Monday, January 22, 2007

Media Silence

Today starts my two weeks of silence. No Sports Center, no newspaper or internet articles, nothing at all related to the Super Bowl. I can't stand the hype and all the idiot talking heads giving their opinions about the upcoming game so off goes all media until ten minutes before kick-off as we await my one of my favorite wagers of the year, the coin flip. Remember tails never fails.

For those of you who love all the hype do me a favor and count how many times you hear the word black and african-american. We have two first-time coaches reaching the biggest games of their lives and I'm sure what will be brought up again and again is black or african-american coach. Oh well.

I played in the Rake the Rake freeroll on Full Tilt yesterday and even though it was freeroll there was still a $16K prize pool with just over $3K going to the winner. Since I've been working hard on my MTT game, albeit with tons of tough beats and mediocre results, I played the freeroll as a serious event and tried to get more experience in going deep.

While I made the money, worked my short stack well and had a great chance to double on this hand.

I don't know how you MTT donks do it? When all the money goes in pre-flop you're at the mercy of the cards and man I witness bad beat after bad beat, both to me and all the other donkeys.

I'll still going to play a handful of MTTs through the week but for the most part my hours are going to be spent grinding away at the cash games. Time and money is important and for me the cash games is where I earn.

I'm undecided about the Big Game going any further. The January version only drew 19 players and unless we can get a committment for at least 30 players I'm seriously thinking of scrapping things. The $75 buy-in might be too much for some bloggers but there are many more who are funded to play the Big Game yet for whatever reason don't show up. I still think the idea is a good one so I'll give it some thought as to whether or not we give it one more shot.

The live games should be juicy in Vegas starting next weekend through the Super Bowl. All sorts of corporate donks with big money will be in Vegas to party and gamble and I'm looking forward to a profitable end of January and beginning of February.

Live is Good. Stay profitable.


At 9:24 PM, Blogger DP said...

What did you cash for in the RTR freeroll?


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