Saturday, July 15, 2006

WSOP, Pauly, and Some Poker

I'm blowing off the Blogger weekend Sunday post to instead bring you up-to-date on a fun Friday spend at the Rio. See Waffles, Iak, Jules, or Kat for details on our wonderful Sunday afternoon spend at the Red Rock Casino.

I did though finally sit at the super juicy $2/5NL with Jules at the Red Rock. Jules, some low-key pro and myself were easily the best three players at the table, and even though I just missed out on numerous hands I still only lost $12 after being down $300. The game is so loose that you can make moves and if you do have the nuts you'll get paid off handsomely. I'm going to start mixing in up more between $1/2 at MGM and $2/5 at the Red Rock. Before too long I hope fully graduate to the $2/5 game though.

So Friday Carmen and I went down to the Rio to watch some WSOP action and to meet up with Pauly. Before meeting Pauly, Carmen and I toured the Amazon room for a while and I must say I was kind of in shock. For the most part it was a massive room full of hard core degenerates.

Now I'm quite familiar with a bathing and hygiene, and I do my best to wear something decent when I leave the house--well sometimes I might too often wear my Miami gear but I'm branding right Iggy--but these guys are pathetic. The smell of body odors overpowers the senses. The sight of raggedy jeans and shorts or ripped and faded T-shirts are abundant. I even notice so many players wearing flip-flops and old yucky sandals probably for the sheer ease of not wasting an extra five seconds to tie their shoelaces in their dash to get seated at a table. No wonder everyone complains about Annie Duke and her foot odor issues.

I'm sure most of the pros have stylists so they definitely stand out in this rather sad crowd but like playing KJ under the gun I don't understand the thought process in hygiene technique or clothes selection. I'm very dissapointed to be associated with this group of "players."

Anyway we finally meet Pauly and the first thing Carmen wants to do is check out the Hooker Bar. Of course. Being that its 3:30 in the afternoon, Pauly warns her that the talent will probably be non-existant because, well, its 3:30 in the afternoon. Vegas might be a 24 hour city but I guess Hookers need their rest too.

After dinner with Pauly, Carmen was excited to watch the final table of the HORSE event and the two hundred person line did not deter her. She walked straight to the front of the line acting like she owed the place and not one person said a word. Maybe it was her top? We waited for like thirty minutes before they let us into the seating area then it was like another thirty minutes before they did intros and got down to play.

By this time my back was hurting and my ass was numb but she was having such a great time that I stayed with her for a while longer. These events are tough to take. You can't see the table but they do have plasmas all over so it's like your watching it on TV only its live. The have an announcer that calls the action so combined it gives you some idea of what is going on.

After an hour or so enough was enough and I left to check out the rest of the scene leaving Carmen in her star-struck state at the final table. I wondered across a great cash game and actually railed that on and off for a few hours. Andy Black was playing and the table was joined by none other than Johnny Fucking Chan.

The game was $25 ante with one $50 big blind. You also got $100 from each player if you successfully pulled off the hammer. Each player had at least $25K behind them so I has hoping to see some fireworks. Here are a few good hands I saw.

Black beat some guy for his last $6K when they got all in after a flop of 7-5-3. Black had 99 and the other dude had 7-6.

This red-headed dude with a fine looking sister playing the role of groupie by sitting behind him got into a pot with some other unknown player. They bet hot and heavy on all three streets with a board of A-T-7-4-A. The red-head had QQ and the other dude had KK. Man I was impressed. Those Aces didn't scare either player and the pot wound up being around $12K.

Later the red-head and Chan got into a bluffing battle that Chan won when both players had 4th pair but Chan had the better kicker. This brings us to, by far, the largest ever real money pot I've ever seen live.

Everyone folds around to Chan who raises to $400, the standard, in the CU. Red-Head was the button and he was the only caller. Flop comes 9c-9d-7c and RH bets $1K. Chan insta calls. Turn is 6s and RH counts out twenty-five $100 bill adds five black chips and makes it $3K to go. Chan without hesitation re-raises to $10K. The RH quickly fires in his brick of hundreds announcing all-in. Chan calls.

River is 2h and I'm thinking no help to either player. No sooner does that thought process works it way through my head RH turns over 5c-8c for the straight. Chan stares him down and you can almost see steam playing out of his ears as he throws his cards into the muck. Chan gets up and storms from table with his head down flying through the nearest exit doors. RH hands are shaking as he pulls in what I counted to be a $52K pot.

Wow RH semi-bluffed on a flush draw, Chan reads him right, but somehow RH catches the gut-shot. I'm thinking Chan reviewed the scenarios and must have finally concluded no way dude has 5-8 or 8-T. Wow Chan was pissed. The consensus from the guys at the table was that Chan had A-9 but we'll never know.

About four hands later RH raises gets one caller and the flop is 7-7-2. Check, check, turn is a 2 RH bets, caller folds and RH turns over the hammer. The table went crazy not only becasue RH played the hammer but becasue he nailed the flop as well. The boys each gladly tossed RH a black chip for this stunt and also, for what I can only imagine, busting Johnny Fucking Chan.

Vegas Rules.


At 8:59 AM, Blogger Guin said...

Now that is an action table! Imagine doing that to Chan... wow that is what dreams are made of.

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

yeah that kid is taking that story home with him and retelling it until the day he dies.

Vegas does rule.

Great post D.

At 12:11 PM, Blogger Raveen said...

hahaha nice post man that unreal

At 1:21 PM, Blogger drewspop said...

You are making it tough for me to keep liking you. JK but damn, you got the life dude.

At 2:28 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

What a story, Don. Those are two awesome hands. I'm sure Chan did have the trip 9s in that one big pot, why else would he be so crazy pissed, right? And the Hammer hand, it's an honor to even know someone who was there to see that.

So when are you guys coming out to NYC man?

At 6:10 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

if i ever lose a $52k pot to 5-8s, i think i'd take up keno.

At 10:42 PM, Blogger Ignatious said...

great tale.

and yes, you brand yourself VERY well. :)

At 10:32 AM, Blogger cc said...

Juan Carlos Mortensen now up on PokerWorks. Great playing with you last night.


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