Monday, February 12, 2007

Time to Make A Move

What's the plan when you have a small bad run playing live and you need to clear your head? For me it was a variety of online games to make sure I still saw hands yet did not pull too far back mentally.

Friday I knew I was not going to be in the mood to play live and with little basketball to watch I decided to try and satellite into the FTOPS Event #1. I found a $50+$5 Satellite where 386 players competed for 91 seats and figured my game could ease into the money and sure enough it did without much effort actually, although after some deep thoughts it's the same place my tournament game is stuck.

The FTOPS Event #1 was my first attempt at one of the online majors ever. Sad I know. I doubled in the first hour then went card dead the next two when I lost restealing with Ad8d and getting called by Qd9d and losing to a flopped straight?! That's my tournament game too much lately waiting for these perfect preflop hands that never seem to show up while my stack suffers a beating.

Enough man. My cash game is in good shape and I need to finally realize that tournaments are a different animal. No sense being cautious and waiting- I need to get comfortable following the leads of players like Lucko and Raveen and take a leading role at my table. I'm used to playing deep stack poker and my reads have been very solid lately so I need to transfer that to the tournaments and make the hands I play first get to post flop then once they do use my reads to keep pressure on my opponents to make decisions. I can almost see it, similiar to when I really started excelling at chess years back and could see those lines along with the next hour of probable moves.

I finished 708 out of 1900+. I think I see the big picture. I also cleared my head of anything lingering.

Saturday I watched about 10 college basketball games and barely played a hand. After Friday's long satellite and nearly three hours of Event #1 made it was easy to take a day off. I have been watching a lot of basketball these last two months and I think I'm well versed on the MWC and PAC-10 which I hope comes in useful during the Conference then NCAA tournaments.

I've been reading a lot lately about opinions on how the games are playing in this post Neteller era and to offer my opinion I find them maybe easier. I've always been one to buck the trend and I like going against the public as you all know from my love of betting the dogs so where most people are dropping in levels and tightening up their games I'm moving up in levels and loosening my game. I played $400 NL tonight and did rather well.

The books explain to amp up the aggression when it gets to be bubble time and I think that just might be what time it truly is in the online poker world right now--bubble time. Players are playing tight, they've either withdrawn most of their rolls or they're guarding what they do have left exactly the same as way a tournament donk is just trying to get in the money. My strategy it to play at them hard and contest lots of pots and make them make the tough decisions. Go get that tight money.

HAHA me calling someone tight. "I see said the blind man."

It's NBA All-Star Week in Vegas which brings out that special player, the type who certainly chooses style over substance types easily someone typical to those who follow the NBA, Rap Music, Hollywood Entertainment and/or their entourages. More bling than chips, more calls then raises, more self-important "don't you know who I am " types than Vegas can hold. What a great time for a walkman BTW.

The games this week will be wide open and aggressive and I hope to be on the right side of the money transfers. One week could make a month this one might be it.

Sunday is the FTOPS Main Event and its also the Big Game. What a perfect compliment. Since most everyone will be playing online lets see if we can't get 30 players.


At 11:21 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I'm loving reading your posts recently about the struggles of changing from cash gamer to mtt specialist. Lord knows I've had the reverse problem so badly that I still am more or less clueless in any cash game I play of any real worth. If I could really understand why, I'm sure I would have made the necessary adjustments a long time ago.

One thing I'm interested in most though, is why are you so interested in making the jump to the tournaments? I mean, for me I've proven to myself that I'm a true cash game donk, and there is so much more variance in terms of one's roll anyways, so I just gave up trying after only a brief sojourn to verify that I, in fact, heehaw at the cash games. Now don't get me wrong, I of all people totally understand why poker tournaments are the tits, but I'm very curious as to why you persist with them after all the bad luck and the realization of how donkamenty they really are.

Just wondering aloud man. And I'll definitely be in the big game next Sunday, even while I'm playing the main event, unless I'm maybe in the top 10 players in the thing at the time. Ha ha fat chance.

Great posts lately as always.

At 1:43 AM, Blogger RoccoBoxer said...

Glad to hear you will be in Austin in April...


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