truly amazing.

Speaking of the Red Rock Poker Room, I ran into a kid there when Carmen and I played on Saturday who I knew from the MGM but hadn't seen him in a while. He told me he was playing daily at the Red Rock and he was making good money. Now I had heard the Red Rock was full of tight locals because its the only room on the west side of town but I think I may have found another room to hit. The table Mookie and I played on was horrible and the kid who happened to be there again, who was a 1-2NL player at MGM, was pimpin the 2-5 table. I'll let you know how soft the games are here as I'll start mixing it up some. I might be able to get my feet wet at the 2-5 here also.

I again played with a short stack all night during the Mookie and made it to 10th before losing a race with T-T vs A-Q. Oh well. Congrats to Smokkee for taking it down. I had the always entertaining Iak at my table most of the night and got to listen to some good mother-in-law tilt stories and for what seemed like the 100th time sat on the right of Eric and battled much harder than I needed to going after each others blinds. I wish I could say it fun Eric and I can, it was fun.

Meeting Mookie at the MGM for a bit tomorrow before his flight back to Austin so I'll probably try to log get 5-8 hours at the table while taking some time off for the Heat-Mavs Game 4. Momentum baby. Heat roll and even things up.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

WWDN and Live Mookie Action

How does a chump like me finish the WWDN in 3rd place? It's easy.


Right JJ? Fabulous Game Three BTW. Those Mavs got the tight ass in those last six minutes. It should be a real war Thursday in another must win game for the Heat.

During the WWDN last night I was in last place from 48th to 12th when I doubled up and got over the bubble. I was card dead all night with my best hand being JJ and the only other pocket pairs I got were 9-9, 4-4, and 2-2. BTW Duggle sometimes when I whine for a minute I go on a mini-roll which almost happened.

Here was the strategy; Patience. I folded and folded and picked my spots carefully and the only bet I made for the last two hours was all-in. Fortunately I didn't run into any better hands until I was eliminated. The amazing thing was I only got called twice all night on my all-in bets and I was leading on both occasions and my hands held up.

Being so card dead I really only went all-in in late position and every single time I went all-in until the final table I was first to act. So I neither called nor re-raised any bets. Twice I folded A-J and once I folded A-T to raises before me. Other than that I picked my spots and fired. Amazingly enough it worked. Other players got tangled up and got railed while I sat back lurking in the shadows waiting to make some moves.

Tournaments still blow but I love all the smack talk and no way I'll stop playing these blogger events no matter how frustrated I ever get.

It was also nice that some of the cool kids from my crew railing me at the final table. Congrats also to two more of my crew making the final table with Iakaris finishing in 7th and the ever present Hoyazo finishing in 9th. Hey Iak well played my man, you made the right moves at the right time and impressively you took your foot of the gas when you needed to. If not for that horrible beat when that dude hit runner runner for a double gut shot to beat them bitches and you might have been the Champion.

Looks like I'm going to miss the Mookie tomorrow night because Carmen and I are meeting Mookie and the Austin crew at the Red Rock for some day time action followed by a trip downtown to either Binions or the Plaza tomorrow night. So while you guys are playing in the virtual Mookie I'll be seated across the table from him live and in real time.

Yes I know it's tough to be me playing live poker nearly everyday but do know that Carmen and I actually had to set the alarm for 11am today so we could make our spa appointment at the Red Rock. Some pampering and side-by-side massages make for a better poker game, with or without cards.

Float resumes, put those houses on the market, pack up the families, and get out here to Vegas and live the dream. No excuses just do it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tournaments or Ring...You Know My Answer

Warning contains poker recaps that do include a few narrative hand histories. If anyone from the blogger hierarchy disagrees they can blow me, if I even let them.

I crashed hard in the Caesars tourney coming in about 60th out of 70. In Level 2 with blinds at only 50-100 I was UTG+1 and raised to T400 with QQ. Everyone folded except SB who called. Flop was J-8-4 SB checked, I bet T800 and get check-raised all-in by a big stack. I call thinking I'm leading and knowing I still have the T3000 rebuy left. SB turns over AK and hits a K on the river.

Level 3 100-200 25 ante in the CU I raise to T600 get re-raised to T1200 by button, who gets re-raised all-in by BB. I lay down TT to QQ and AA. I try stealing with A-J and get beat by A-Q. Finally very end of Level 3 I try stealing with Jh-9h on the button with one limper UTG. SB and BB fold UTG calls. Flop is Tc-8h-2h and UTG goes all-in. Now I don't have shit and I read him as trying to bluff me off my small stack too so with all my outs I call. He turns over Ks-Qd. So I'm open ended, I have a flush draw, and I have 3 Js and 3 9s as outs. Turn is a 4s, River is a 5d and I'm out.

