Thursday, September 07, 2006

Its All About the Gamble

Well we can talk about Poker since this is a Poker Blog but I think today we'll cover some other areas. Yes I'm still playing a lot of poker, yes for the most part I'm still running well. Nothing eventful is happening lately other than I've finally really started getting the hang of the turbo tokens races and I'm hitting the board lately at about a 75% clip. Hopefully I can turn on of those tokens into a trip to the Aussie Millions.

Started the football season going 2-0 last weekend with Louisville and the Under of Miami-FSU both easy winners. Went to Red Rock today and got all their updated numbers and I'll be studying those numbers heading into the weekend. Hope to keep rolling on the games.

Speaking of games I was sick over the Miami loss on Monday night. I'm not sure which teams your live and die by but having been a Miami fan for so long you come to expect a win every week and being in the National Championship hunt every year. Well fuck, how the mighty have fallen. Sorry I have to put it all on the back of Coach Larry Coker.

Besides the ultra-conservative offensive the big fall of is in recruiting. Coker's first two classes have been nowhere near as productive as sending players to the NFL as his predessor Butch Davis. From '01 or '04 Davis' classes had 19 first round picks and 35 draft picks overall. Coker in two years has 2 first round picks and 14 overall picks. That's a huge drop-off and unless he gets that turned around he won't be in Coral Gables much longer.

How about the Florida Marlins? I'm tired of hearing about the supposed fire sale they had last off-season. Seems to me they traded a bunch of over valued soon to be overpaid players for a bunch of talented youngsters. Basically they traded Beckett, Lowell, Delgado and Juan Pierre for Hanley Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez, Ricky Nolasco, Jason Stokes plus six other talented youngster, including Yusmeiro Petit and Renyel Pinto who are already on the roster. Dontrell Willis is the oldest started at 24. Barring injuries and a few additions in the outfield and this team will be tough to beat for years to come. How about a Oakland-Florida World Series Speaker?

Hopefully the Cards or Marlins make a West Coast trip for the play-offs. Any or all Cali bloggers let it be know that I'll make the road trip so make sure to clear those calenders so we can watch baseaball, play poker, and party.

Alright Miami. Let's see if the Dolphins can win the opener and knock off the luckbox Champs from Pittsburgh. I've found a place here in Vegas thats a Dolphin bar so although I'll miss tailgating and my season tickets at least I'll be able to watch the game with fellow Dolphin fans.

Stay Profitable.


At 5:50 PM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Thanks so much for playing in the Tanner tourney last night.

So will you be having any Vegas lines for future blogger fantasy football games ? :)

I would love to see you post your favorite picks in advance so I can take a shot with them.

At 6:59 PM, Blogger Beachinit70 said...

You said you found a place in Vegas that is a Dolphin Bar. I am a huge fan/season ticket holder. Going to be there this weekend, and would love a place to watch the game.....please, please fill me in.

Where is it????


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