Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cash Game Hands

Well would you look at this shit. We chopped first for $105 each. Not bad for a MTT donkey.

Alright here are some interesting cash game hands from the last couple weeks. Lately I've been raising more with a wider range or crap/cards, limping from early position in hopes to see a cheap flop, and calling raises in position in the hopes of out playing players post-flop.

#1 $2/5 $500 max buy-in MGM. MP AdKd sooted. UTG raises to $15, I make it $45. Folds around to a super tight player in the small blind who raises to $115. UTG folds. I usually muck this but with position I call.

Flop is KsJc3h. SB checks. Well lets see where we are, I make it $125 he immediately check-raises it to $250. AA, KK, JJ, or did he miss? Now a lot of time I call check-raisers and get to the turn and see how they act then. Most don't handle smooth calls too well, and with position I want this guy to wonder about my call pre-flop and my call of the check-raise.

Turn is a 7d and SB pushes remaining $275. Now what?

#2 $2/5 $1000 max buy-in Venetian. All players in hand have at least $800. In the CO I get 6d6h. Solid local limps UTG as does tourist in MP. I limp also and and aggro tourist on the button raises to $25. We all call. Flop comes Qc9s6c. First two players check to me whats the play?

I know 90% of you say its a scary board don't slow play a set so I'm sure you fire out a bet. Theres a good chance I lead out and everyone folds and I get $75 but with Mr. Aggro tourist I'm going to slow play this and see if I can't get some of his stack.

Sure enough Mr. Tourist fires $50 into the pot. Local UTG calls the $50 and MP tourist raises to $120. Fuck, this might have blown up. I have bottom set there is a club flush draw, I'm facing a re-raise and I still have two players to act. What's the play?

#3 $2/5 $500 max buy-in MGM. On the button with Jc9s. Soft tourist in middle position opens and makes it $25 to go, its folded to me. I decide to float and play this hand post flop to see if I can push him off a hand. Flop is 8c7d3s. He makes a C-bet of $50 and since I have a gut shot I decide to call him and see one more card.

Turn is a Jh. Tourist checks. Hmmm just what I thought he missed and that J scared him. So do I fire and take down the pot? Nope I check too. I'm trying to sacrifice winning his $75 right now to take a shot at getting more from him on the river. River is 5d and fuck the tourist goes all-in for $300. I have just about that much in front of me. What the fuck do I do know?

#4 $2/5 $500 max buy-in MGM. Very tough local with about $1400 in front of him opens for $20. The button calls. I'm in the SB with 9d4c. I call the $15 and hope to hit the flop and get some of his stack.

Flop comes 8c7s6h. I have an OESD but I'm out of position. I check and local makes it $40 to go. Button folds I call hoping to hit this. Turn is a 5d. Bingo. I lead out for only $50 trying to look as if I'm trying to steal as the board is 5678. Local reraises me to $125. What? Is he just thinking I'm trying to buy the pot and testing me or does he have a hand? I have about $325 left in front of me whats the play?

Those four hands will do for now. I have a bunch more but I'm interested in your feedback on these. I love me some Vegas cash games.

Don't forget tonite, 80 players needed. I'll be playing live so I'll miss but get your asses there.

And also Sunday night, get your tokens lets see if we can get 30 players.


At 3:04 AM, Blogger jjok said...

I already know what happened in 2 of these hands, but I'll play dumb on them.

1. I'm scared money and fold to aggression. I may have considered a push on the flop, but that's a scary prop with TPTK.
2. I push and pray. Set harvest time.
3. Fold, although his check on the turn and push on river is suspect.....go with gut....
4. I might call the turn and hope he doesn't push. As stupid as it sounds, a call on the turn without a flush present might scare him enough to check the river.......assuming he's not holding the dreaded T9.

Fun hands man!

At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, what JJ said.

Seriously though as I was reading those would have been my answers exactly, maybe I don't suck so much after all.

At 10:05 AM, Blogger Mike Maloney said...

1. I fold this. Smells like AA or JJ to me.

2. I guess you could push here, I just worry about all the other people still involved in the hand. You probably have the best hand, 9s are possible but not likely. Maybe the all-in will scare off the drawing hands. I don't know, maybe I fold like a sucker.

3. This is such a double-edged sword for me. I tend to call sketchy bets like that, which is good when I read it right, but sucks when someone just uses it to exploit my weakness. I'd probably call, but maybe that's what he wants...

