Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Live from the MGM

Well it's Super Bowl week and that brings the tourists which means lots of live poker action. It also means loose crazy games, dead money, and yes even suck outs.

I played at the MGM tonite and man was it a juicy game. I got there around 2pm and waited about half and hour before they opened a new table so it was fresh money all around. The solid players were some young kid from England a Bolton Wanderer supporter actually, (Go Tottenham), a sexy chick dealer from Buffalo, an Australian surfer dude living in Hawaii, myself and another local and we were accompanied by five donks from various boring midwestern towns and cities. Right from the get go the action was fast and furious.

$25-$40 raises pre-flop with five seeing the flop. All sorts of moves and bluffs and re-raises with position meaning nothing. KJo UTG raise it, 24 sooted MP call the raise, too many callers and the SB makes it $150 to go. If it weren't for half a table of donkeys I swear I was playing uncapped $5/10 as the game wasn't for the shy or passive.

I for the most part was card dead but I played a few hands in position and either hit the flop decently or was able to either make a move or catch a bluffer donking off chips.

After bleeding off $100 or so my first decent hand was when I limped TT UTG and six of us saw the flop of 964. SB bet out BB called, I re-raised and it folded around to the blinds who both called. Turn was a 4 check, check, I bet call call. River was another 4 and the SB bets $100. Now I'm a little worried is my TT good or did this dude catch a 4 in the SB. Then the BB calls. What? Okay either someone or both of these guys are full of shit and I go in the tank for a minute and finally decide they both are and I call. The both turn over a 9 for TP and my Tens take down a nice pot.

Come to find out later this kid who bet out the $100 from the SB bluffed off almost $1500 over the course of three or so hours. I caught him once when he raised to $25, got one caller and then my call from the button with A9 Sooted. Flop came AJ6 initial raiser checked, next guy bet $50, I called hoping to build then steal the pot later on the turn. Well the initial raiser check-raises to $200. The guy before me goes in the tank and finally folds, and I think for a second and re-raise to $400. Dude folds showing J8o. Nice try bub.

For about the next two hours I was completely card dead and had to sit watching these maniacs go after each other. Another dude bluffed off $1200 within a couple hours and this other donk caught a couple rivers to win some monster pots. Almost every hand pre-flop there was a raise or re-raise man it was sick and I was getting a touch steamed watching all the action. I had to keep reminding myself I was up so don't fret the shitty cards.

Eventually I get QQ UTG and I was going to make a move I rarely do. Since there was so much action I decided to limp them and once the action got raised and came back to me I was going to really pop it. Well of course it limps around and 8 of us see the flop. Just fucking great QQ out of position with 7 donks seeing the flop. It was probably the first hand I'd played in close to an hour and it was the first hand that wasn't raised pre-flop in that time.

So now I'm like fuck get ready to muck this bad boy when the flop comes Q88. Go figure I flop a boat. I check and amazingly it checks all the way around. Turn is a complete blank, there are no flush or straight draws so I bet $15 into a $40 hoping to get re-raised. Nope just four callers. River another blank I bet $35 into a $100 pot and of course nobody has an 8 nor tries to bluff and they all fold. At least I got something out of the hand but man was it ugly.

So TT and QQ both UTG have been my two best hands all day but I can't complain too much because again I'm still ahead. Finally I get AK on the button and comes to me with only one $25 raise. I re-raise it to $60 and the Super Donkey calls.

Now this Super Donkey had been playing any Ace any face out of position all day but had been getting lucky either beating a bluff with TP any kicker or catching some rivers although he was on the make a score and give it back make a score and give it back pattern. So it's me and him HU.

Flop comes AK4. Sweet Top Two. SD leads into my for $60. Hmmm. I ruled out the set of 4s thinking about the any Ace any Face scenario and popped him back $150. He calls. Turn is an 8. There is $420 in the pot and he leads out $200. He only has about $225 left so I push my Top two thinking there is no way I'm behind. He insta-calls and turns over K8. Sweet top two against second and third. Pot is nearly $1300 and here comes the river......yup a fucking 8 giving him a full house. Un-fucking-believable. This shit happens all too frequently online and now boom rivered by a two outer for $1300.