Tournaments blow! So now I'm down $200 from the two Tournaments and another $100 I donked off at the Luxor playing like it was a 2-4 limit game. So what to do? Easy get to the MGM as fast as possible.

I get QQ right away there and get re-rasied all-in by two players and lay it down. They both have KK. On the button soon after I get QQ again, fuckin bitches, UTG raises to $7 ???? 3 callers I raise to $20 and get two reluctant callers. Flop comes J-8-4. One of the callers leads out for $15???? I re-raise to $75 and he goes all-in. WTF? I figure no way KK or AA because he was too good a player to only call instead of raise the $7 initial bet. JJ, TT or a freakin set? I go in the tank for a while and fold. He turns over a set of fours. Wow good lay down, even though I lost $95 it could have been $250.

Now the turning point. See if you can count how many outs my two opponents have combined after the turn because I can't even count that high.

I get As-Ks UTG+1 and make it $20 and I get four callers. Flop is Kh-Th-2c and I go all-in. I get one caller who has me covered, one caller who only has $10 left, and the other two fold. Player A turns over 9h-8h and Player B turns over Tc-9c. Now the turn is 7c and it looks like I'm in deep shit. Player A has an open-ended straight draw, and a flush draw, and Player B has a different flush draw, plus two tens and two nines, neither of which would give A his flush.

How many outs is that? Can one of you math wizards help me out here?

Anyway 3s on the river and I eke that hand out. That hand plus laying down QQ to the set and I'm alive and well. After that I kick some donkeys around and get paid when my fair hands beat their shitty hands for big pots.

So I play 3 and a half hours at the MGM and make a quick $475 and hit the road once the game tightens up. Man I love that place. I can go blow $300 playing some MTTs with my blogger friend and still make some money from the cash games.

That's it for tonight.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Sahara Tournament

Quick update since it's 3:30am pst and I have to get up early to play in the Caesars tournament.

Carmen and I met up with Mookie and the Austin crew last night for the Sahara tournament. What an awesome group of people! As always it was like meeting up with good friends that you know and love but haven't seen in person for a while. Mookie and his wife Mrs. Mookie even had some gifts for us upon our arrival which was so very nice.

Well no luck at the tournament which had a starting field of 127 players. With about 50 players left the blinds got out of control and we got into that stupid push fest mode which I can't stand. If you get through this period and get rid of all the small stacks you can play poker again when it gets down to the final 20 or so but if you get unlucky it's to the rail.

I was pushing and stealing about twice an orbit and got myself back into contention but I ran JJ into QQ and my night was over and I went out in about 30th place. We had a last longest bet which Mookie won by making it one hand longer than Carmen. They came in like 25th and 26th. Sorry to let all you bloggers down but hopefully we can do some damage tomorrow at Caesars.

Carmen will have some pics up in the morning but I'll leave you one of Rocco Boxer, myself, and Mookie.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Nearing the Point of Frustration

The blogger comments were not working when I started rolling today so I'm going to finally update the answer to yesterday's hand. This whole blogger site not working has my mornings, yes 11:30am is still morning, screwed up and that coupled with some frustrating results on the tables and I'm slightly off center. Some of you probably noticed me a little hissy fit when I got knocked out of the Mookie in 14th place and I proceeded to rant about push monkeys and started in with the whole B7, N33, O69 routine.

Now I guess I shouldn't be whining because after all the bad beats and tough hands over the last few weeks I'm still up a little bit. Really the frustration is from what could have been, those just misses when flopping great but 2nd best hands, or playing with a table full of dead money at the MGM and watching these donkeys splash their money all over the table and me not being able to get any.

Fortunately my rants have, for the most part, been internal and having read a few blogs lately about some really good players taking big bankroll hits, I know my issues are really minor. I've been trying to stay focused and disciplined and working really hard from tilting and it finally paid off.

The answer to the previous hand was I checked the river and the mullet indeed had a J for a six card straight. Instead of being pissed about the guys hand I have to be thankful he was such a stiff that he waited for me to bet so he could check-raise me, which never happened, and that he saved me my stack.

So today I sit down and wait for the blinds at the same level table and inthe SB on my second hand I get 9-9. There were three limpers and since I just sat down I only completed the blind instead of raising. Five of us see the flop which was K-T-9 and here we go again right away I hit a set but the board sucks ass.