4. Maybe I'm missing something, but I push here. Maybe I don't fear the 10-9 enough, but if he wants to put his money in doubting your 9, I say you push and take it from him.

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Falstaff said...

I'll bite -

1) I call his queens.
2) I push, get called by a flush draw that hits on the river and am sad.
3) I fold. AJ is too popular with the tourists (like me!) for me to feel good, and I'll get a better spot in another orbit.
4) I push and crack his set of eights.

At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hand 1 - If you were willing to call pre-flop, and call the flop check/raise, why the hell would you consider folding now? Either fold to the Check/Raise or go for the pot. Felt it. What exactly are you looking for on the turn that's going to help you make a decision?

Hand 2 - Easy push. I'll risk a set over set given the way this plays out. It's usually TPTK vs a flush draw vs a Set in a situation like this.

Hand 3 - Too cute with a marginal holding. You played it really bad. Fold. There are much better spots to call this large of a bet.

Hand 4 - Fairly easy push unless you have a lot of experience playing against him and you really think he has 9-10 in the hole.

At 1:45 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

These are great hands to analyze, Don.

Hand #1: I believe this player has at least AA here. You said he is "supertight", and if that's the case, supertight types aren't typically check-raising an Ace-high flop without at least TPTK here. Since you are on just TPTK yourself, I think the right move is to fold here. Only because he's supertight. If it's Mr. MTT or some other donk over there, I'd consider calling it, but against a supertight player I think the fold is best here. He either has pocket Aces, or two pair or more likely trips, all of which beat you.

Hand #2: Putting aside any discussion of you possibly not checking your trips on the flop, once you were at this point in the hand I would say the right move is to call if not reraise here. Seems to me like you're likely facing two other pocket pairs, or maybe one pp and one flush draw + pair or some other similar big draw. Actually, I say you push here -- you almost certainly are ahead right now, and at least one of these guys is sitting on a big pocket pair. Probably the tough solid UTG local guy. So he might be willing to see you down with just his pocket Aces or Kings. No reason to suspect you're behind here.

Hand #3: Again I would have bet out on the turn card when I made my top pair, but that's not the question you asked so ok. I just don't get the point of waiting for the river there. Anyways, once he pushes for the $300 on the river, you have absolutely got to make that laydown. Not only do you lose to any of JT, QJ, KJ or AJ, but you also lose to JJ, QQ, KK and AA, as well as 88, 77, 55 and 33. You're even losing to 96 at this point, plus any of the random two-pair hands he could have made as well. This one should be an instant fold IMO.

Hand #4: Since he's a very tough local, I can only assume he also has a straight. If you're lucky, he is on the low end of the straight and trying to find out once and for all if you've got the goods or not. He could also be on T9 -- the $20 bet preflop does not preclude this hand in my view, given the size of his stack going in, $20 is just not a huge bet. T9 is not likely, don't get me wrong, but I can't say he doesn't have it either. I would probably call this bet here, and see what the turn brings and what the action is before deciding if you're going to the mat with this hand or not (probably you are).

Can't wait to hear how they all turned out.

At 7:22 AM, Blogger DP said...

Wow, tough hands.

My answer: I don't know, it depends.

I'm interested in the results.

One thing that caught my attention was the hand you called with 94 in the small blind. I don't see that as an advisable thing to do.

There's a huge difference between calling with junk and raising with junk. If you're going to play crap hands, it's probably best to raise with them in position or fold.

At 7:45 AM, Blogger AnguilA said...

Great hands to analize, and I hope I learn something when you post the answers.

My Take:

1. He knows you have a big hand, probably AK and that you hit the flop, but he feels his is better. I'd say aces or kings. As someone noted though, when you call the check raise you have to be pretty sure that he's moving in on the turn, so maybe you did call.

2. I move all in for sure. If it's set over set, be it, but if not you have a great chance of tripling up.

3. His last bet is so out of line that it actually comes down to either a monster or a total bluff. Maybe it's even 50-50, but I would lay it down and wait for a better chance.

4. This one is hard because you have to give him credit for having flopped the nuts. You say he's a tough local so he's either holding a set, 99 for a chop or the feared 9T,no way a good player would reraise you there with an overpair. I don't think I'd lay it down, and I guess he had 99 and you chopped.

At 2:07 PM, Blogger DP said...

More info on the opponents would be helpful...


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