Cocktails table 10. Vodka Red Bull and fast please. I was sick man. That pot would have meant a +1500 day instead it was +250. I stayed around for another hour or so trying to get some donkey money but no luck as the cards were just to weak to play or make a move into the calling stations. All in all for my best cards over 6 hours being TT, QQ, and AK, I guess I really can't complain too much since I turned a profit. Oh well back tomorrow for more Super Bowl week action.

I can only hope the $550 at the Venetian on Saturday is as soft as the cash action has been. If anybody is around this weekend come on down and get in the game. $20K first place sounds good to me.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Event #1

Did everybody recovered from all the brutal beats and coolers during last nights WPBT Event#1? Man I know beats from rigged online poker sites are bad but last night was the worse I can remember. I'd guess at least 40% of players went out on a bad beat which to me is just a slight bit peculiar. Congrats to Raveen the cash game specialists taking down the big prize.

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the odds from the POY. Of course I fudged them and I'm versed enough to know that no way the field is 18/1 but my goal was accomplished and was to generate interest. Well since the odds were so much fun for everyone I'll be updating them as we go through the year.

I have not yet set up the Big Game for February and I'm still undecided whether or not to continue. I was hoping for at least 30 runners and last time after a lot of promotion we still only got 19. Are enough people interested in playing?

I'm close to cashing big in a MTT. I'm getting deep but not quite to the money as the bad beats, coolers, and coin flips are just not going my way. I do think my MTT game is improving one of these days the breaks are going to go my way. Maybe it will be Saturday when me, Weak, Chad, and Smokkee head down to the Venetian to tackle the $550.

10K in starting chips and 40 minute levels should make for a good event. There have been over 100 runners every Saturday for the last month so I'm sure with it being Super Bowl weekend we'll see a record field. First place might go as high as $25K.

Lots of cash games on the slate before Saturday as Vegas should be rocking with lots of donks in town for Super Bowl. I plan on putting in long hours Tuesday through Friday trying to take advantage of some mediocre play by our beloved guests. It will be nice to get a jump start heading into February and also to help the bankroll as Weak and I get ready to head to the LA Poker Classic on the 11th.

Stay tuned for updated odds and hopefully everyone is staying profitable.

Friday, January 26, 2007

2007 WPBT Odds

Since the 2007 WPBT opens Sunday night with Event #1 here we go with the opening odds. The odds are based on who will win the Overall Points Title. If a name is not listed they will be considered part of the field which is listed last at 18/1.

Good Luck to all Players.

SnG Machine 2/1
Lucko 3/1
Hoyazo 5/1
Drizz 5/1
Double As 5/1
Otis 5/1
Absinthe 5/1
StB 7/1
Byron 7/1
Wwonka 10/1
Lifesagrind 10/1
SoxLover 10/1
CJ 10/1
Weak 12/1
Statik Kling 12/1
Iggy 15/1
Pauly 15/1
Smizmiatch 15/1
Garth 15/1
Surflexus 15/1
Mattazuma 15/1
Joe Speaker 20/1
Gracie 20/1
Smokkee 20/1
Change 100 20/1
Miami Don 25/1
Bad Blood 25/1
CC 25/1
Bracelet 25/1
Derek 25/1
Donkey Puncher 25/1
Trip Jax 25/1
Veneno 30/1
Falstaff 30/1
G Cox 30/1
Easy Cure 35/1
AlCantHang 35/1
Katitude 40/1
Waffles 60/1
Field 18/1

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

He Really Posted That?

This is too good to resist. I always heard karma is a bitch or something like that.

Poker Jones has an interesting post in which there appears to be a discrepancy in what this blogger wrote in a now deleted post called "I love being called a donkey."

This is the guy who 90% of the time, in either his own posts or in comments on other blogs is negative, criticizing, condescending, perhaps even rude, not mention his grading of posts by pointing out grammatical and spelling errors. So what's it called when you write a post, embellish the content to make it look like you're a real shark, get busted by another blogger finding the truth in some obscure place, you finding out that your embellishments have been exposed, then deleting the post in question? Ironic? I'll let him find the right words for it.

I don't subscribe to blog rolls but apparently if you do you can read the deleted post through there. What can I say, too fawking funny.

Anyway speaking of donkey, how the fuck did I get 2ND place in the WWDN 2ND Chance PLO/8? I think it was the third time in my life I ever played it.

