Saturday, February 03, 2007

MGM and Venetian

Quick update before I have to get ready to play the Venetian $550. This should be fun with T10,000 and 40 minute levels. It's by far the best structured local tournament and with it being Super Bowl weekend they are expecting at least 150 entries and probably in the neighborhood of $25K for first place.

I played cash and got stomped buy the donkeys on Thursday. Lost with top two to an rivered open ended straight then KK to a straight(mistake on my part). I also lost a big pot when I flopped a set of 3s on a T73 rainbow board. The initial raiser overbet the flop, I re-raised and the SB, who is a very good local player, re-raised me. I have a very good read on this guy and no way he goes over the top of me with an overpair so after a few minutes I lay down my set. He shows 77 for a higher set and even though I lost a lot of chips I saved myself a lot more.

Friday Smokkee rolled in to join me and Weak at the MGM for some cash action. I started off slow losing with AA to a shorties set of 9s all-in pre-flop and was thinking here we go again. Soon though I got AA again and doubled through some Eurodonks AKo all-in preflop.

Finally with some chips I trapped some loud mouthed internet know-it-all and some other tourist for a nice pot. Internet Donk (ID) raised from MP to $20 with CU calling, me calling from the button with QT, and SB calling.

Flop was QT9 rainbow. SB who was a bit loose led into the pot of $50 with only ID
calling before me. Now I don't usually play a hand on a scary board this way but I decided to take a chance and trap these two. Yes a very risky play but I didn't think I'd get paid off if I re-raised so I called. I was prepared to dump my hand if another scare card came on the turn or river.

I read the SB to have a draw and the ID to have AQ, KQ, or QJ since he didn't re-raise the post flop bet. The turn was a 3 and again the SB led out but only with $100 into the $230 pot. ID called and I again smooth called hoping they put me on a draw. River was a 2. Perfect. I'm certain I'm ahead and I think I'm going to get paid too.

SB leads out with $175. After his weak turn bet no way I'm buying I'm behind him. ID calls although he only has about $165 behind him. So I immediately call. SB slams his hand in the muck and ID turns over QJ for TP and busted OESD but thinking he's got it. I show my two pair and the ID goes nuts. "How the fuck to you not re-raise that hand on that board? Man you played that hand like shit you donkey." Blah Blah Blah. I told him the only thing missing was a chat box and reminded him to keep coming back. So risky play nice reward.

We then met Chad at the Venetian just as he was taking down a satellite into today's $550. Weak jumped immediately into a $2/5 game and I took a breather. Chad was playing the nightly $180 so Smokkee and I decided to join him. T4000 and 30 minute levels with 90 entrants. Too bad we didn't have a last longer as yours truly, the cash gamer, outlasted the two MTT donks and shit I even made the final table.

Top 10 got paid and I went out in 7th. I was crippled when my AJ/Hoyazo (AJ from this day on will always be considered the Hoyazo) ran into AQ. 6.5 longs hours but good experience going into today's event which with the prize money I will be freerolling.

More updates for tomorrow.


At 1:42 PM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Good luck today at the Venetian tourney.

Go Bears...

At 1:30 PM, Blogger Irongirl01 said...

MD good luck at the Venetian tourney.. I hope you guyz have a great showing and I expect uber posts from you all.

At 2:08 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

nice final table Don.


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