I probe with a $7 bet and I get only one caller which really doesn't give me much information. Turn is a 3 so let's probe some more, I bet $15 and dude again calls. Now I'm thinking if I have Q-J I'm playing this hand the same way as this guy but I don't have any information on him yet so he might only have a pair of Kings or Two Pair. River is a 5 and there is no possible flush.

Now on a safe board I'm pushing at this point with almost certainty I have the winner and this player will call me as he has the whole way but I'm a little gun shy after my last two sets got creamed to a scary board. I think for a few seconds and decide to bet $30 into a pot of $46. The guy immediately goes over the top all-in and I lay down my set. I guess he was so proud of his Q-J that thankfully he showed me so at least I could say I made a good lay down.

So just over half my stack gone and I've played two hands. I buy-in enough to get back to the max (something I always do BTW) work my way back near even when I get A-7, yes the freakin' tourist in the SB. Flop is A-K-7 and I get all in with a $45 stack who had limped with K-7 sooted. K on the river and down I go.

Thankfully the guy only had $45 and not the max or more in front of him or I would have taken a huge hit. So another few hours go by and I fight back to nearly even again but with frustration. K-K no action, A-A no action, yet I'm watching two poor players just keep getting cards and winning and winning and I'm wondering why I've only had one day in my life where I had the horseshoe up my ass yet everyday either online or live I see players just go on unbelievable hot runs.

Now I've been at this for hours and it's now getting within a few minutes of the Heat-Mavs game and because Carmen is working I want to BBQ a steak and watch the game and I still haven't showered, and I'm looking and probably smelling like Sheikhan at Caesars, Chris know what I'm talking about, but I'm in near degenerate mood knowing I'm gonna crack this table. I'm on the button and promise myself one more orbit then I want/need to light the grill, bathe, and watch the game.

So I get the SB and find 5-5. What is it with the SB? I don't know but it's where I either catch or get caught by monsters. There is are two limpers, CU raises to $5, button calls. $5 is high for 5-5 but with two limpers still to come I say fuck it $5 on 5-5 for set value.

Sure as shit flop comes J-8-5 rainbow and I'm thinking this might be it. No scary board and hopefully no set over set and I might get paid. CU has $220 in front of him, button has $180 and I have $150. I check, CU bets $20, button raises to $40 so I push and both players call. K-K and A-A. Flop and Turn are both Queens and my full house takes down a monster pot.

So I hit and run that monster, started the grill, yes I bathed, enjoyed 16 oz. of NY Strip and watched the Heat-Mavs game. Unfortunately the Heat lost but they'll beat the Mavs before it's over.

So all that self-pity and whining for nothing. I was playing slightly winner poker for a few weeks yet I was convincing myself that I was on a horrible run. I hope to learn a lesson from this for when that actual bad run does arrive so that I stick with what has been a winning and improving game plan. Time to remember I can't always win and that my competitive spirit must remain in check.

Mookie is coming on Sunday so trip reports and pic should be up by Sunday night.

Stay Profitable.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mookie, Clowns, & Help Me With a Hand

Congrats to a bunch of my crew hitting the board last night in the Mookie. Waffles just misses repeating and gets 2nd, JJ gets 3rd two weeks after winning, Hoyazo stays hot grabbing 5th, and our ever gracious host Mookie still without a haircut but hitting the board in 8th. Tough break for Chris as the bubble boy and myself for finishing 14th.

A small rant. The trouble I have with MTTs and SnGs for that matter is when they turn into push monkey fests. Heck we were only in Level 6 and because of the bubble approaching and stack sizes we didn't see a flop, unless it was all-in, from that time until I busted with 8-8 against J-J. Yes there is skill involved in different stages of the event but not when it's push monkey time. It was nice after the bubble burst and we were down to 6 players when poker started again. You know see a flop and bet not just push push push. I understand it needs to be done but I don't have to like it. I'm through.

Well almost. What's up with the avatars on FT. The one of the Poser guy is hideous. What thoughts must go through some tools mind when looking at avatars when he signs up and he sees the poser? 'Oh wow this is so cool, it's definitely me.' I seriously want to reach across the table and smack the ass munch.

The worst is that fucking clown. What the fuck is that? Even worse is the different "moods" the clown might be in. Happy, annoyed, wtf? That clown has pedophile written all over it, John Wayne Gacy with his pocket cut out so he can play with his junk while he entertains all the dumb little boys and girls. If a clown is at my table I serioulsy ask him why the fuck he picked that avatar and if he's really a pedophile. Worse yet, today there were two sitting side by side directly across the table from me. I wanted to double bitch slap both of them. Thankfully one busted, his stack I'm not sure about any nuts, and the other followed him from the table presumably to some Volkswagon in Seattle or somewhere dank like that. You following me here?

