Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I finally did it. Yup I crossed that last line of all things decent about gambling and I made a wager against my team. Now occasionally I've made a bet on the Dolphins but never once in my gambling career have I bet against my team. Never. Until now.

It's been hard to watch bettor after bettor go to the window to cash tickets as Miami failed yet again to cover so I finally said "Fuck It" I want mine.

I played the Jets today on the money line (+115) against the Dolphins and I also played them on a two-team parlay with the other side being the Eagles money line. So I needed the Jets to win to cover a straight bet and to also complete that parlay at 6.5:1. Figures I had to sweat it but I finally got my share of the Dolphins giving away money.

After yesterday's 1-2, I made that up and them some going 2-0 today plus hitting the above mentioned parlay. A not too shabby 9-3 posted on here in the last two weeks for all of our financial pleasures. And wait there's more. The bowls will kick into high gear this week and hopefully we will continue to get paid.

I had a nice Holiday as my dad came into to town for four days. We eat well, practically lived at Red Rock, and had a great visit. It's always nice to be able to spend time with a family member/family during the Holidays and this year was my first time in probably ten years I spent both T-Giving and X-Mas with family. As always live is good.

I'm back on the Poker Trail part-time this week as I'm going to keep most of my time open for studying the Bowls. Once we get through Bowl Season it will be back to the felt full-time and this blog will once again be mainly about poker although since most of us are degenerates there still may have been some cross appeal.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and plans to make the honest inventory as we approach a New Year. I'll be back all week with my Bowl picks.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

NFL Sunday

Has anybody been catching the bones I've been throwing for football? 3-1 last weekend in the Pros and 3-0 so far in College Bowl games gets it done.

Two weeks left in the NFL and its time for the play-off push. Here is Sunday and Monday action.

Jacksonville -3
Denver -3
Seatlle +4'

Philly +7
NY Jets +2'

Hopefully we'll keep this run going strong.

In case this Super Donkey still wants to challange me in wagering here are my picks for that contest. I lead +2 units to -2 units.

3 units on Philly +7
1 Unit to win 16.63 units. Four-team parlay.
Jacksonville -3
Denver -3
Seattle +4'
NY Jets Money Line +115

I hope everyone is where they want to be and Happy Holidays.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Man I'm fucking lazy. I'm getting fat too. Oh well thats another post for now you get some filler.

I'll start with a $1 donation for a bad beat story. In short, I flop bottom set I raise he re-raises, I re-raise, he pushes I call. He turns over AK sooted on a A52 rainbow board. Turn and river are hearts and he hits runner runner flush to take down a $2300 pot. I steamed for a second and called him a "fucking donkey" and yes I know I want that action all day.

Bowl picks for the next few days are: (I'm 1-0 on the year)
BYU -3
South Florida -4'
San Jose +3'

I'll have some NFL picks up Saturday night.

Life is Vegas continues to be stellar. Between poker rooms and sports books my days are filled to the brim. I can't imagine living anywhere else at this point in my life.

I guess as with any other year end it will be time to set goals for 2007. Poker related goals, weight goals, sports book goals, and writing goals will be at the top of the list.

As for the poker goals I need to decide if I want to work on playing MTTs or sticking strictly to cash games. Its something that I've gone back and forth on for a while so I need to figure out if I can make MTTs +(EV).

Speaking of MTTs the next Big Game has been set. There is a lot of time to win those Tier II tokens so get them early and get signed up. Hopefully some of you will help spread the word and we can aim for at least 30 players. That gives us a $2000 prize pool and nearly $1000 for first place.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sunday Action

Be careful out there today boys and girls. I'm talking about that tough NFL Card the books have throw our way this weekend.

There are three home dogs that look uninviting and there are four intraconference games where I think the AFC is clearly superior than the weak-ass NFC.

Here are my straight bets for today. Don't ask me how I got them and don't tell me how ugly they are, let's see if they make money.

Jets +3
Washington +9'
Tennessee +3
Oakland -2'

My wagers for the fool and his soon to be departed money are.

