Friday, October 13, 2006

Football Contest

One pitch. One mistake on a fast ball to Beltran and that's all she wrote. Weaver pitched his ass off but he grooved a fast ball and the Cards are down 1-0. I do feel good about Carpenter going in Game 2 and hopefully we can get out of the shithole known as Shea even at 1-1.

The Stations Casinos, which Red Rock belongs too, has its annual football contest every year with a year long first prize of $100,000. Also each week they give away $20,000 for the best picks and $10,000 for the worst picks. The picks are based straight-up and no point spread is involved. Now I got three plays for $50 so I turn in one sheet, my dad turns in one sheet, and the guest picker turns in the third sheet. So far this year the guest picker has been a blogger and if they win I will split the $20,000 first prize with them although so far no cash.

Here are the results so far.
Week 1 Carmen Sincity 7-8 (22 players went 14-1)
Week 2 JJ 13-3 (18 players 16-0)
Week 3 Hoyazo 8-6 (1 player 14-0)
Week 4 Smokkee 9-5 (13 players 14-0)
Week 5 Waffles 9-5 (1777 14-0)

As you can see it usually takes an undefeated week to get in the tiebreaker and you can also see that if you went 14-0 last week BFD, which means Big Fucking Deal as every favorite won straight-up.(11 covered the spread)

This week the Guest Picker will be none other than the good Doctor himself. We've also arranged a private bet between the Jets and Dolphins so we'll see in a couple days who wins that bet. BTW don't forget to get those essays submitted to Pauly's site as the deadline is tomorrow night. If I had to pick Pauly I would choose whichever Spice the sister is, but since I'm so overly PC (Right Iak) I choose not to complete the essay.

The weekend is upon us and if anybody is interested in picks check out Shea's site for some winners. He's coming off an 11-2 weekend and all his numbers are documented.

As for me it looks like another weekend of poker and gambling. Fuck life is good.

Stay Profitable.


At 12:31 PM, Blogger Blinders said...

I used to play in those contests when I lived in Vegas and actually won a week at the Eldorado for a $700 cash. Whats the secret? I played for the worst result. I am not sure if Stations has a prize for last place each week, but if they do, reverse your picks and you are way more likely to win. Hardly anyone does this for some reason. Unfortuatly for me, I figured this out a few weeks into the season, and bubbled out for the season long worst picks (becuase I made good picks the first few weeks). It will screw up you season long chances, but it sounds like thats already over.


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