Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mookie, Clowns, & Help Me With a Hand

Congrats to a bunch of my crew hitting the board last night in the Mookie. Waffles just misses repeating and gets 2nd, JJ gets 3rd two weeks after winning, Hoyazo stays hot grabbing 5th, and our ever gracious host Mookie still without a haircut but hitting the board in 8th. Tough break for Chris as the bubble boy and myself for finishing 14th.

A small rant. The trouble I have with MTTs and SnGs for that matter is when they turn into push monkey fests. Heck we were only in Level 6 and because of the bubble approaching and stack sizes we didn't see a flop, unless it was all-in, from that time until I busted with 8-8 against J-J. Yes there is skill involved in different stages of the event but not when it's push monkey time. It was nice after the bubble burst and we were down to 6 players when poker started again. You know see a flop and bet not just push push push. I understand it needs to be done but I don't have to like it. I'm through.

Well almost. What's up with the avatars on FT. The one of the Poser guy is hideous. What thoughts must go through some tools mind when looking at avatars when he signs up and he sees the poser? 'Oh wow this is so cool, it's definitely me.' I seriously want to reach across the table and smack the ass munch.

The worst is that fucking clown. What the fuck is that? Even worse is the different "moods" the clown might be in. Happy, annoyed, wtf? That clown has pedophile written all over it, John Wayne Gacy with his pocket cut out so he can play with his junk while he entertains all the dumb little boys and girls. If a clown is at my table I serioulsy ask him why the fuck he picked that avatar and if he's really a pedophile. Worse yet, today there were two sitting side by side directly across the table from me. I wanted to double bitch slap both of them. Thankfully one busted, his stack I'm not sure about any nuts, and the other followed him from the table presumably to some Volkswagon in Seattle or somewhere dank like that. You following me here?

Alright playing a cash game at FT post clowns yesterday afternoon I get my first Pocket Kings in a week. Seriously! The last time I found K-K I raised and got one caller. Board came K-J-T all hearts. I bet, get re-raise, I go all-in and lose to A-2 hearts. Yea it was my fault I couldn't lay the hand down and yea some people really like Ace rag sooted.

Anyway in the CU I get KK again in a 100 max game. Oh BTW I'd love some feedback from you cash gamers on this hand. The players are all average nobody is special or stands out in this game either so don't give me that "there's not enough information crap."

So four limpers before it gets to me and I make it $10 to go. BB calls and 1 limper calls. Flop comes Kc-Qh-9s. Now again with the set of Kings but I do have an eye on a possible J-T but I'm not overly worried. Both players check to me. Question #1 what's the play? I'd like to hear your thoughts but I'm going to cut the suspense and tell you what I did.

The pot was I think $31.90 so I bet $40. BB calls and the other clown, not really the clown, folds. Turn is a Td. The board is rainbow as it comes but now a jack and I'm fucked. BB checks. Question #2 what is my play? Did a calling station get lucky and hit the jack or is my set killing his top pair, two pair, or underset? My thoughts are to push but then I reconsider. If I push and he folds I'm good, if I push and he has the Jack I'm stacked, or does he have maybe A-K or A-Q and if so do I give him a free card. I checked it just didn't feel right.

The River brings us an Ad. He again checks. Now what? I still have top set and there's no full house possible so the only was I lose is if has a Jack. Does he have nothing or is he waiting for me to bet so he can check-raise. I go into the tank here thinking I'm goot except for that jack. If he has two pair or an underset no way he folds and I stack him. Question #3 what's the play here? I'll save my play and the results for when I get a few responses.

Tonite, well this afternoon really, its MGM time for some poker with a break for the Heat-Mavs game. JJOK and I have a prop bet, for pennies really, but the interesting part will be the loser has to by a hat or shirt from the winning team, take three very public pics wearing that gear, and post the pics on their blogs while pimping the other guy and team. That's better than he or I taking each others money any way.

Let's Go HEAT!


At 9:59 AM, Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

I'd probably be playing that hand conservatively on that very scary board and check it off at the river. There's a decent amount in the pot already, and it's not worth risking the rest of your stack to win $50 more or whatever it happened to be.

If I knew the opponent was a good player, I would probably bet here because I don't think a good player would pass up a small value bet on the river with the nuts. Since you mention that everyone here seems to be nobodys, I wouldn't put it past this guy to over-slowplay his hand hoping to check raise you all in.

At 10:22 AM, Blogger drewspop said...

I'm with Matt but I suck at cash, as you know.

I really wanted to just say the clowns freak me out just as much as they do you.

good luck at the fishtank today.

At 10:33 AM, Blogger jjok said...

My experience in playing at these levels is marginal.

His checking both the turn and river are strong indications that he probably doesn't have the jack.

However, by throwing out a small-like bet, you are risking the possibility of him raising you on the river and you're stuck.

It's a very good sized pot, that you haven't had to invest alot into. Check it and either take down the pot (hopefully), or lose to a very bad slowplay.

As a note, If I'm the guy and I have the J, I have to bet on the river in fear of it checking other way to play HAVE to bet on the river when you are first to act.

As a note about mookie......I find it funny that I posted last night virtually the same feelings as you. However, being a bigstack, you have to force your opponents to over-commit to their hands. Or make them fold. It's a sound strategy at that level of the tournament.....AJ, AQ need to see all streets, so you might as well throw your chips into the middle.

And GO MAVS!!!!!!!!! I might have a hard time finding a jersey, so the hat might be the only alternative......doesn't matter since I'M GONNA WIN THIS BET!!!!!

At 10:47 AM, Blogger cc said...

Ditto all that (check it down). He's either folding to a bet or raising you, so I would say drag the pot and move on.

At 11:05 AM, Anonymous mookie99 said...

I suck at cash (and at poker in general) but I would check the river. If you bet, you will only get called by a better hand.

Thanks as always for the betting lines, they were fun. Need to go see how I woulda done if it were for real.

Looking forward to Vegas ! 3 more days.

At 12:27 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

without this guy betting the river, it looks like he's also afraid of the J. i mean is he really gonna check his nut straight on the river after you both checked the turn? i don't think so. i bet half the pot there for value. i would guess he's sitting on two pair with the Ace hitting the board. I'm "feeling" AQ here. if he comes over the top, you're gonna half to call after committing that many chips tho. i think you played it fine up to this point.

At 2:31 PM, Anonymous mookie99 said...

smokkee, If he is also afraid of the Jack do you think he calls the bet on the river though ?

At 5:37 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

if Don value bets the river, he's committed to the pot. it's only a $100 buy-in game and by value betting the river he's not gonna have much left. if this guy checks his nut straight on the river, that's a terrible slow play. if Don busts, you make a mental note of it. rebuy and move on.

At 5:46 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

oh mook, i misinterpreted your comment. if the other guy's got two pair, he's gonna call a value bet, the pot's big enuf. even with the possible straight out there, he'll have a tuf time laying down two pair to that bet. if he did, i'd be surprised. if he doesn't call, that's ok too. Don doesn't have to show down. keep the guy guessing and maybe cause a little tilt. Don could act as if it were a bluff and say he caught a pair on the river.


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