Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fluff and Stuff

For the best review of All-Star weekend or as Bill Simmons dubbed it Hip Hop Woodstock. Funny and yes true.

How about a few hooker quotes?

Now I'm thinking that women should have to apply to dress like a hooker, then be forced to renew that license every two years like it's a driver's license. Let's protect the country from itself. On the bright side, now that every female in Vegas dresses like a hooker, it's impossible to tell the real hookers from the fake ones, which means we'll probably have a Vegas-themed game show called "Hooker or Looker" some day.

A friend of a friend went to a bachelor party at a Venetian suite that featured strippers, including one who had a Nextel phone with a credit card swipe on it ... $50 per lap dance, every credit card was acceptable.

Next time the All-Star game comes to Vegas I won't make the mistake of playing anywhere else but the Bellagio. It's easy to get in and out of the North Valet so that alleviates what was a 72 hour grid lock and all the gangstas and thugs were busy reeking havoc on other (MGM) parts of the strip. Nelly was deep stacked enjoying the $10/20 NL game but amazingly he was sans posse. Impressive. That is until Iverson showed up with his 15 person entourage for a meet and greet.

I did get a good laugh at Iverson and his crew. The all had the baggy jeans, timberlins, plain white T-shirt, doo-rag, sideways cap look going on. 15 persons dressed identical. Good luck picking out the perp in that line-up. Nelly had it going on with his matching Louis Vutton cap and jacket. One large expensive purse is what it looked like to me. Unfortunately no pics. Hey Carm will that short review get me in your new fashion club?

The Big Game will continue as a monthly format. We had 17 turn out on Sunday and the word from the regulars that play is to keep it going. You have four weeks to get a token so let's shoot for 30 in March.

Is anybody planning to head down to Austin in April for this spectacular Live Mookie Event?

Confirmed that I know of so far besides the Austin crew is me, JJ, Gary and Weak. Make plans and come join us. You know that Mookie is the host with the most and also Weak and I are flying in a few days early to play underground with Mr. Dreamy so it should be a great time all around.

Hey degenerates go visit Peaker where we can wager on the birth date of his twins. You still have a few months to get in but don't wait to long as there are only so many people selected date and you don't want to be shut-out.

That's all the fluff I have today. I'm heading out to the Bellagio soon so hopefully I'll have some good winning hands to post tomorrow to go along with some from last week.


At 1:22 PM, Blogger pokerpeaker said...

Thanks for the pimp pimpa! It was great talking to you. Even if you are a tiger.

At 1:22 PM, Blogger pokerpeaker said...

Um...I just realize how gay that last line sounded. Tiger. MU Tiger.

At 3:16 PM, Blogger jjok said...

".....Good luck picking out the perp in that line-up......."


At 5:22 PM, Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Who's going to watch Lucy that weekend? I won't be around. I guess you better get on it.

At 7:27 AM, Blogger Dremeber said...


I'm trying to set up a blog listing with all Poker blogs.

Please feel free to add your site.

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At 12:48 PM, Blogger drewspop said...

Holy crap. I just copied and was ready to paste the exact same line as JJ. What a shocker.

Good to see you taking cash again.


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