Alright playing a cash game at FT post clowns yesterday afternoon I get my first Pocket Kings in a week. Seriously! The last time I found K-K I raised and got one caller. Board came K-J-T all hearts. I bet, get re-raise, I go all-in and lose to A-2 hearts. Yea it was my fault I couldn't lay the hand down and yea some people really like Ace rag sooted.

Anyway in the CU I get KK again in a 100 max game. Oh BTW I'd love some feedback from you cash gamers on this hand. The players are all average nobody is special or stands out in this game either so don't give me that "there's not enough information crap."

So four limpers before it gets to me and I make it $10 to go. BB calls and 1 limper calls. Flop comes Kc-Qh-9s. Now again with the set of Kings but I do have an eye on a possible J-T but I'm not overly worried. Both players check to me. Question #1 what's the play? I'd like to hear your thoughts but I'm going to cut the suspense and tell you what I did.

The pot was I think $31.90 so I bet $40. BB calls and the other clown, not really the clown, folds. Turn is a Td. The board is rainbow as it comes but now a jack and I'm fucked. BB checks. Question #2 what is my play? Did a calling station get lucky and hit the jack or is my set killing his top pair, two pair, or underset? My thoughts are to push but then I reconsider. If I push and he folds I'm good, if I push and he has the Jack I'm stacked, or does he have maybe A-K or A-Q and if so do I give him a free card. I checked it just didn't feel right.

The River brings us an Ad. He again checks. Now what? I still have top set and there's no full house possible so the only was I lose is if has a Jack. Does he have nothing or is he waiting for me to bet so he can check-raise. I go into the tank here thinking I'm goot except for that jack. If he has two pair or an underset no way he folds and I stack him. Question #3 what's the play here? I'll save my play and the results for when I get a few responses.

Tonite, well this afternoon really, its MGM time for some poker with a break for the Heat-Mavs game. JJOK and I have a prop bet, for pennies really, but the interesting part will be the loser has to by a hat or shirt from the winning team, take three very public pics wearing that gear, and post the pics on their blogs while pimping the other guy and team. That's better than he or I taking each others money any way.

Let's Go HEAT!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mookie Odds

Tonite is everyones favorite that's right it's the Mookie. I'll be catching the action before heading down to the MGM to meet the lovely Carmen SinCity after her first day at the new gig. Of course it's back to the live cash action in the hopes of adding to the bankroll.

I had a blast in the WWDN last night playing at the same table as my boy Waffles. We talked major shit and I tried a new style of poker, hyper aggressive. Man when that style works it works in a big way and when it doesn't work its a straight free fall from first to worst. Although the more I play the more I learn about aggression now it's time to work on harnessing it. Right Waffles?

Okay no great stories to tell today so I'm going to set the line directly from here in Southwest Vegas.

World -220
Austin +200

O/U Austin Final Table 2.5

O/U Total Players 51.5

Waffles to Repeat 20:1
Hoyazo or Smokkee to win 8:1

Odds to Last Longer

Battle of the Bedroom
Mookie -160
Mrs Mookie +140

Battle of the NBA Finals
JJOK -140
Miami Don +120

Battle of the Big Money
Hoyazo -110
Smokkee -110

Battle of Cleveland
Hacker 59 -160
Iakaris +140

Battle of the Girlie Chat
Garthmeister -150
Sox Lover +130

Battle of the Girlies
Jules -170
Katitude +150

Canadian Battle
Mungo36 -155
Fishy McDonk +135

Battle of the Luckboxes
RoccoBoxer -180
Xanthius +160

Battle of the Sirs/Surs
SirWaffles -120
Surflexus -Even

Battle of Baltimore
Presdlee -110
Kaellinn18 -110

Battle of East Coast West Coast
DrewsPop -160
Darval +140

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Live Poker

I'm actually glad Michele Wie did not qualify for the Men's US Open. Yes she's an amazing talent but sorry she's a 2-5 NL player playing in a 10-20 NL game. She hasn't even won a USGA Girls Tournament yet never mind anything on the LPGA tour and she is in this rush to play with the men? Go win something first then come back.

