Friday, February 09, 2007


Another day at the MGM and another day just shaking my head. I can't close the deal lately and all my favorites are getting run down or I'm getting coolered. Another buy-in gone and another day where I should have had a big day.

Not to piss and moan but venting helps. Today within ten minutes I get rivered AK vs KJ for a big pot and right away I'm stuck in a hole. I chip my way back up to $475 and miss a couple good drawing hands with odds and I'm back down to $350. I chip back up to almost $500 and this fun hand happens.

The game is very loose and aggressive with almost every hand strattled and rarely does the limping hold. I get 8c9d in the CO and play for $10. There are no raises and five of us see the flop of 6d,6h,7d. Wow straight draw, flush draw and already a paired board so this hand can go anywhere.

Stattler leads out for $15. This guy, probably the worst at the table, has been playing shitty cards, leading out out of position, any too suited. I call getting a look at a cheap card and waiting to see what the turn brings before I decide if I want to play at this pot of not. It will be a tricky hand but I feel like I'm the best player still with cards so I'm confident I can outplay the remaining players.

The button calls and we are three way to the turn. I think about the players in the hand and I put one on a flush draw and the other on either the 6 or 7. Turn is the Ts so no flush as of yet, I have what is now the nut straight, so its time to see if anyone has a six and if so what kicker.

First guy again bets out making it $30. I raise it making it $75 and the button immediately calls. Alright he seemed very confident so is this the 6 and is he full? Initial bettor thinks for about 30 seconds and calls. Flush draw. No way he's figuring out odds and I'm sure it was mind discussion about, "hmmmm will I hit a diamond or not."

Now I figure I'm probably 62% which is by no means a monster favorite but the pot is built up nice I think I'm in the lead and if the river is a weak card I won't get the flush draws money but it's probable I'll get the guy with the sixes money again provided he's not full.

In an almost identical situation as the other day I get one of the worst possible rivers card the 7c. Un fucking real. The board is double paired and my straight just went down the shitter. Check, I check, no way I can try and bluff this pot, and the button checks too. First guy shows the busted flush draw, I show my nut straight, and the button turns over 46 for the trips. Almost any other non-diamond card I get the rest of the guys stack but no I loss about $100 instead of scooping a $900 pot.

Its been instances like this hand, same as yesterday, that are preventing big winning days and setting me up to get hammered.

I chip back up to $550 and here we go.

Three new dudes sit down and they are waiting to play $5/10 and they are maniacs. The game was loose before but things really got started now. Every hand a strattle and there was no more limping. $40 or so raises every hand with 3 of 4 seeing the flop.

Well I catch AA UTG and I limp knowing this pot will get raised and I can fire a big bet on the way back. Sure enough $20, $20, $20 back to me and I make it $100 hoping to isolate. Fold, Fold, maniac goes into the tank and calls. Flop is T73 rainbow and he checks. Okay is he set mining or is his playing a cracking hand? I bet $150 and he calls.

I'm thinking I'm good against the set as I'm sure he would have reraised me if he hit. Turn is a Jack he checks I push he calls. Unless he has KK or QQ that call is not a good thing to hear. He gets up slams over 89 sooted for the straight. The same fucking 89 I get counterfeited on he busts my Aces.

Another day of shaking my head. I played well. Every time I went backwards I worked up my stack playing aggressive with a wide range of hands in position taking a lot of small uncontested pots. The big hands I played I got run down. So really even though I wrote about a bunch of tough loses the past couple a sessions I was basically even, getting felted was running KK into AA and getting AA cracked by 89.

Not to mention in four of the last six MTTs I've played I got knocked out in SB vs BB HU situtions with three coolers and a race. QQ vs AK, 63 vs 69 on the 66K flop, T6 vs AT on an AT6 flop, and K9 vs KQ on a KQ9 flop. It's beating me up.

I got out results from last year, I looked at the ups and downs of my streaks and I have to remember it happens. I had two to four straight losing sessions and they were all followed by decent winning streaks anywhere from five to a high of ten straight sessions. I'm down $1000 I could easily be up $4000. It's frustrating but I'm confident that if I keep on playing well the results will turn and I'll be back on top.

Thanks for listening.

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At 7:31 AM, Blogger Raveen said...

keep at man you know it will turn around...I felt like ive been getting screwed in tournies recently and now finally I just had a break through and it was well deserved....keep grinding

At 11:26 AM, Blogger Fuel55 said...

We are here to listen ...

At 5:13 PM, Blogger RoccoBoxer said...

Tough beats, in the long run your stellar play will be profitable, as usual... keep at it.

Next time I'm in Vegas, I hope we can casino hop around together.

Listening & learning...


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