I'm in limbo as far as what I'm going to do with online poker. I'll delve into that in greater detail later this week but if it becomes a pain-in-the-ass to withdrawal money from the poker sites on a monthly basis then I might have to move strictly to live poker.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Media Silence

Today starts my two weeks of silence. No Sports Center, no newspaper or internet articles, nothing at all related to the Super Bowl. I can't stand the hype and all the idiot talking heads giving their opinions about the upcoming game so off goes all media until ten minutes before kick-off as we await my one of my favorite wagers of the year, the coin flip. Remember tails never fails.

For those of you who love all the hype do me a favor and count how many times you hear the word black and african-american. We have two first-time coaches reaching the biggest games of their lives and I'm sure what will be brought up again and again is black or african-american coach. Oh well.

I played in the Rake the Rake freeroll on Full Tilt yesterday and even though it was freeroll there was still a $16K prize pool with just over $3K going to the winner. Since I've been working hard on my MTT game, albeit with tons of tough beats and mediocre results, I played the freeroll as a serious event and tried to get more experience in going deep.

While I made the money, worked my short stack well and had a great chance to double on this hand.

I don't know how you MTT donks do it? When all the money goes in pre-flop you're at the mercy of the cards and man I witness bad beat after bad beat, both to me and all the other donkeys.

I'll still going to play a handful of MTTs through the week but for the most part my hours are going to be spent grinding away at the cash games. Time and money is important and for me the cash games is where I earn.

I'm undecided about the Big Game going any further. The January version only drew 19 players and unless we can get a committment for at least 30 players I'm seriously thinking of scrapping things. The $75 buy-in might be too much for some bloggers but there are many more who are funded to play the Big Game yet for whatever reason don't show up. I still think the idea is a good one so I'll give it some thought as to whether or not we give it one more shot.

The live games should be juicy in Vegas starting next weekend through the Super Bowl. All sorts of corporate donks with big money will be in Vegas to party and gamble and I'm looking forward to a profitable end of January and beginning of February.

Live is Good. Stay profitable.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Conference Championships

NFL Championship games today which is good and bad. Two good games to see who plays in the Super Bowl but unfortunately the the season is just about over.

I think both games should be fairly close and what I would consider toss-ups from a betting standpoint but since it the Conference Championships I'll make my picks.

Chicago -3 (Even)
Indy-NE Under 47'

For those who want some insight into the refs for these two games here you go.

Good Luck to those with money on the game and those fans from the respective cities.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Fix was In

I wrote this once I saw that Mike Carey was the ref for the Eagles-Saints game and before Andy Reid surrendered. I'm a fan of neither team.

Sorry Eagle fans you had no shot. The reason? Mike Carey. Who is Mike Carey you ask? He was the referee who learned his trade from greatest game fixer in NFL History Johnny Greer.

I'm not exactly what you would call a conspiracy theorist but too many "fishy" things happen way too often during two of my favorite loves, Professional Sports and Online Poker.

Are the rigged? How do you even answer that without casting doubt in the eyes of the naive? I mean how can you believe in a god and devil and heaven and hell yet not believe their might be some impropriates in professional sports and online poker. Thats a story for another day though back to the Eagles-Saints.

What's the most probable way to fix an NFL game? How about pass interference, illegal contact and defensive holding. Then if thats not enough how about Holding? Sure you can make those calls on every play but why is it that they mostly get called in key game changing situations.

Key point in the game, late third quarter Eagles lead 21-20 Saints have the ball on the Eagles 40 1 and 20. Brees gets sacked for a ten yard loss but wait there's a flag. Illegal Contact 35 yards down the field? What? There is no camera on the supposed penalty so we'll never be able to judge for ourselves whether an offense occured. But hey its Mike Carey and his crew so you know some bullshit is bound to happen.

Another key point, Eagles driving down the field trailing 27-21. Brian Westbrook breaaks one for 25 yards and just as he's about to go down a suspicious flag come into few. Mike Carey calls a holding penalty.

Or how about the 4 and 10 false start with two minutes to go? Yea probably a penalty but in 99.99% of false start penalties the play is blown dead, why did he and only he throw his flag after the pass was complete for a first down?

Why would the fix be in for this game? Well thats simple too. New Orleans is a shit hole that nature (act of god bahahha) did a favor by exposing flaws in mans thinking and basically buried the city under water. Nobody, including the government really gave/gives a shit about New Orleans and it's minority majority and all common sense asks why spend billions of dollars to rebuild a cesspool thats below sea level.