Sorry no WWDN tonight as Carmen and I will be heading to the MGM for some live play. For those of you that can only play online I feel for you, to me playing live is a million times better than playing online. Sure you can lock yourself in a room and multi-table 8 SnGs all the while fidgeting with your junk while you read other players using Poker Tracker but to me that's not the way poker was meant to be. Poker is a social game and so much more is to be learned playing live with others, getting visual clues as reads instead of program telling you my VP$/IP is 21% and my post flop rating of 5!

Now most people don't have the luxury or the freedom to play in live games on a regular basis so I can see making due playing online but for me it's gotten to be such a bore. I'm grinding out a sign-up bonus on Full Tilt and it's become like going to the dentist it's so dreadful. So far I'm winning and I'm using the time right now to single table and really work on reads and watching betting patterns but it's all I can do to concentrate and not read blogs, and write emails, and follow the NBA play-offs, and keep an eye on my fantasy baseball team. At least I'm playing poker though.

I have a couple of actual poker posts that I'm working on so I hope to get those finished and up later this week so until then I'll end will another great blogger pic......

Myth has it that there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but that's certainly not the case for bloggers. What's at the end of our Bloogers rainbow?....why a Beer Store of Course!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Weekend & Yes the Mini-Van

First things first. Had a great time with Chris for the few days he was out here. I've met two bloggers now and both were super cool, that's right super cool. It really seemed like I was meeting up with two old friends that I hadn't seen in a while, it was very comfortable getting (re)acquainted because we knew alot about each other through the blogging world. Next Sunday Mookie makes number three and I already know he's super cool too. I wonder who the first asshole blogger I get to meet will be? I might have to make the odds and I'm sure we'll get some action on those lines. I know who the favorite will probably be but I won't mention any names as I don't want to piss her, oops I mean them, off yet.

Poker was a wash this weekend. I'm counting the cash games both at MGM and online after cashing in the Binion's Tournament as the weekend. I sat in some juicy games but I was, for the most part card dead, and when I did have decent cards everyone else had crap. It's all about the timing baby.

There were three French Canadian buddies at the MGM on Friday, one was decent and the other two were horrible, and they splashed money all over the table. Unfortunately of the $1200 that two of them gave away I only got a total of about $75. Some days the situations never come so at least I didn't force anything and give some of my money away trying to get greedy.

Oh well Mini-Van time. Good eyes to the few of you who spotted my bad rider parked at the curb when Carmen posted the pics of her new car.

Ok I owed a business back in Florida that I officially sold in February. Now after a few months of tense negotiations on the terms of the sale, severence, length of benefits, non-competes, etc. in mid-January everything gets finalized and sent to the attorneys. Now I'm a fairly shrewd negotiator and I was very pleased with how things proceeded as I represented myself through the whole process and 95% of the lawyer fees were paid for by the acquiring party. I actually bluffed some of the negotiations using the line, based on advice from my attorney but all in all I got a little more than I wanted except I forgot one vehicle was a company car.

Now as soon as the sale goes through I'm suppose to turn my car in which was not a big deal seeing I was moving to Vegas. Well I sold my house furnished and I only planned on taking some essentials like the dog, computer, golf clubs, our clothes, books, you know those sort of odds and ends. We had sold Carmen's car because she was ready for an upgrade which we figured was something new in Vegas. So basically the plan was to pack what we could carry, leave our lives in Florida, and move to Vegas and start fresh. Again only problem how to get there?

Now I wouldn't have had any problem with paying movers to get all our stuff from Florida to Vegas if I was moving the whole contents of the house but since it was only a few possessions I didn't see the point. Also why buy a new car and put 2700 miles on it driving across country when I could get something new in Vegas? So I put my brain to good use and put together a master plan and here's what I did.

I re-opened negotiations on the sale of the business. Now I'm sure I looked like a real idiot coming back to the table, one week before I was due to sign off on the deal, after months of tense back and forth negotiations saying the only way I go forward is if you sell me the 1998 Dodge Caravan for $10. Don't laugh.

Pack the van with all our shit and drive it across the country. Brilliant really except I almost screwed the whole deal up with this very peculiar 11th hour demand. Fortunately enough we were able to add an Addendum to all the other paper work and we got things completed in time.

Now this is not just any minivan but it started as, what was deemed a Druggie-Buggie. We got a lot of clients from some of the higher end Treatment Centers like Hazelden, Caron Foundation, Father Martin's, etc. and the van was used to pick up these high end clients up from the airport upon their arrival as well as take them to outside mental health appointments once they got settled in our facility. We also used it to do tours, which was when we brought clients from local treatment centers to view our facility in hopes of getting them to stay with us instead of heading home after primary treatment. So this vans seats have logged the assesof quite a few high profile clients with some serious substance abuse problems.

