Monday, November 27, 2006


Greetings still from Florida. I've been here a week and man has the time flown by. It seems like only yesterday I was getting off my red-eye flight and stepping into the beautiful 42 degree morning. After a couple days of 60 degree highs the weather finally made its normal ascent into the 80s and I was able to enjoy some time on the beach. I get back to Vegas Tuesday night where I hear its been down in the 30s lately. Yuk.

Being back in Florida reminds me that I do miss it here...sometimes. I miss the warm weather, the ocean and the all the green but its not like I'm I could find any joy heading to the local race track to go play $1/2 Limit Hold'em. Nope not a misprint, $1/2 Limit Hold'em. WTF is that? Also no sports books, no $4.99 steak and eggs from midnite to 6am, and no 24/7 fun. So maybe I'll make a few trips back and forth this winter but my home will definitely continue to be in Vegas.

I haven't played poker in a week and I don't even come close to missing it. Now you must admit poker can sometimes be as exciting as watching paint dry and I know I'm not the degenerate as some of you jokesters that play every waking minute available so its nice to know maybe there is some hope. Of course I'll be playing live again as soon as I get back to Vegas and I plan on final tabling the Blogger Winter Classic and there is also the Mookie on Wednesday and the Big Game on Sunday etc.

Well thats it for now with my little update from the road. See all you donkeys on Tuesday night if you're still up and if not definitely Wednesday at the Mookie.


At 5:09 PM, Blogger jjok said...

glad you're having fun man....



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