3 units NY Jets
1 unit four team parlay to win 18.25 units
Jets money line +165
Washington +9'
Tennessee +3
Indy-Cincy Over 54'

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Winter Classic

Alright which one of you donkeys got me sick? I don't remember partaking in any peace offerings and I surely didn't kiss anyone on the lips so it must have been passed through the cards. Oh wait, wasn't it Waffles not only hacking all over the cards but also on our gratitious host April at the first table in Blogger MTT? Go Figure.

I had a great time hangin' with all of you this past weekend, but as usual I didn't get to talk with everybody I wanted to. I also didn't get to do the drunken all-night (-EV) action at the host casino. I'm not going to let that happen next time because I'm going to get a room so I can in the center of all the action. Between playing too much poker and having to drive home "off-the-strip" I really didn't get to see the true blogger experience.

Next time I'm going to make a point of playing Pai Gow while I'm nodding off into my cards and having a drink at the random Hooker Bar with the crew that stayed up all-night before getting two hours of sleep prior to the start of the tournament, then firing straight through the night again knocking back the cocktails and shots getting to know the hard cores. Yup that's exactly what I'm going to do.

I did get to mingle at the Geisha Bar for a few hours on Thursday night but Friday I spent 14 hours playing $2/5 at the MGM getting unstuck from $850. Taking nearly a $400 profit was large coming from that far down as was playing for a few hours with Smokkee, Lucko and Fuel.

I really like the UNDER in the Giants-Eagles game this weekend. I got my money in with the number at 44. As they say in Chicago bet early and bet often.

Speaking of Chicago, those Bears are as overrated as any team in recent memory. Thankfully the NFC is so damn weak that it's quite possible you may go to the Super Bowl provided Rex the Wonder Dog doesn't run the ship aground. If thats the case give me the AFC minus the points all day baby.

The Big Game is on break until January. I'm strongly considering going to a once a month format with the hope we can organize some Token SnGs for entry. The goal is 30 players which gives us a $2K prize pool so hopefully we can work on getting the word out there.

BTW Chilly Spanish Lake is I-270 and Bellefontaine Rd. Way north man, probably off the map to you South Siders. I went to the football powerhouse Hazelwood East I'm sure you've heard of them.

Iggy we owe each other a drink or two or ten. Pick a city, I say Vegas, and let's do it before the Summer Classic.

I'm going to make a play on the OVER of tonites San Francisco-Seatlle game.

To my old friends, my newly made friends, and my yet to be friends, I had a great time last weekend and I look forward to doing that twice a year forever. Stay profitable.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Want to Be a Cowboy.....Not

I grew up in St. Louis which was a typical Midwestern city in the 80s, black inner city, white suburbs. Now if you got ventured out past the suburbs you came to the sticks which were populated with rednecks. (now meth-heads and meth-labs) Now most of these redneck lived in trailers, drove Camaros or GMC Jimmies, had mullets, were grandparents at the tender age of 34, I'm guessing typical rednecks that are seen all of the midwest outside any city like Indianapolis or Cincinnati. Now I never saw any real cowboys except occasionally on TV for some GMC or Busch Beer commercial and I really thought to myself nobody really dresses or acts like that they must be straight from central casting for commercial purposes only. Man was I wrong.

The Rodeo has hit Vegas and I must say I'm fucking amazed. These cowboy people are real, I probably saw 200 of them on my walk back and forth from the poker room to the parking garage. These guys are the real McCoys' with the big cowboy hats, boots, Wrangler jeans, starched botton down shirts, and belt buckles, and I mean belt buckles that must weigh ten pounds. Also of note, I didn't see one Cowboy without a girl on his arm so all that Brokeback Mountian disgustingness must have been some hollywood dream-up by some executive with a 'real man' fetish.

Anyway, prepare yourself dear blogger, for you are about to enter a world of Cowboys. We should make for quite a mix; over-educated, brilliant, loud egotisical, liberal (not me) degenerate gamblers meet the old-school traditional, God-Fearing, Conservative, only one way to skin a hide, Cowboys. I make the bloggers 7 point favorites.

I'm a man of generalizations, if you see a Cowboy sit at your table, unless its Hoyt Corkins, they are a donkey. Watch the suckouts but take their stack.

BTW, what was Kid Rock thinking about wanting to be a Cowboy baby?

