Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tournaments or Ring...You Know My Answer

Warning contains poker recaps that do include a few narrative hand histories. If anyone from the blogger hierarchy disagrees they can blow me, if I even let them.

I crashed hard in the Caesars tourney coming in about 60th out of 70. In Level 2 with blinds at only 50-100 I was UTG+1 and raised to T400 with QQ. Everyone folded except SB who called. Flop was J-8-4 SB checked, I bet T800 and get check-raised all-in by a big stack. I call thinking I'm leading and knowing I still have the T3000 rebuy left. SB turns over AK and hits a K on the river.

Level 3 100-200 25 ante in the CU I raise to T600 get re-raised to T1200 by button, who gets re-raised all-in by BB. I lay down TT to QQ and AA. I try stealing with A-J and get beat by A-Q. Finally very end of Level 3 I try stealing with Jh-9h on the button with one limper UTG. SB and BB fold UTG calls. Flop is Tc-8h-2h and UTG goes all-in. Now I don't have shit and I read him as trying to bluff me off my small stack too so with all my outs I call. He turns over Ks-Qd. So I'm open ended, I have a flush draw, and I have 3 Js and 3 9s as outs. Turn is a 4s, River is a 5d and I'm out.

Tournaments blow! So now I'm down $200 from the two Tournaments and another $100 I donked off at the Luxor playing like it was a 2-4 limit game. So what to do? Easy get to the MGM as fast as possible.

I get QQ right away there and get re-rasied all-in by two players and lay it down. They both have KK. On the button soon after I get QQ again, fuckin bitches, UTG raises to $7 ???? 3 callers I raise to $20 and get two reluctant callers. Flop comes J-8-4. One of the callers leads out for $15???? I re-raise to $75 and he goes all-in. WTF? I figure no way KK or AA because he was too good a player to only call instead of raise the $7 initial bet. JJ, TT or a freakin set? I go in the tank for a while and fold. He turns over a set of fours. Wow good lay down, even though I lost $95 it could have been $250.

Now the turning point. See if you can count how many outs my two opponents have combined after the turn because I can't even count that high.

I get As-Ks UTG+1 and make it $20 and I get four callers. Flop is Kh-Th-2c and I go all-in. I get one caller who has me covered, one caller who only has $10 left, and the other two fold. Player A turns over 9h-8h and Player B turns over Tc-9c. Now the turn is 7c and it looks like I'm in deep shit. Player A has an open-ended straight draw, and a flush draw, and Player B has a different flush draw, plus two tens and two nines, neither of which would give A his flush.

How many outs is that? Can one of you math wizards help me out here?

Anyway 3s on the river and I eke that hand out. That hand plus laying down QQ to the set and I'm alive and well. After that I kick some donkeys around and get paid when my fair hands beat their shitty hands for big pots.

So I play 3 and a half hours at the MGM and make a quick $475 and hit the road once the game tightens up. Man I love that place. I can go blow $300 playing some MTTs with my blogger friend and still make some money from the cash games.

That's it for tonight.


At 10:05 AM, Blogger drewspop said...

Nice job in the fish tank bro. I can't count that high either.

At 10:13 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

sum good laydowns there Don.

At 11:05 AM, Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

I think that's 26 cards that can beat you on the river:

9 hearts
9 clubs
2 jacks (2 are c and h)
2 sixes (2 are c and h)
2 tens
2 nines

You dodged half the freaking deck, man. Well done!

At 11:51 AM, Blogger Raveen said...

hhahah yea they had a boat load of outs.....i heart cash games too they allow me to spend like a rockstar and not worry about anything...also the instant gratification with cash games is why i like them so much better then tournies where u have to wait to get paid

At 5:51 PM, Blogger jjok said...

go mavs.


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