Monday, October 16, 2006

Dolphins Baby....Yea Right.

What a horrible football game. At least I was at the Red Rock so there were other games to keep an eye on instead of solely concentrating on that dreadful Miami-Jets game. 1-5 who'd have thought the Dolphins would be so pathetic? Depressing.

It was eerily quiet at the Sports Book today. After weeks of favorites covering, the dogs finally stepped up and won 7 out of 8 early games. Now 80% of bettors are favorite players, meaning the always ride the favs and give the points and when the favs do well the sports book is rocking. Not today. The favorites did come through in the late games so it wasn't a total loss for the bettors.

What is there to say about poker? Cash games went well this weekend but I took some severe beats in the MTTs and didn't hit the board in anything. I've found a juicy MTT on FT that is every night at 7pm et. It's a $75 buy-in with double stacks and even though its a $13K guarantee the last three days the prize pool was $21K, $17K, and $30K. So for a double stack MTT and only having to manuever through 300 or so runners compared to the usually 1200+ in the $26 MTTs its a gerat event.

So tomorrow I'm going to reload on FT for the bonus and work on getting some tokens to give this $13K a shot. And speaking of tokens, $75 MTTs, and Double Stacks don't forget next Sunday. Do you have your token yet?


At 1:36 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

ya dude. a LOT of upsets yesterday. even the crappy Raiders covered. they're still 0-5 tho. gotta luv that.

At 2:30 PM, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

I've got my token and have signed up for the big game. Is it safe to say that the $75, 13k guarantee is 7pm Vegas time?

At 9:18 PM, Blogger Wolverine Fan said...

What's up with the thugs masquerading as the Miami Hurricanes? Sad day for the school and college football.

Go Blue!!

At 9:08 AM, Blogger DP said...

Hey dude, I distinctly remember watching a show on TV detailing an actual sports betting firm in Las Vegas, and for some reason I remember the president saying that to make money in the long run you have to bet the underdogs...

I don't know anything about sports betting but I thought it was interesting that you said "80% of bettors are favorite players" ... your thoughts on as to why that is, if it's possible to explain briefly would be interesting, I think. As I said I don't know much about sports or sports betting.


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