Anyway it's a feel good story for the liberal world, the doormat Saints perennial donkeys of sports, advancing to the Super Bowl and New Orleans back in the National spotlight. What a heart warming fucking story.

That's where Mike Carey comes in. And watch out next week, if Mike Carey or his buddy Jeff Triplett, he the referee and crew leader of last years Jerome Bettis luckbox donkey Steelers Super Bowl, are reffing the game next week get to the window as soon as possible and get your money in.

I've gotten to know some sharps living here in Vegas. Every Thursday during football season the referees assigned for the coming weekends game are made public and its very important to know who is reffing which game and if the side your money is on is the side the "fix" is on. If you can figure that out you can make a a lot of money in this city, just ask Jeff Triplett and Mike Carey or the Godfather himself Johnny Greer.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Big Game

Well I guess every donkey has his day. No this is not some major cash that all our blogger breathren seem to be scoring but lets hope its a start. We actually did a three-way chop between CC, Kajagugu and myself with the winner getting bragging rights and an extra $111. We also kicked back the $75 buy-in to our bubble boy Hoyazo.

Thanks to the 19 players who made it out and also to those who helped spread the word. Hopefully next month we can get the numbers up 30.

Also sorry if I offended anyone with my mouth/typing when I had my 15 minutes of tilt. I was getting majorly frustrated when with the blinds at 200/400 and the stacks in the $10K+ range it turned into a push fest. Hey there's more than one way to play poker right? Luckily I got off tilt before I donked off all my chips and I was able to come back and get ITM.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Andy Reid----Donkey

I feel bad for all you Eagle fans. You have overcome the crooked ref Mike Carey, all the countries love affair with the New Orleans(shit hole)/Katrina Saints, getting screwed by the NFL for three divisional away games in December then playing Sunday-Saturday in play-offs getting a short week, only to be in position to have a game tying or winning drive only to have your coach surrender.

2 minutes to go, only 2 time-outs left you just had a penalty to make it 4 and 15 yet you punt. What did you think they would fumble? Even if you punt and stop them they punt the ball back to you with 30 seconds left anyway so what the fuck is the difference.

You play a whole season of football and with the game in the balance with two minutes to go you fucking surrender? I don't give a shit how much money or time is left on Andy Reid's contract or what successes he's ever had as a coach he needs to be fired immediately for that decision.

I never read Philly papers or message boards but I'll be looking for some of the commentary on this bone-headed decision.

At least I had the Eagles +5.

Friday, January 12, 2007

MTT Struggles

For about the 100th time I'm trying to evolve from a cash game player into someone that can see results in MTTs. Every other time I gave up fairly early after bad runs and went back to the cash arena where I have continued successes. This time I'm forcing myself to work through yet another bad run and it's driving me insane.

Bad beats, bad timing, bad mistakes, too tight, too aggressive, on and on it goes. Im determined to break through this but there is no way I'm going to put myself through this week after week month after month. Luckily I haven't let the frustration creep into my cash games and ruin my only source of income.

One of the problems I've identified is I'm too impatient. I can sit at a cash table for 18 hours straight and muck bad hand after bad hand yet in the early levels of MTTs I notice a certain level of "must play a hand." At these early levels you're almost certain to get action on any preflop raise and I've been too aggressive firing one or two bullets with air that my stack has been lessen too quickly.

Also playing small pocket pairs or gapped connectors is a hit or miss proposition and when missed wind up being costly. Or if I go through the first three or so levels having no playable cards whatsoever and I start waiting for a monster, or anything really to play with, it sort of becomes almost an all-in situation if your pre-flop bet gets called.

I hate the level where you're unable to do anything other than push pre-flop or with a C-bet. Being unable to float, or bluff, or push people off hands is not any way to play poker. It has me longing for deep stack cash games where much more skill and guile is involved.

In playing more of these MTTs I have noticed the donkey level is usually Code Red. UTG limps with KT sooted, MP raises with KJ or QT sooted, pushing all-in in level 1 or level 2 with second or third pair Ace kicker. How about big stacks limping on every single hand then calling station everything down? It's amazing really.

Maybe one of these days I'll go on a heater see what a cash tastes like.

Oh well thanks for the vent. I'm going to keep plugging away at this until I get it figured out or it starts affecting my cash game/bankroll.

