Monday, August 14, 2006

It Must Be The Cards

Looks like a couple of my boys have been going through the ass end of variance lately too. I feel your pain. Hopefully it will change for the better soon enough. If we keep getting our money in with the best of it soon we'll win in the long run.

Well I've spent the better part of three weeks trying to work on my MTT game with mixed results. Lots of token races on FT, lots of nightly $20Ks, lots of near misses. I've played with a short stack, a medium stack, and a fairly large stack but when it comes down to it, its my opinion that you have to win races. Yes you have to steal and bluff and play poker but it eventually gets to the point, sooner or later, that you got to win the coin flips. SO far I haven't been able to get over the hump of winning the key races.

Iak was in town last week and we played in the Caesars noon Tournament. I actually went deep coming in 25th when I lost a race with 66 to AK. See those dreaded races. Earlier I was almost down to the felt when in the blinds the odds forced that I call two all-ins before me for my last T1375 with 7To. I was actually only against AK and AQ so when the flop came 892 and the turn was a 6 I tripled up. I was able to win another race when my TT held up over AJ but that was as far as I got.

Later that night I went down to the MGM and had an interesting time at the cash games. Within an hour I lost twice to quads, once with a full house and once with flush that was also open-ended to a straight flush. Down $500 I reached into my pocket and took out the last $200 I had on me. I told myself its either come back and win or lost this $200 and retire.

Well five hours later I cashed out for a $76 profit. How's that for fucking grinding? I was able to keep from tilting and again I just stayed focused and turned a big losing night into a small victory. Hopefully that will get me back on track again with the live poker.

Through all the stabs at tokens and MTTs I've been keeping a cash table open and man has that been profitable. I still love live poker but I've been amazed at the successes I've had single tabling cash online. I'm not ready to retire from the live games yet but I've definitely been grinding out the hours online now that I can see its worth the time.

That's about all, I'm back in the swing of things again so the posts will be more regular. Also football season is right around the corner so I'm looking forward to handicapping the games and sharing the info with all of you football nuts. Any good handicappers out there?


At 2:53 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

it always feels good to bounce back after dropping a couple of buy-ins. Tina and I were at the Chargers game on Sat night against the Pack. Brett Favre is done. Don't overlook the Bolts this year. Philip Rivers had a solid outing and our defense is strong. we look good on both sides of the ball.

At 11:54 AM, Anonymous mookie99 said...

Nice job working back from being stuck so much. That's something that is tough for me to figure out...when to get up and leave or stick around. I guess it all depends on your table and how you lost the money (huge suckouts vs. getting outplayed).

Ah football, ever since I got into poker I haven't followed it as much when it comes to the fantasy football angle. Gonna get killed in our league this year.

At 7:29 PM, Blogger Jules said...

Good for you! I'm being smoked by the variance dragon myself, but I know that with patience and steady play, it will pay out. Nice to read that you have.

Now, go read my blog and get the details on the Aussie Millions satellites!

At 7:53 PM, Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Vegas was great times as always, but when do I get to get a decent run of cards?!?

I take it you, Hoy and Wes are playing some elaborate joke on the rest of us wherein you slowly morph into one another...odd but entertaining. And most importantly, profitable!

At 10:39 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

First of all, amen Smokkee on dem Bolts. Rivers looked good and I think they're gonna have a good year.

Don, that variance dragon is a beeyotch. It sounds like you're finding your groove to grind thru it. If live cash isn't working but online is, run with it. See ya out there.

At 3:14 PM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Did Jewels just say she is blowing some guy names variance? Ohh maybe I read that wrong..


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