Sunday, September 03, 2006

Football Time

As summer nears an end we get into one my favorite sports times of the year. We have College and Pro Football starting and we have the baseball pennant races followed by the play-offs and World Series.

Speaking of football here are my two picks for the weekend. Louisville -22' against Kentucky and Miami-Florida St under 40'. I do like handicapping football and since this is my first football season blogging I will post picks and keep track of my record for all to see. I usually start off slow and don't pick many games early in the season and once the trends start forming I pick up the pace in October and November. Let's hope for a profitable year for me and all the other Cappers out there.

I am missing all the local hype as we get close to the Miami-Florida St. game tomorrow night. South Florida is mostly Miami(private) fans but there are still plenty of Florida and Florida St(public) grads throughout the area. The newspapers are full of rivalry articles, the radio talk shows are all about smack talking and everywhere you go fans are wearing their gear and poking fun at the other schools.

BTW Florida St is really in what should be Southern Alabama so I don't even consider them to be a Florida school and Florida fans are mostly a bunch of hillbilly-assed drunken Central Florida rednecks. A great UF three day weekend would be a Florida-Stetson football game on Saturday, a NASCAR race at Daytona on Sunday and either a drag race or tractor pull on Monday. Don't forget the Confederate flags, and the drunken barefoot foul-mouthed trailer chicks. Heck those Pansy Gators won't even play the Canes in football.

Don't sweat it if your kids are dumb because a 1.5 or better high school GPA can get them into either of those two fine state of Florida institutions. Florida is like the 48th ranked state in education and that definitely carries over to its state universities. There I feel better. I'm missing all the smack talk not being in South Florida but that little rant is what I would have been saying if I was still there so it seems as I'm right at home.

And before you slam the academics of The U, make sure you do your research. Miami's entrance standards are some of the toughest of all Division I schools and we've had to turn away football players in the past few years that qualfied according to the NCAA clearinghouse but didn't meet Miami standards. Four top players that immediately come to mind wound up at Florida, Florida St, Auburn, and NC St. What standards those fine institutions must adhere to.

Enough though. We'll settle things on the field tomorrow.

Go Canes.

And go Cards and Marlins. I'll get a baseball post together early this week but I can only hope that either or both the Cards or Marlins make the play-offs and play in San Diego or LA. For all you baseball fans there that means road trip from Vegas for me. Are you ready.


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At 8:51 PM, Blogger Miami Don said...

Fucking spammers everywhere.

At 3:00 PM, Blogger slb159 said...

Fun cash game last night...thanks for not stacking me.

At 1:46 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

ya dude a trip to Commerce would be fun.


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