Thursday, February 15, 2007


Played the Bellagio $2/5 game today and man was my table horrible. Seriously I think the level of the game was equal to most $1/2 games at the MGM where the players have basic Level 1 skills. I'm not sure if all the games at Bellagio are this way but I really found the game to be $1/2 with $500 stacks. I will be back. I did get killed again BTW.

Sorry for more horror stories its part to vent and part to share how I played particular hands and to get some input from others on the hands and the situations.

Here goes. Very first fucking hand. BB I get 78. It's limped around maybe 6 way action and I check. Flop is 554. I check, MP bets $20, CU calls, so I call hoping to either catch a lucky card or to win the hand on a scary board. Turn is a 6 and I catch the gut shot and but there are also two hearts. I make it $60, MP folds and cut-off smooth calls. Similar to the other day I believe I'm ahead to either a draw or trips but I'm slightly wary of the smooth call.

River is a 2. I have the top straight and I can only hope the other dude has a 3 or misses his draw. I make it $100. He immediately makes it $300. Fuck Fuck Fuck. I'm thinking full house but I'm also thinking maybe a three and he's testing me to see if I even have a 3. I ask the donk if he has the FH and he gives some smart assed answer. In most instance I lay this down but since I have the big end of this straight I call. He turns over 56. Great start.

Second hand now in the small blind I see my best hand of the day AA. There is a raise to $15 in EP it gets called twice and I push. Initial raiser calls, it's folded around and he shows AJ (the hoyazo)and I slightly more than double up. I cap my stack back off and since this is a must move game soon enough I get sent to my home for the rest of what proves to be a rather short day.

The table is extremly tight-passive, tons of limping and tons of limping then calling raises. I take advantage and open things up and start winning lots of small to medium pots. Raising the limpers from either the SB or button and taking down the pots with C-bets, bluffing at scary boards representing flushes and straights. I then catch a rivered flush and get called down since I'd yet to have to show my cards and I get paid. The opening hand is a faded memory and I'm ready to aggressively take this table down.

I raise four limpers from the button with Q9 sooted and the flop comes Q92. It checks to me I fire and get one caller. I put him on a a draw as the turn is a T. He checks, I fire, he check-raises. Now the only way the T helps him is as a set or a gut shot unless he played JT and now he's got 2nd pair along with a straight draw. I call.

River is a 6 and goes all-in. Fuck me. It's either KJ or J8 both of which beat my two pair so I show him my hand as I muck and he turns over J8 for the gut shot? Later this exact hand plays out again against the same guy in the exact situation with the exact cards except a 3 instead of a 2. Q9 two pair to a gut shot J8 although this time I fold to the check-raise. Before I did fold though I look at him and say what the fuck and he's cracking up. I ask him, "Again?" he says yes and shows J8.

I chip back up playing aggressive when I get 44 in the SB. It's limped around five ways and I check looking for set value. Flop comes 347 two hearts. I lead out for $25 its folded around to the button who makes it $50. Higher set, straight draw, flush draw? Let's finds out. I make it $125. He makes it $250. No fucking way. I ask him does he have 56 and he says yes. I fold my set face up and he turns over 56. Now the table thought that was impressive for some reason but we all know that I was beat and again had to lay down a set.

I work my way back up to just over $600, raking a nice pot when I represent an Ace and get a tightie to fold KK on a board that wound up Q4325, when this beauty came. I get 49 sooted in the BB. EP makes it $20 and there are five callers so with odds naturally I called. I almost re-raised this fucker but decided one of these donks will call and then I'm be dependent on them not hitting the flop so I didn't. Flop comes 993. Yikes I hit this but is that 4 kicker worth a shit? Let's find out. I fire $100 at it.

I get one caller who is a typical European, actually Eastern European for a change, who barely speaks English and had been winning and losing decent sums of money due to the calling down to the river mentallity odds be damned. He hit a couple flushes, one for a huge pot to a guy who couldn't lay down a set on the river, to bail himself out after calling down a few times with 2nd pair. This could be really good or really bad.

Does he have a 9 with a better kicker or does he have a 3, maybe a pocket pair between 4s and 8s? The turn is a 3. I can live with that, maybe for once a double paired board will work out in my favor as I'm thinking worst case I'm chopping. I bet he pushes. Okay seems like we're chopping which doesn't exactly suck due to the dead money in the pot so I call and turn over my 94. My man turns over 32 sooted. I'm fucking golden right! This pot will get me a few hundred up for the day even after all the tough losses and who knows maybe it will start a nice long hot streak.

Turn and burn and I throw up in my mouth. I thought this shit only happens online but the the case 3 hits on the river giving dude his four of a kind. (Its not quads since you need two in your hand for that) I for an instant thought about turning the table over but smartly kept my cool. I picked up my remaining chips, told the boys good-bye, cashed in those chips, told Weak I'm out and left.

I'm fucking angry as I write this. They just keep getting worse and worse. At least I do know the beats can't get any worse than a one outer now hopefully things will start getting better and I don't stay stuck in this rut. I'm back at it tomorrow and I'm starting at the Bellagio to see if my table was a fluke or not.

Do you have those tokens yet? Get them and get your satellite seats to the FTOPS ME and come out Sunday for a really good game.


At 4:09 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

that bellagio game sounds good if you can dodge sum suckouts.

At 4:10 AM, Blogger lightning36 said...

And I thought that I was the only person getting the shit kicked out of me in Las Vegas. Two times in 13 hours -- KK vs AA. People hitting gutshots and flush draws, cooler hands galore ...

My only saving grace was chopping 1st and 2nd in the 11pm Caesar's my last night there.

Nice briefly meeting you (at MGM Feb 6 via Carmen).

At 1:05 PM, Blogger lucko said...

I threw up in my mouth reading that, so gross.

At 2:56 PM, Blogger pokerpeaker said...

You played the hands great. I would have checked on the river on the first hand and called most bets...would have saved you some money. Otherwise just bad luck. The case 3 just hurts.

At 4:21 PM, Blogger Craig said...

IMO, you should live at the Bellagio, absolutely no question. You know I spend as much time as I can when I'm there, and it is just the tourist poker watering hole in the desert. You pick the game, you're going to find lots and lots of players.

That said, brutal session.

At 8:49 PM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Ok, I do not know why everyone is sucking your dick so hard but drawing to a gutshot straight on a paired board is.. hmm.. how do I say this delicately.. STUPID!!! You got what you deserved there.

Other hands were bullshit and some really great reads and laydowns by you.

At 12:19 AM, Blogger DP said...

Didn't you have pot odds to draw to a full house after raising to $125 on the flop with 44?

At 6:40 PM, Blogger cracknaces said...

"I thought this only happened on-line"



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