The van over time had been passed on to the tour driver/maintenance man who proceeded to beat it up somewhat. Unfortunately for him his job was being eliminated once the sale was final so instead of the new owners donating the van to charity I took it off their hands for $10. So presently there are still a few dents, the bumper is screwed on in multiple places, there is somewhat of an unwashable funky mix of B.O, stale cigarette smoke, you know whatever the opposite of what new car would smell like.

The thing is the van still runs like a champ and is perfect for hauling things around. We used it a ton when we moved to Vegas furnishing our new house and it will be ideal for hauling around the mulitudes of bloggers that will be visiting Vegas in the coming months and hopefully years.

So with the story out in the open the new goals for any blogger coming to Vegas should be;
1. Final Table at Caesars Tournament
2. Win enough money to pay for your trip
3. Ride in the Minivan

Just ask Chris, he being the first blogger to accomplish all three of those very ambitious goals. So before departing for Vegas make sure you ask yourself, Do you have it in you?

Hope you all had an enjoyable and profitable weekend.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bloggers Rule Vegas

Okay there really is a story behind the mini-van and seeing it is the weekend I can probably squeeze the story through without too many readers laughing but I'm going to be a man and wait until early this week to post so everyone can have the chance to bust my balls.

So yesterday Chris and I played in the 2pm Tourney at Binion's unfortunately without Carmen who is taking a small break from the live games while she makes her job transition. Now we all know by now that Chris Final Tabled at Caesars and we all had a 10% stake in each other so I was feeling some pressure to at least hit the board and be able to pay Chris back. In no way was this an ego thing either, us trying to outdo each other, it was more for the blooger brotherhood, both rooting for each other and hoping someway we can final table together.

There was only about 60 players with the top 7 getting paid so the prize pool was just over $5000 with $1675 going to the winner. I was card dead early on then donked off some chips trying to bluff representing a flush into a calling station at which point I was forced to proceed very carefully. After the first break Chris and I both had around T1600 left out of the T2500 we started with. He went out in the beginning of Level 5 and came by to tell me he was heading to the craps table for a while but somehow he must have passed me some good blogger timing because I went on a run that propelled me to the Chip Leader.

In the BB HU against the SB my 3-4o hit two pair to his TP and I stacked him nearly doubling me up. I bluffed a big three way pot and finally I had some chips to play with. In MP I got A-A and re-raised an UTG mini-raise and three of us saw the flop which was rags and I went all-in and both players called with garbage so finally my Aces hold-up and I am the chip leader at my table by about T100. A few hands later in the SB I complete with 6h-8h and one limper, me, and the BB see an all heart flop. The BB is the player who has only 100 chips less than me and I slow-play my flush to perfection as the BB rivers the wheel, we get all-in and I stack him.

We got down to the final two tables and things got really tight. I got called trying to steal out of position with 7-7 and although I hit a set I bet too aggressively and folded out the other player before I could get more of his chips. Now my cards got so bad that I didn't even try to steal blinds for fear that the smaller stacks would be forced to re-raise all-in and my 3-T and 5-9, and 3-6 didn't seem like a good play.

We got down to 12 players and I finally got a hand A-T and made the 3xBB raise only to have the SB go all-in. My raise was to T3600 and to call him was another T6200 and I went into the tank. Call and win I'm easily the chip leader, I can coast to the money and have a real good shot at winning the thing. Call and lose I'm left with T4800 and in trouble, fold I'm middle of the pack and I still have a lot of scrambling to do.

By this time Chris had come back to rail me and a small crowd had gathered it was kind of cool actually. One of the players called time on me and I started my rap with the guy who was all-in trying to see if I could put him on a tell. Finally I saw some weakness and decided to I had him beat and called. I stood up and started pacing, even though this was a small tournament their was a lot of tension and pressure in the ait. He turns over As-3h. Nice I made a great read and felt better when the flop came 3d-7s-Ts. I went into a small celebration mood but it wasn't for long. Turn was Ks and I got back to the table right after I heard a huge gasp from the players at both the final two tables and the rail. River was 6s and for the second day in a row I got crippled with runner-runner-runner-runner spades.

The very next hand I get J-J and go all-in announcing, "I might as well tilt off the rest of my chips." hoping to get a caller. No such luck but it was break time which was must needed. A quick pep talk from Chris and I was able to get back in focus so I could try and at least hit the money.

