Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I'm back from a nice break of everything non-football. I swear if the TV desks at the Red Rock flipped into beds I probably never would have left that place the last two weeks. Anyway it was a nice year for Holiday bonuses thanks to the oddsmakers.

So it's 2007 already, does that mean its time for some goals? When you're as lazy as I am its hard enough to even make goals let alone keep them so hey that might as well be the first one.

Personal Goals.

1. Get in shape. Man that's about as lame as they come and probably at the top of the list of anyone over 35. Right now I'm tipping the scales at 255 which is the most I've ever weighted in my life. I have the gym membership, I can cook for myself and eat healthy, I don't drink much of alcohol, again it's the laziness to overcome. I worked out seriously before in Florida and I never felt so good so I know I can do it. So I'm going to try and get to 235 by the 2007 Summer Classic and 225 by 2007 Winter Classic.

2. Get out more. My life consists of sitting in front of a computer, sitting at a poker table, or sitting at the sports book. There is certainly time to add some other events into my life. Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, Zion National Park in Utah, weekend trips to San Diego, LA, or Phoenix to see the Cardinals play next spring or summer, see a movie at the theatre to name a few.

3. Improve relationships with family and friends. I live away from all my family and I don't see or talk to them as much as I would like to. I think if I start the effort then any difficulties can be repaired.

4. Write more. Blog, journal, short stories, whatever, but I need to get those creative juices flowing and to expand my mind. At the same time I'm going to read some more too.

Poker Goals

1. Average $1500 a week playing cash games. I live in Vegas, its full of tourists, my cash game works, it's time to put the hours in and get paid.

2. Satellite into Circuit events around Vegas including the WSOP. Super Satellite into Circuit Main Events and the WSOP Main Event. My goal this year is to just qualify, any cashes are bonuses. Time to take some of my cash game winnings and take a shot at a big score.

3. Final Table the Venitian Saturday $550. It's a weekly event which continues to grow and from what I hear first place lately is about $25K.

4. Final Table the $18K guarantee DS on Full Tilt. This is the $75 buy-in that starts at 4pm Vegas time which will suit my schedule. Lately this event is more like a $35K and since its a daily event I'll have many different days to token in, bust this sucker and put my name on the blogger board of big cashes.

Sports Goals.

1. Hit 62.5% over the course of the year including all sports.

2. Money in the Hilton Football Contest. Entry fee is $1500 and you must pick five games with the spread every week. Every year there are about 500 entries so there is a $750K prize pook with first getting $300K. 60% will get the money, 65% will get the job done.

They all seem attainable.

Alright the Big Game, to be played on January 14th, is available for sign-up. Here is the banner and hopefully you guys will start signing up and also help start spreading the word.

And I'll see you all Wednesday night here.


At 1:38 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

it's good to see you're gonna take a shot at the WSOP and the Venetian $550 tourney. i'd play the Venetian tourneys every day if i lived there.

GL in 2007 Don.

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Derek McG said...

what's going on in miami . . . first nick saban, now pat riley?

At 1:13 PM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Good luck with your goals.

Enjoyed playing at your table last night.

At 8:52 AM, Blogger DP said...

GL man.


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