Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday Beautiful Sunday

I had a really good Sunday and by good I mean I made a lot of money.

Saturday I went to the Red Rock Sports Book and as the games progressed I had a conversation with the guy next to me who come to find out is a professional handicapper. We talk about gambling, Saturday nights college games and Sunday's football card you know all the usual gambling so I picked his brain about alot of different aspect to being a pro sports players.

So Sunday I get to the Red Rock at about 8:30 get a seat and about five minutes later I see my new friend comes in and invite him to sit in the empty seat next to me. We discuss the games, I tell him I love Cleveland, he tells me he loves the Packers and we both like the OVER of the Jets-Bills games.

Easy enough I load up on those three games and throw a three-team teaser and parlay on top of the straight up bets.

Now the best thing about being about to watch 8 games at once is you have a good indication on how good or bad teams played in the first half.

Well Green Bay was only up by 3 but they were spanking Detroit's ass pretty well and the halftime number they posted was Detroit -4'. We looked at each other then bolted to the window and made sizeable wagers on Green Bay +4' for the second half.

Also the Miami-Tennessee game was pathetic (yes I did lose a wager on the Fins) and they posted the total of the second half at 17' and again we looked at each other and bolted towards the window and again made sizeable wager on the second half under.

Two easy winners.

Now its on to the Cleveland game. Before the games started in the morning when people asked or I overheard their conversations it was they were all loading up on Baltimore to kick Clevelands ass. I was felling good about that.

So as the late games started I had a sizeable bet on Cleveland and also needed them to hit a teaser and a parlay. I was slightly nervous as I was playing an underdog who also happened to big the biggest dog action in the casino.

If you've ever been to a Sports Book at one time or another for an NFL Sunday you probably know that if the favorites are winning the place is rocking and if the dogs are winning its kinda eerily quite. Well the dogs won six of eight games early so its quiet and players are chasing their early losers trying to get back to even playing the late favorites.

This brings me to Cleveland's first TD. When Frye completed the long pass to Edwards and he was going in to score I was on my feet shouting GO, GO, GO. Yes I have a big mouth and a loud voice, and it was actually a very funny site seeing me on my feet screaming while the other 500 or so gamblers are looking at me like some asshole as they are on their way to adding another loser to an already tough day.

It was great. I was cheering loudly the rest of the afternoon and when Cleveland went up 14-3 and I did my screaming once again I got about 20 "Sit Down and Shut-Ups." Now I don't root for (m)any gamblers to lose and I took it rather well last week-end when all the big favorites won and I missed the bus so in my mind there was some sense of ironic justice that took place.

When Stover kicked the winning field goal I cashed my tickets and headed for the exits with a huge smile on my face. No sense playing the night game and no sense sticking around to play Poker either, I drove home as the sun starting setting behind the mountains enjoying the feeling that comes with having a fantastic day handicapping.

Anyway if you got this far I'm 13-9 on posted picks for 59.1%. My Monday night play is Atlanta -4. Don't buy the hype of New Orleans and Katrina as that shit means nothing to a much better Atlanta team. New Orleans' defense is horrible and I see Dunn and Vick running all over the Saints.

Hope everyone had a profitable weekend.


At 12:31 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

the MNF game is not an ez one. i feel like emotions could push the Saints to overachieve tonight. so, i might take the points. tuf to pass up on a 2-0 home dog.

At 12:35 PM, Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

glad to see the sportsbook treated you well.

I'm with you about MNF - I just can't see the Saints pulling it off.

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Rollo Tamasi said...

I lost a teaser with Jacksonville and Miami, but I won everything else.

I took Cincinatti over Pittsburgh.

I did a Parlay with Jacksonville and the Under vs Indy -- that was a no brainer, in my opinion. Ended up being closer.

I bet the money line, taking Denver to beat New England.

I won a teaser with Jacksonville and Cleveland.

I just place my bets on Bodog after I school people in Pot Limit Omaha. I'm doing so well there that I barely play No Limit anymore.

At 3:10 PM, Blogger cc said...

gl on the Falcons. I would never, ever bet on any team I had any sort of interest in as it always backfires. I'll try to be pulling for my old team growing up, the Saints, so I can help you out a bit.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger drewspop said...

sgxNice work. I had the same feeling last night, but I am glad I didn't get to read this until this morning.

I had a parley with Atl and the over. Not good. Oh well, there is always next week.


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