Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I finally did it. Yup I crossed that last line of all things decent about gambling and I made a wager against my team. Now occasionally I've made a bet on the Dolphins but never once in my gambling career have I bet against my team. Never. Until now.

It's been hard to watch bettor after bettor go to the window to cash tickets as Miami failed yet again to cover so I finally said "Fuck It" I want mine.

I played the Jets today on the money line (+115) against the Dolphins and I also played them on a two-team parlay with the other side being the Eagles money line. So I needed the Jets to win to cover a straight bet and to also complete that parlay at 6.5:1. Figures I had to sweat it but I finally got my share of the Dolphins giving away money.

After yesterday's 1-2, I made that up and them some going 2-0 today plus hitting the above mentioned parlay. A not too shabby 9-3 posted on here in the last two weeks for all of our financial pleasures. And wait there's more. The bowls will kick into high gear this week and hopefully we will continue to get paid.

I had a nice Holiday as my dad came into to town for four days. We eat well, practically lived at Red Rock, and had a great visit. It's always nice to be able to spend time with a family member/family during the Holidays and this year was my first time in probably ten years I spent both T-Giving and X-Mas with family. As always live is good.

I'm back on the Poker Trail part-time this week as I'm going to keep most of my time open for studying the Bowls. Once we get through Bowl Season it will be back to the felt full-time and this blog will once again be mainly about poker although since most of us are degenerates there still may have been some cross appeal.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and plans to make the honest inventory as we approach a New Year. I'll be back all week with my Bowl picks.


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