Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Movie Day

Well it started out as a day off.

I've been logging a lot of hours at the poker tables lately and it was time for a day off. Carmen had a two-for-one coupon to the buffet at Red Rock and since there happens to be a movie theatre there we decided to do a movie then the buffet. We picked the Good Shepherd since we'd both heard favorable reviews.

Bad Choice. Nearly three hours long, slow, drawn out, boring, it was a real head bobber. If your looking to kill three hours and need to do it in a loud dark place go see this movie, if not definitely pass. I don't even know if I'd watch in on HBO or order it through Netflix.

So I was just going to relax tonite and watch the Ohio St. Donkeys play Wisconsin in college hoops. I sat at the computer, read some blogs and said what the hell I'll play one peep real quick before the game starts.

I won the token, no thanks to some horrible donkey play, and was talking on the girly chat with Weak and he suggested we get the blogger $200 started.

I bought some time by taking the dog for a walk and when I got back the table was going full force. Yikes here we go again. I got on the list.

Last nights game was full of heavy hitters; Me, Weak, Smokkee, Ryan, Fuel and Lucko to name a few. I made in for 90 minutes. Dinner was ready, I was feeling spent, and I'd caught a set to beat QQ so I was up a buy-in and I bolted.

Not too bad for a day off. Hopefully the batteries will get recharged from a good night of sleep and I'll be ready for Wednesday's edition of Blogger $200. Of course that will be after everyone's favorite weekly event.

And don't forget Sunday is the January version of The Blogger Big Game. Win those tokens and get out for what should be a very nice prize pool. 30 players makes it $2K.


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