Friday, September 22, 2006

Saturday Winners

First of all, how did all you donkeys let me make the final table in last nights HORSE? I'm pleased actually that I made it that far as it was only my second time playing, so either most of you guys suck, I have natural card playing instincts or it was beginners luck. I'll go with instinct, no sense insulting anyone.

Okay I missed the bus last week as all the heavy favorites won and the bookies took a beating. Although most players bet any favorites and even the huge favorites, I have trouble laying that much wood. Oh well, it will be interesting to see how this NFL season shakes out because there are some really good teams and really bad teams.

Anyway I'm 6-5 posting games on this site even though I've mixed in some winners and losers that I've bet live. I'm finding that I like making first and second half wagers on NFL games which of course would be impossible to post here.

My early college plays for Saturday are:
105 Wisconsin +13'
112 Missouri -22
132 Va Tech -27
159 Alabama +2

Depending on how those plays go early will influence my late action. Here is who I like later:
152 New Mexico +9'
165 Wake Forest +2'
169 La Tech +23
175 Utah -9

Lots of picks, more than I would usually play, but they all seem to be strong plays but again it will all be dependant on the early games.

I make all my wagers through the Sports Books here in Vegas but I came across this site that appears to be usefull.

Lets get some winners going this weekend.


At 12:28 AM, Blogger Max said...

And here I thought I was a genius for picking the NFL spot on last week.

I love 1st half bets with college games, especially when you have a team that is "over-polled" visiting a tough road stadium.

Good luck this week. Hope you can give the books a beating yourself.


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