Thursday, December 21, 2006


Man I'm fucking lazy. I'm getting fat too. Oh well thats another post for now you get some filler.

I'll start with a $1 donation for a bad beat story. In short, I flop bottom set I raise he re-raises, I re-raise, he pushes I call. He turns over AK sooted on a A52 rainbow board. Turn and river are hearts and he hits runner runner flush to take down a $2300 pot. I steamed for a second and called him a "fucking donkey" and yes I know I want that action all day.

Bowl picks for the next few days are: (I'm 1-0 on the year)
BYU -3
South Florida -4'
San Jose +3'

I'll have some NFL picks up Saturday night.

Life is Vegas continues to be stellar. Between poker rooms and sports books my days are filled to the brim. I can't imagine living anywhere else at this point in my life.

I guess as with any other year end it will be time to set goals for 2007. Poker related goals, weight goals, sports book goals, and writing goals will be at the top of the list.

As for the poker goals I need to decide if I want to work on playing MTTs or sticking strictly to cash games. Its something that I've gone back and forth on for a while so I need to figure out if I can make MTTs +(EV).

Speaking of MTTs the next Big Game has been set. There is a lot of time to win those Tier II tokens so get them early and get signed up. Hopefully some of you will help spread the word and we can aim for at least 30 players. That gives us a $2000 prize pool and nearly $1000 for first place.


At 4:11 PM, Blogger ScottMcM said...

DON?!?!?! BYU?!?!?!?! You really think that those boys are going to come into that game fresh after being in Vegas for a night?

I highly suggest the Money line and Oregon as an outright dog winner.

At 9:49 AM, Blogger DP said...

Low stakes version I experienced a day ago:

Poker is ....

I don't know. Good to see you're enjoying Vegas.


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