Wednesday, October 04, 2006


It sure seems like the Cardinals own the Padres as today's win makes it 7 straight in the play-offs over the last few years. Is there another sweep in the Cards?

Nice win for Speaker's A's beating Santana in Minnesota. Of course they've been in this situation a few times and haven't closed the door yet. Is this the year Joe?

Anybody else noticed that the Yankees never ever play day baseball in the play-offs? It's been six years Pauly since the Yankees have won the prize and I'm hopeful that maybe they and there trillion dollar payroll will choke again. BTW Pauly did Liz Lieu have her tits done again? It seems like everytime you post a picture they get bigger and bigger, not that I'm complaining.

Oh well if the Cards get to the Series I'll have two possible bets. Speaking of bets JJ you still owe my two pictures. Chop chop bro.

Three coin flips today and three loses, what else is new. Played in a token and lost with 99 vs AQ on a turned Queen. I got crippled in the WWDN when someone ran their 88 into my AK, we saw an A on the flop and of course since its poker stars 8 on the river and I get pissed yet again. An orbit later as the shorty I run 33 into AQ and of course flop is a Queen and I go home.

It might be best for us all, except for luckboxes like CJ and NewinNov, if Poker Stars shuts down in the next couple of days as it will give them time to fixed their heavily skewed suckout program.

After my brutal cash game beatings online lately I've tried more of a hit and run approach to No Limit and so far it seems to be working. Sixty to Ninety minute sessions then take the money and run.

That's it from wonderful Las Vegas, Nevada home of many legal poker rooms and one of the few remaining states with individual rights no governed by bible thumping zealots.


At 6:09 PM, Blogger Jules said...

I'm late to the game too babe, just wanted to say hi and hope you're doing okay.

Will see you in February if all things go well!

At 8:16 PM, Blogger Wolverine Fan said...

Glad your back and your outlook is doing better. Hang in there and don't sweat the little stuff.

You are in a great city doing what you love to do.


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