Is anybody playing in the Big Game Sunday? One sign-up so far and it's me.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Not bad beat stories really just sick humor. I ran QQ, QQ, KK, KK, TT, and 88 all into AA today. Good thing most of them were in satellites and only one was in a cash game. I'm an AA magnet, or perhaps a donkey. I'd been running well lately, this day was coming.

Early on I did win a token for the Big Game though. Speaking of the Big Game.

I'm heading to the MGM. I need to get out for a few days.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Will I ever learn?

I spent part of today playing some $20 SnGs also trying to win a couple tokens then playing the Mookie. I'm working on other aspects of my game and for probably the 15th time I found myself asking why? How do you MTT specialists do it day after day?

Let's see 88 into 99, KK into AA twice, AQ into AK, a turned flush getting beat by a full house on the river, on and on it goes. I try playing tight nothing, I try loosening up nothing, I push a flush and OESD after the flop brick, its driving me insane.

Thoroughly frustrated and with an hour to kill before the Mookie I sit in a $1/2 game. Its takes 13 hands and I have $410. Oh well, at least I'll always have the cash games.

Movie Day

Well it started out as a day off.

I've been logging a lot of hours at the poker tables lately and it was time for a day off. Carmen had a two-for-one coupon to the buffet at Red Rock and since there happens to be a movie theatre there we decided to do a movie then the buffet. We picked the Good Shepherd since we'd both heard favorable reviews.

Bad Choice. Nearly three hours long, slow, drawn out, boring, it was a real head bobber. If your looking to kill three hours and need to do it in a loud dark place go see this movie, if not definitely pass. I don't even know if I'd watch in on HBO or order it through Netflix.

So I was just going to relax tonite and watch the Ohio St. Donkeys play Wisconsin in college hoops. I sat at the computer, read some blogs and said what the hell I'll play one peep real quick before the game starts.

I won the token, no thanks to some horrible donkey play, and was talking on the girly chat with Weak and he suggested we get the blogger $200 started.

I bought some time by taking the dog for a walk and when I got back the table was going full force. Yikes here we go again. I got on the list.

Last nights game was full of heavy hitters; Me, Weak, Smokkee, Ryan, Fuel and Lucko to name a few. I made in for 90 minutes. Dinner was ready, I was feeling spent, and I'd caught a set to beat QQ so I was up a buy-in and I bolted.

Not too bad for a day off. Hopefully the batteries will get recharged from a good night of sleep and I'll be ready for Wednesday's edition of Blogger $200. Of course that will be after everyone's favorite weekly event.

And don't forget Sunday is the January version of The Blogger Big Game. Win those tokens and get out for what should be a very nice prize pool. 30 players makes it $2K.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

OSU My Nut Sack

Let's see 48 + 7 = 55.


I didn't know Ohio St. sucked that bad. They got their asses handed to them. Once again the Big 10 sucks balls! How many bowl games did that sorry conference win this year?

We'll get that bet back.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Blogger $200

Another long weekend of blogger $200 as this game appears to be a hit. There must have been twenty different bloggers who sat down for a while on Saturday and the game was extremely tough. Personally I think this game has been very worthwhile for me as I'm seeing a ton of hands against a variety of good players and I also get to play against a ton of differnt styles.

I've really been working on my reads and have actually been able to put a certain few players on hands due to their betting styles alone. One gentlemen in particular, I won't mention names as not to tip them off although he wouldn't believe it anyway, has a distinct betting style that screams what hand he it. Being reasonably sure someone has a made hands, is on a draw, or floating with nothing is a huge help going head to head with a player. My game is improving so I hope this blogger $200 continues for some time to come.

Yesterday was finally my day for a nice suckout. I've also been playing a lot of tokens, SnGs and MTTs as well as the $200 cash game and I've been taking some sick beats so it was nice to finally get one back. Also better I do the sucking out in a cash game as opposed to a Tier II token race or a $20 SnG. Check this bad boy out.

Just two hands later everybody's favorite ranter also got AA and took one to the junk.

Poor guy gets his money in twice as a huge favorite and gets four flushed then counterfeited. Keep your chin up dude, your game has been strong you'll start making money soon enough.

I absolutely love the UNDER tonite in BCS Chamionship game. I got it at 47 last week but I think its at 46 most places now. I made a very large wager on this game so hopefully I put some of my earlier Bowl winnings to good use tonite and I make a nice score.