Quickly after break two people were eliminated and we drew seats for the final table. I quickly negotiated a deal that places 8-9-10 got a hundred bucks back so at least they played for free and it would loosen up the final table. We lost four players rather quickly two which I sent to the rail so I was again near the top of chips. After two tense orbits and right before I was about to take the big blind I asked about a chop six ways. I had taken a hit when I called A-T with A-9 so we had two big stacks while the other four of us had equal small stacks. Luckily everyone agreed so we chopped it up six ways.

Awesome baby! Two tournaments and both Chris and I make the money. If only Carmen had gotten in the money or we all made final tables together would have made the results any better. Bloggers rule. I've known it for a while but the competition amongst bloggers who play in the Mookie, the DADI, and the WWDN is stellar. It's certainly helped me improve my tournament game and its been paying off both online and live.

Time to get ready to head to work, yes the fishtank known as the MGM. Hope everyone has a great weekend and stays profitable.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Caesars Recap

Let's start with a huge congrats to Chris for making the final table and finishing 6th place in the Caesars Tournament. There were 75 entries with an $8500 prize pool and 10 seats were paid so it was in the money for Chris. I'll let him write the recap since Carmen and I had busted way earlier and where down at the MGM taking money from the tourists. I do know that with the structure of the tournament he played for 7 hours before busting out. He'll let you know what a grind it was. He did though keep me up-to-date with phone calls during the breaks so even though we didn't rail him for 7 hours we were abreast of the situation. On to Binions tomorrow.

I was card dead until the last hand before the break at the end of level two when I was the third caller of a pre-flop raise with Tc-Jc. Flop came Qd-9c-3c. Pre-flop raiser made a continuation bet and next player re-raised all-in. Of course I called with that many outs and turned the 7c to beat two pair and added greatly to my stack. During Level 4 with the blinds at 200-400 and antes of 50 I had T6100, which was the top 25% and found A-A on the button. A player who I know and dislike from the MGM was in MP and re-raised UTGs limp all-in for T4700. It folded to me and I insta-called. He got caught trying to steal with A-Q sooted and started packing his things when I turned over my bullets. Flop came with rainbowed garbage and I was looking at heading to the top of the field after I clipped his 4700 chips. No it doesn't just happen online my friends. You guessed it, runner-runner spades and I was crippled. I made it another orbit before I was forced all-in and that was it. I did take the suckout "professionally" perhaps because I was so stunned but I only got one "F-Bomb" warning and that was about 2 minutes after the river. Carmen got beat in Level 5 when her set of tens was beaten by a set of queens both coming on the flop.

Oh well I boogied (literally I had on the disco station) down to the MGM where I made $250 in four hours so like today, tomorrow I'll be free-rolling when we head to Binions. My MGM table was full of donkeys and I managed, for the most part, to avoid the bad suckouts and got paid. Ever see someone bluff off $300 with a J high into a board of 5-5-A-K-2 with three players in the pot? I did. Unfortunately I wasn't in the hand but some kid got paid big-time. The kid who raked the nearly $1k pot hands were still shaking 15 minutes later when his A-5 held up.

On a final note, it seems everyone has taking a real disliking to one Shawn Sheikhan, for his often boorish behavior. Well waiting for the tournament to start there was only one game going and it was a $400-$800 mixed game with seven players. Eskimo Clark, Joe Awada, Sheikhan, and Billy Baxter were four that I recognized. Apparently the game had been going for a while but Baxter had just bought in for $30K right before our tournament was getting ready to start.

Now if you don't know Baxter check the link, he's a seven-time WSOP bracelet winner five times winning the deuce to seven triple draw. He's a good ole boy from Georgia with a thick southern accent and he's very loud, not to mention his prison jumpsuit orange shirt. He starts busting on Sheikhan from the door and he's getting him riled up. Now the rail is full prior to our tournament and Baxter calls out Sheikhan in front of all the spectators. "I'll give you three-to-one that I leave here with more chips than you." The finally agree on Sheikan putting up $1300 to win $4000.

After I busted out there was like 20 minutes to go until Chris and Carmen hit break so I'm watching the big game. Now this game is no joke with each player having multiple racks of black chips.($10k a rack) Now it's a mixed game and guess what time it is? Yep deuce to seven triple draw.

Cards are dealt four players, max bets. First draw all four players stay, max bets. Second draw but Sheikhan does not need cards, two players fold and again max bets. Third and final draw Baxter takes one card and doesn't even look at it. Now I'll give Baxter credit, he must have figured whether or not he got the card he needed he was pot committed so with his balls of steel he and Sheikhan max the bets at which point Sheikhan is all-in. Sheikhan turns over 7-6-4-3-2. Baxter slow rolls the cards he knows he has.....7......4......3.......2.......pause. Man it was fucking electric. The other players rose from their seats to watch this showcase and I had the privilege, not counting the dealer, of being the only non-player to witness the literal turn of events.

