Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Want to Be a Cowboy.....Not

I grew up in St. Louis which was a typical Midwestern city in the 80s, black inner city, white suburbs. Now if you got ventured out past the suburbs you came to the sticks which were populated with rednecks. (now meth-heads and meth-labs) Now most of these redneck lived in trailers, drove Camaros or GMC Jimmies, had mullets, were grandparents at the tender age of 34, I'm guessing typical rednecks that are seen all of the midwest outside any city like Indianapolis or Cincinnati. Now I never saw any real cowboys except occasionally on TV for some GMC or Busch Beer commercial and I really thought to myself nobody really dresses or acts like that they must be straight from central casting for commercial purposes only. Man was I wrong.

The Rodeo has hit Vegas and I must say I'm fucking amazed. These cowboy people are real, I probably saw 200 of them on my walk back and forth from the poker room to the parking garage. These guys are the real McCoys' with the big cowboy hats, boots, Wrangler jeans, starched botton down shirts, and belt buckles, and I mean belt buckles that must weigh ten pounds. Also of note, I didn't see one Cowboy without a girl on his arm so all that Brokeback Mountian disgustingness must have been some hollywood dream-up by some executive with a 'real man' fetish.

Anyway, prepare yourself dear blogger, for you are about to enter a world of Cowboys. We should make for quite a mix; over-educated, brilliant, loud egotisical, liberal (not me) degenerate gamblers meet the old-school traditional, God-Fearing, Conservative, only one way to skin a hide, Cowboys. I make the bloggers 7 point favorites.

I'm a man of generalizations, if you see a Cowboy sit at your table, unless its Hoyt Corkins, they are a donkey. Watch the suckouts but take their stack.

BTW, what was Kid Rock thinking about wanting to be a Cowboy baby?

Interesting day on the felt. Playing $2/5 at the MGM and I got stacked with KK to AK sooted when my man called all the way down and hit a heart on the river for the flush. The table was five locals and five tourists/donkeys and I had to immediately reload. (Insert Waffles rant here) I don't know how you call $125 pre-flop with AK sooted nor stay with it to the river.

About two orbits after the reload this tourist raises to $20, the button re-raises to $45 and this tight (playing style) women re-raises to $100 in the Big Blind. The initial raiser thought and thought and called the $100. The flop came Ten High with two clubs and the tight women pushed. The initial raiser thinks for a good two minutes and calls turning over....are you ready for this.....the Super Donkey, yup KJ sooted. He doesn't improve and the women doubles up.

So our tourist friend rebuys for another $500 and within an orbit here we go. He raises to $20 in MP, I'm in the CO and get tricky and just call. Unfortunately the button calls and BB calls so maybe I got too cute here. The flop comes J73 rainbow and the Super Donkey bets out $50. Fuck, two people behind me to act so I re-raise to $125 to see where I am. The other two players fold and SD immediately pushes in the remaining $430 of his freshly bought stack.

Well well, did he raise with JJ, or QQ, or AA, or AJ, or perhaps even the Super Donkey KJ. I go in the tank for a minute or two not really wanting to get stacked again but I had to pull a Smokkee and take the KK to the felt if needed. I call and he turns over AJ for TPTK. He doesn't improve and I double up.

One more hand of note. I'm on the button with 77 and I call a $20 raise with three players in ahead of me. Flop is 458. First guy bet out $50, the other two fold, so I figure with stack sizes maybe best hand, and gut shot I'll see a card. Turn is a 6, NICE. Guy bets out $100, and I make it $200. I raised here instead of smooth calling because I was trying to give the impression that I was making a move and it worked as the guy pushes all-in and I insta-call. He started the hand with about $600 in front of him and I had about $1200 so this was going to be a considerable pot.

He turns over 66 for the turned set and I turn over 77 for the turned straight. I'm feeling fairly good and although I know he has outs for a full-house I'm the considerable favorite. Here comes the river its a.......fucking 7 making a straight on the board and we chop the pot. Live poker is rigged man. That would have been a nice score there.

Oh well, I still finished up $300 on the day after getting stacked so I'll take that any time. Man I love the MGM, the best $1/2 and $2/5 in the city.

Hope everyone is staying profitable.


At 2:59 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

"Now most of these redneck lived in trailers, drove Camaros or GMC Jimmies, had mullets, were grandparents at the tender age of 34, I'm guessing typical rednecks that are seen all of the midwest outside any city like Indianapolis or Cincinnati."

I didn't know GCox had family in St. Louis...

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Ignatious said...

funny, but when i grew up in st louis, we call called the rural folks "Hoosiers".

i now prefer the term crackers.

At 3:49 PM, Blogger Miami Don said...

Ya Iggy we called them Hoosiers too but I simplified for clarification purposes.

The dividing line I remember was South of I-44 but I grew up in Spanish Lake with lots of WT and brothers so what do I know.

At 10:30 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

i'm definitely not folding KK on a J-high flop against those donkeys. good call.

i *heart* MGM

At 1:17 PM, Blogger Chilly said...

Spanish Lake?


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