1-2 in the play-offs this weekend sucked. I had mentioned it to someone before but the plan should have been bet the favorites in the strong AFC and bet the dogs in the weak NFC and sure enough you'd be 4-0. Lets see if that trend holds up this weekend.

Alright Sunday is the January "Big Game" is anybody going to play? The goal is 30 players so get those tokens and get in the game.

Friday, January 05, 2007


Yes it's that time of the year NFL Play-offs. I'm sad to see the regular season end but let's hope we can find a couple bad lines and make some serious beginning of 2007 money. I'm looking to pay my bills for January and also cover a week in Florida so let's hope I find the mismatches.

I've been riding this team for three weeks now and I already have some money on them to win the NFC and the Super Bowl so no reason to get off the bandwagon now that they play the weakest play-off team with the worst coach and the biggest baby QB.

That's right Al my money is on the red-hot Eagles to take down the NFC. I'm going to lay the 7 and watch Philly kick some NY Giant ass.

Two other small plays will be Pats-Jets UNDER 37' and Indy-KC UNDER 51.

After a week or so lay-off we had an exciting $200 blogger game last night. The most enjoyable part was probably the "Who has the biggest dick contest" between Fuel and Fluxer. They talked smack back and forth to each other all night, argued about each others play, and basically kept as all entertained. And yes they both got smoked overall for the evening.

The ever loveable Super Donkey provided some memorable moments, first by stacking Fuel, then dumping those chips around the table. Also its always a pleasure to watch him put other players/blogger on tilt with his continued commentary.

Too much fun. I'm sure we'll be there tonite so stop by with your $200 and give the game a ride.

Don't forget one week from Sunday is the inagural 2007 Big Game. Win those tokens and help spread the word so we can get a 30+ player field.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I'm back from a nice break of everything non-football. I swear if the TV desks at the Red Rock flipped into beds I probably never would have left that place the last two weeks. Anyway it was a nice year for Holiday bonuses thanks to the oddsmakers.

So it's 2007 already, does that mean its time for some goals? When you're as lazy as I am its hard enough to even make goals let alone keep them so hey that might as well be the first one.

Personal Goals.

1. Get in shape. Man that's about as lame as they come and probably at the top of the list of anyone over 35. Right now I'm tipping the scales at 255 which is the most I've ever weighted in my life. I have the gym membership, I can cook for myself and eat healthy, I don't drink much of alcohol, again it's the laziness to overcome. I worked out seriously before in Florida and I never felt so good so I know I can do it. So I'm going to try and get to 235 by the 2007 Summer Classic and 225 by 2007 Winter Classic.

2. Get out more. My life consists of sitting in front of a computer, sitting at a poker table, or sitting at the sports book. There is certainly time to add some other events into my life. Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, Zion National Park in Utah, weekend trips to San Diego, LA, or Phoenix to see the Cardinals play next spring or summer, see a movie at the theatre to name a few.

3. Improve relationships with family and friends. I live away from all my family and I don't see or talk to them as much as I would like to. I think if I start the effort then any difficulties can be repaired.

4. Write more. Blog, journal, short stories, whatever, but I need to get those creative juices flowing and to expand my mind. At the same time I'm going to read some more too.

Poker Goals

1. Average $1500 a week playing cash games. I live in Vegas, its full of tourists, my cash game works, it's time to put the hours in and get paid.

2. Satellite into Circuit events around Vegas including the WSOP. Super Satellite into Circuit Main Events and the WSOP Main Event. My goal this year is to just qualify, any cashes are bonuses. Time to take some of my cash game winnings and take a shot at a big score.

3. Final Table the Venitian Saturday $550. It's a weekly event which continues to grow and from what I hear first place lately is about $25K.

4. Final Table the $18K guarantee DS on Full Tilt. This is the $75 buy-in that starts at 4pm Vegas time which will suit my schedule. Lately this event is more like a $35K and since its a daily event I'll have many different days to token in, bust this sucker and put my name on the blogger board of big cashes.

Sports Goals.

1. Hit 62.5% over the course of the year including all sports.

2. Money in the Hilton Football Contest. Entry fee is $1500 and you must pick five games with the spread every week. Every year there are about 500 entries so there is a $750K prize pook with first getting $300K. 60% will get the money, 65% will get the job done.

They all seem attainable.

Alright the Big Game, to be played on January 14th, is available for sign-up. Here is the banner and hopefully you guys will start signing up and also help start spreading the word.

And I'll see you all Wednesday night here.