Baxter after pausing a good ten seconds for dramatic effect, loudly drawls, "I think I got ya Shawn." and turns over the fucking 5 of diamonds for the nuts. It was like an amazing magic trick, he pulled that five out of thin air and everyone was stunned.

Seven of us, five players, the dealer and myself, let out a communial gasp when the Baxter turns over the card. Sheikhan turns white as a ghost and slumps into his chair looking like a sniper just dropped him from afar. He didn't move for a good twenty seconds before he slowly starts shaking his head from side to side in utter disbelief.

He finally gets up and in a pain-staking barely audible voice mumbles, "Fuck." Looking at the ground shaking his head he starts heading to the exit door of the poker room. Baxter bellows to Sheikhan just before he gets to the door, Ya commin back Shaw-On?" Sheikhans reply is, "Fuck this for today," and before he even finishes his sentence a cackling Baxter says, "What about the $1300 you owe me from the side bet?"

Now its pure rage and Sheikhan true to form blows up, unlike the '05 WSOP tirade though, this one is filled with expletives. Finally after the outburst he reaches into his pocket and takes out his last $300 and drops it on the table. He tell Baxter I owe you a thousand and quickly disappears through the exit. And that my friends is the last I saw of Shawn Sheikhan today.

Carmen should have some pics up and we'll give you the updates tomorrow from Binion's.

Stay Profitable.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Drew's Pop---Blogger Meet #2

Carmen and I hooked up with Chris for a short time yesterday evening at the MGM for some cash action. It was blogger meeting number two as Chris follows Gary who was here in April and precedes number three when Mookie and the Austin crew hit town in another 11 days. Woot it's awesome living in Vegas.

If you note Chris' picture he posted from the tables at the MGM you'll see him in the black shirt, moving right is the Mullet that put the spanking on him and then half of me beyond the dealers head. Now Mullet had a mullet to put any mullet to shame. He looks like a normal redneck in the picture but no lie his mullet covered his belt in the back. A fine shade of Ronald McDonald orange it was and he had some symbolic hoop earing with some small war feather somehow attached.(To the hoop not his ear) My boy was originally from, sorry Mookie, Austin Texas but now resides more fittingly in Bumbfuck, Arkansas. And like a good gun toting god fearing redneck he blasted Chris right in the gut with probably a Remington 12 gauge 2 3/4" shell that fortunately only temporarily slowed Chris down. I'll let him post the details but yes it was bloody.

I started slow as I ran my AK right into the donkey in seat 9's K-8. Hmmm preflop raise and he called, A-8-3 flop another raise he called, turn 8, and thankfully he check-raised saving me $100. After thanking him for saving me the money be jumping the gun with the check-raise, I complimented him on his astute play. He graciously said thank you and for just a second I wondered how he missed my sarcasm but after reviewing his play not only on my hand but a few other beauties I witnessed, it was easy to understand how it flew over his head. I left the table for about 15 minutes and sadly upon my return I was told that Seat 9 had retired to his room sans stack after running his K-2 into K-Q.

Anyway I grinded back with mostly crappy hands and finished the night ahead. That small winning session coupled with a small March Madness Sports Book ticket that I'd forgotten to cash will have me freerolling tomorrow when we play the Caesars Tournament.

I just thought of this, have you ever told the truth before another player bet only to have him distrust your comments and call your bet anyway? You unfortunate internet only players have probably not had the chance but it's really fun and exciting. Here's what happened. I was dealt 5-6 in the SB and completed with 7 players seeing the flop of K-7-8. The turn was the 4 giving me the straight I checked/called. Now the river was the Qc making 3 clubs on the board. I led out with a pot sized bet and the only player left asked me if that Q helped me. I told him no I don't have a flush my hand was made on the turn. He looked at the board and thought and thought and called me with two pair. I turned over my straight and said I told you I made my hand on the turn. The table loved it, a poker player telling the truth and giving the other player a chance to fold. I've seen that manuever work about 98% of the time because players are so distrustfull combined with being unable to lay hands down. Try it sometime it's fool proof, almost a guaranteed call and pay-off.

I was glad to see the turnout for the Mookie. It's awesome to be able to pay the Final Table. Sorry I missed everyone but we'll return next week.

I'll blog tomorrow about the Caesars Tournament and Carmen will have some pictures posted.

Stay Profitable.