Interesting day on the felt. Playing $2/5 at the MGM and I got stacked with KK to AK sooted when my man called all the way down and hit a heart on the river for the flush. The table was five locals and five tourists/donkeys and I had to immediately reload. (Insert Waffles rant here) I don't know how you call $125 pre-flop with AK sooted nor stay with it to the river.

About two orbits after the reload this tourist raises to $20, the button re-raises to $45 and this tight (playing style) women re-raises to $100 in the Big Blind. The initial raiser thought and thought and called the $100. The flop came Ten High with two clubs and the tight women pushed. The initial raiser thinks for a good two minutes and calls turning over....are you ready for this.....the Super Donkey, yup KJ sooted. He doesn't improve and the women doubles up.

So our tourist friend rebuys for another $500 and within an orbit here we go. He raises to $20 in MP, I'm in the CO and get tricky and just call. Unfortunately the button calls and BB calls so maybe I got too cute here. The flop comes J73 rainbow and the Super Donkey bets out $50. Fuck, two people behind me to act so I re-raise to $125 to see where I am. The other two players fold and SD immediately pushes in the remaining $430 of his freshly bought stack.

Well well, did he raise with JJ, or QQ, or AA, or AJ, or perhaps even the Super Donkey KJ. I go in the tank for a minute or two not really wanting to get stacked again but I had to pull a Smokkee and take the KK to the felt if needed. I call and he turns over AJ for TPTK. He doesn't improve and I double up.

One more hand of note. I'm on the button with 77 and I call a $20 raise with three players in ahead of me. Flop is 458. First guy bet out $50, the other two fold, so I figure with stack sizes maybe best hand, and gut shot I'll see a card. Turn is a 6, NICE. Guy bets out $100, and I make it $200. I raised here instead of smooth calling because I was trying to give the impression that I was making a move and it worked as the guy pushes all-in and I insta-call. He started the hand with about $600 in front of him and I had about $1200 so this was going to be a considerable pot.

He turns over 66 for the turned set and I turn over 77 for the turned straight. I'm feeling fairly good and although I know he has outs for a full-house I'm the considerable favorite. Here comes the river its a.......fucking 7 making a straight on the board and we chop the pot. Live poker is rigged man. That would have been a nice score there.

Oh well, I still finished up $300 on the day after getting stacked so I'll take that any time. Man I love the MGM, the best $1/2 and $2/5 in the city.

Hope everyone is staying profitable.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Home Dogs Baby

I don't post that much anymore I just noticed. Perhaps I'm working too hard?

I did very well this weekend and I didn't play a hand of poker and if you read this blog you can probably guess why. As I told everyone in the girly chat this week, the home dogs would be barking and man not only barking but biting too.

Five Home Dogs, Five Covers, Three Outright winners. Yes there was a few back door covers but hey a win is a win. The favorite bettors have been losing on most weeks, some weeks worse than others, but this week did them in good.

When Cleveland and Buffalo both came back and covered there was myself and my one buddy cheering as the rest of the casino was in stunned silence. In weeks past the favorites were done early so most bettors knew they were beat but this last week hurt them even more since it seemed like they were easy victorys.

You have to remember that if it appears too good to be true 80% of the time its too good to be true. Beware of the traps.

The College Bowl season will soon be upon us and as the song goes, "It's the most wonderful time of the Year!" It's the season to win some serious money with good handicapping and making some much bigger bets than usual. Find the mismatch and hammer it.

Yes I know this is suppose to be a poker blog but right now poker has become secondary. I like the action of sports betting and the studying to find winners much more than sitting at a table and playing one hand every fifteen minutes. I will continue to play and work on my poker game because this is Vegas and there are too many bad tourists sitting down day after day that I can't pass up on the profits.

I guess what will be interesting over time is what becomes the primary focus. It seems a lot more people win at poker than sports betting but I've always had a knack for understanding point spreads (no the casino doesn't always want equal action on both sides) and as I continue to learn and my confidence grows I hope to be a player. Where as most of you dream of cashing in a WPT or WSOP event or maybe even winning bracelets my dreams are to become a player that casinos fear, a guy that is so good a picking winners that he has ability to change point spreads, the guy that people want to know, "Which side is he on?"

Well I hope everyone made some money on the games this weekend and that you're staying profitable at the tables.