Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Live from the MGM

Well it's Super Bowl week and that brings the tourists which means lots of live poker action. It also means loose crazy games, dead money, and yes even suck outs.

I played at the MGM tonite and man was it a juicy game. I got there around 2pm and waited about half and hour before they opened a new table so it was fresh money all around. The solid players were some young kid from England a Bolton Wanderer supporter actually, (Go Tottenham), a sexy chick dealer from Buffalo, an Australian surfer dude living in Hawaii, myself and another local and we were accompanied by five donks from various boring midwestern towns and cities. Right from the get go the action was fast and furious.

$25-$40 raises pre-flop with five seeing the flop. All sorts of moves and bluffs and re-raises with position meaning nothing. KJo UTG raise it, 24 sooted MP call the raise, too many callers and the SB makes it $150 to go. If it weren't for half a table of donkeys I swear I was playing uncapped $5/10 as the game wasn't for the shy or passive.

I for the most part was card dead but I played a few hands in position and either hit the flop decently or was able to either make a move or catch a bluffer donking off chips.

After bleeding off $100 or so my first decent hand was when I limped TT UTG and six of us saw the flop of 964. SB bet out BB called, I re-raised and it folded around to the blinds who both called. Turn was a 4 check, check, I bet call call. River was another 4 and the SB bets $100. Now I'm a little worried is my TT good or did this dude catch a 4 in the SB. Then the BB calls. What? Okay either someone or both of these guys are full of shit and I go in the tank for a minute and finally decide they both are and I call. The both turn over a 9 for TP and my Tens take down a nice pot.

Come to find out later this kid who bet out the $100 from the SB bluffed off almost $1500 over the course of three or so hours. I caught him once when he raised to $25, got one caller and then my call from the button with A9 Sooted. Flop came AJ6 initial raiser checked, next guy bet $50, I called hoping to build then steal the pot later on the turn. Well the initial raiser check-raises to $200. The guy before me goes in the tank and finally folds, and I think for a second and re-raise to $400. Dude folds showing J8o. Nice try bub.

For about the next two hours I was completely card dead and had to sit watching these maniacs go after each other. Another dude bluffed off $1200 within a couple hours and this other donk caught a couple rivers to win some monster pots. Almost every hand pre-flop there was a raise or re-raise man it was sick and I was getting a touch steamed watching all the action. I had to keep reminding myself I was up so don't fret the shitty cards.

Eventually I get QQ UTG and I was going to make a move I rarely do. Since there was so much action I decided to limp them and once the action got raised and came back to me I was going to really pop it. Well of course it limps around and 8 of us see the flop. Just fucking great QQ out of position with 7 donks seeing the flop. It was probably the first hand I'd played in close to an hour and it was the first hand that wasn't raised pre-flop in that time.

So now I'm like fuck get ready to muck this bad boy when the flop comes Q88. Go figure I flop a boat. I check and amazingly it checks all the way around. Turn is a complete blank, there are no flush or straight draws so I bet $15 into a $40 hoping to get re-raised. Nope just four callers. River another blank I bet $35 into a $100 pot and of course nobody has an 8 nor tries to bluff and they all fold. At least I got something out of the hand but man was it ugly.

So TT and QQ both UTG have been my two best hands all day but I can't complain too much because again I'm still ahead. Finally I get AK on the button and comes to me with only one $25 raise. I re-raise it to $60 and the Super Donkey calls.

Now this Super Donkey had been playing any Ace any face out of position all day but had been getting lucky either beating a bluff with TP any kicker or catching some rivers although he was on the make a score and give it back make a score and give it back pattern. So it's me and him HU.

Flop comes AK4. Sweet Top Two. SD leads into my for $60. Hmmm. I ruled out the set of 4s thinking about the any Ace any Face scenario and popped him back $150. He calls. Turn is an 8. There is $420 in the pot and he leads out $200. He only has about $225 left so I push my Top two thinking there is no way I'm behind. He insta-calls and turns over K8. Sweet top two against second and third. Pot is nearly $1300 and here comes the river......yup a fucking 8 giving him a full house. Un-fucking-believable. This shit happens all too frequently online and now boom rivered by a two outer for $1300.

Cocktails table 10. Vodka Red Bull and fast please. I was sick man. That pot would have meant a +1500 day instead it was +250. I stayed around for another hour or so trying to get some donkey money but no luck as the cards were just to weak to play or make a move into the calling stations. All in all for my best cards over 6 hours being TT, QQ, and AK, I guess I really can't complain too much since I turned a profit. Oh well back tomorrow for more Super Bowl week action.

I can only hope the $550 at the Venetian on Saturday is as soft as the cash action has been. If anybody is around this weekend come on down and get in the game. $20K first place sounds good to me.


At 10:24 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

K-effin-8 !?!

that is sum bs. at least you finished up a couple hundred.

At 11:49 AM, Blogger Fuel55 said...

Don't those kind of days burn your ass? Any luck at all and you leave up $4000 easy.

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Raveen said...

ouch but good write up Im sure ur gonna rape shit this

At 6:14 PM, Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Blah Blah Blah - Why don't you ever write about anything good like shoes or celebrities?

At 2:33 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

i prefer the strapless. but, any of those will do fine. it'll only be on you for a few hrs.

At 4:58 AM, Blogger cracknaces said...

Email me, I will give you my cell phone number for this weekend.

At 9:02 PM, Blogger RoccoBoxer said...

Great post. Impressive restraint not to try and outplay the donkeys with your superior skilz.


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