Friday, June 02, 2006

Caesars Recap

Let's start with a huge congrats to Chris for making the final table and finishing 6th place in the Caesars Tournament. There were 75 entries with an $8500 prize pool and 10 seats were paid so it was in the money for Chris. I'll let him write the recap since Carmen and I had busted way earlier and where down at the MGM taking money from the tourists. I do know that with the structure of the tournament he played for 7 hours before busting out. He'll let you know what a grind it was. He did though keep me up-to-date with phone calls during the breaks so even though we didn't rail him for 7 hours we were abreast of the situation. On to Binions tomorrow.

I was card dead until the last hand before the break at the end of level two when I was the third caller of a pre-flop raise with Tc-Jc. Flop came Qd-9c-3c. Pre-flop raiser made a continuation bet and next player re-raised all-in. Of course I called with that many outs and turned the 7c to beat two pair and added greatly to my stack. During Level 4 with the blinds at 200-400 and antes of 50 I had T6100, which was the top 25% and found A-A on the button. A player who I know and dislike from the MGM was in MP and re-raised UTGs limp all-in for T4700. It folded to me and I insta-called. He got caught trying to steal with A-Q sooted and started packing his things when I turned over my bullets. Flop came with rainbowed garbage and I was looking at heading to the top of the field after I clipped his 4700 chips. No it doesn't just happen online my friends. You guessed it, runner-runner spades and I was crippled. I made it another orbit before I was forced all-in and that was it. I did take the suckout "professionally" perhaps because I was so stunned but I only got one "F-Bomb" warning and that was about 2 minutes after the river. Carmen got beat in Level 5 when her set of tens was beaten by a set of queens both coming on the flop.

Oh well I boogied (literally I had on the disco station) down to the MGM where I made $250 in four hours so like today, tomorrow I'll be free-rolling when we head to Binions. My MGM table was full of donkeys and I managed, for the most part, to avoid the bad suckouts and got paid. Ever see someone bluff off $300 with a J high into a board of 5-5-A-K-2 with three players in the pot? I did. Unfortunately I wasn't in the hand but some kid got paid big-time. The kid who raked the nearly $1k pot hands were still shaking 15 minutes later when his A-5 held up.

On a final note, it seems everyone has taking a real disliking to one Shawn Sheikhan, for his often boorish behavior. Well waiting for the tournament to start there was only one game going and it was a $400-$800 mixed game with seven players. Eskimo Clark, Joe Awada, Sheikhan, and Billy Baxter were four that I recognized. Apparently the game had been going for a while but Baxter had just bought in for $30K right before our tournament was getting ready to start.

Now if you don't know Baxter check the link, he's a seven-time WSOP bracelet winner five times winning the deuce to seven triple draw. He's a good ole boy from Georgia with a thick southern accent and he's very loud, not to mention his prison jumpsuit orange shirt. He starts busting on Sheikhan from the door and he's getting him riled up. Now the rail is full prior to our tournament and Baxter calls out Sheikhan in front of all the spectators. "I'll give you three-to-one that I leave here with more chips than you." The finally agree on Sheikan putting up $1300 to win $4000.

After I busted out there was like 20 minutes to go until Chris and Carmen hit break so I'm watching the big game. Now this game is no joke with each player having multiple racks of black chips.($10k a rack) Now it's a mixed game and guess what time it is? Yep deuce to seven triple draw.

Cards are dealt four players, max bets. First draw all four players stay, max bets. Second draw but Sheikhan does not need cards, two players fold and again max bets. Third and final draw Baxter takes one card and doesn't even look at it. Now I'll give Baxter credit, he must have figured whether or not he got the card he needed he was pot committed so with his balls of steel he and Sheikhan max the bets at which point Sheikhan is all-in. Sheikhan turns over 7-6-4-3-2. Baxter slow rolls the cards he knows he has.....7......4......3.......2.......pause. Man it was fucking electric. The other players rose from their seats to watch this showcase and I had the privilege, not counting the dealer, of being the only non-player to witness the literal turn of events.

Baxter after pausing a good ten seconds for dramatic effect, loudly drawls, "I think I got ya Shawn." and turns over the fucking 5 of diamonds for the nuts. It was like an amazing magic trick, he pulled that five out of thin air and everyone was stunned.

Seven of us, five players, the dealer and myself, let out a communial gasp when the Baxter turns over the card. Sheikhan turns white as a ghost and slumps into his chair looking like a sniper just dropped him from afar. He didn't move for a good twenty seconds before he slowly starts shaking his head from side to side in utter disbelief.

He finally gets up and in a pain-staking barely audible voice mumbles, "Fuck." Looking at the ground shaking his head he starts heading to the exit door of the poker room. Baxter bellows to Sheikhan just before he gets to the door, Ya commin back Shaw-On?" Sheikhans reply is, "Fuck this for today," and before he even finishes his sentence a cackling Baxter says, "What about the $1300 you owe me from the side bet?"

Now its pure rage and Sheikhan true to form blows up, unlike the '05 WSOP tirade though, this one is filled with expletives. Finally after the outburst he reaches into his pocket and takes out his last $300 and drops it on the table. He tell Baxter I owe you a thousand and quickly disappears through the exit. And that my friends is the last I saw of Shawn Sheikhan today.

Carmen should have some pics up and we'll give you the updates tomorrow from Binion's.

Stay Profitable.


At 6:45 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

AWESOME story about Sheiky, Don. Seems like everyone who's seen a lot of this guy, in person or on GSN on tv, thinks the same thing -- What an Asshole! Great story though, seriously.

Unrelentingly jealous that you keep getting to hang with these people out in Vegas.

Btw I final tabled the full tilt 17k tournament last night. I'll have a post up later today (Friday), so something to look for if you're having some more coffee and blog reads today.

At 10:06 AM, Blogger cc said...

Worth the price of admission---excellent recap! Have a great weekend.

At 11:13 AM, Anonymous mookie99 said...

Great story, can't wait to get out there !

At 11:16 AM, Blogger BrainMc said...

Not that I like to kick a man when he is down, but it couldn't have happend to a bigger asshole than Sheiky. After watching last years WSOP and this years heads up on NBC, he is my favorite player to root against. Excellent story. Keep 'em coming.

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Don that was hilarious! I actually almost felt bad for the guy, despite agreeing he's a total tool.

Now hurry up and try to explain how and why the Incredibly Slick MiamiDon is cruising in his Minivan...Mookie and I HAVE to - what's your excuse?

Great stuff as always. See ya.

At 5:11 PM, Blogger Garthmeister J. said...

Fantastic post. What a hand... total craziness. Sheikhan is probably going to be on tilt for a week!

At 7:02 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

excellent post. sheiky is such a freakin pud. i need to get to vegas more often damn it.

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Congrats CHAMP!

Hurry up and crank out some details about your win. I too will post something over the weekend just for you and Carmen.

Nice work.

At 6:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Billy Baxter never won the WSOP bracelet for 2-7 Triple Draw because there has never been an event for 2-7 Triple Draw. He is however a multiple bracelet holder for 2-7 draw - there is 2 betting rounds and one drawing round.


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