Saturday, January 13, 2007

Andy Reid----Donkey

I feel bad for all you Eagle fans. You have overcome the crooked ref Mike Carey, all the countries love affair with the New Orleans(shit hole)/Katrina Saints, getting screwed by the NFL for three divisional away games in December then playing Sunday-Saturday in play-offs getting a short week, only to be in position to have a game tying or winning drive only to have your coach surrender.

2 minutes to go, only 2 time-outs left you just had a penalty to make it 4 and 15 yet you punt. What did you think they would fumble? Even if you punt and stop them they punt the ball back to you with 30 seconds left anyway so what the fuck is the difference.

You play a whole season of football and with the game in the balance with two minutes to go you fucking surrender? I don't give a shit how much money or time is left on Andy Reid's contract or what successes he's ever had as a coach he needs to be fired immediately for that decision.

I never read Philly papers or message boards but I'll be looking for some of the commentary on this bone-headed decision.

At least I had the Eagles +5.


At 3:07 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

GO BOLTS ! ! !

that is all

At 7:00 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Glad someone else recognizes crooked refereeing for what it is. As I said all week I always thought the Saints would win (and deserved to win since they are the better team and they're playing at home), but a couple calls in that game were repenisulous. Seriously. Even on that 4th and 15 where the Eagles completed the pass and were about to tie/win the game, Carey would have none of it. So, after the catch he just threw a flag and calleda false start. A false start that was not called until after the catch was made? What a fucking joke.

Anyways, good call on the Eagles +5. I thought they played pretty well, all things considered.

See you tonight at the Big Game.

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Falstaff said...

yeah, I took the 4-team Road Dog Signs of the Apocalypse ML Parlay, so I'm just watching today in hopes of my Road Dog Everyone Covers Because No Way in HELL is Chicago 9 Points Better Than ANYONE, Including the Duke Second String 4-Team Parlay comes through.

But I had the Iggles at +6 on that parlay, so I'm still alive.

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