Monday, February 05, 2007

Venetian $540 and Super Bowl

As a shock to I'm sure everyone I didn't bet a single dollar on the Super Bowl but if only I had the inside information made clear after the game I could have won some major money. Indy won thanks to "The lord and savior jesus christ." Dungy in his trance like post game interview seemed to praise this christ fellow way too much for my comfort but fuck why hadn't I heard this info before kick-off? Did anyone get any of this info pre-kickoff and use it to there advantage?

Now I'm not entirely familiar with this jesus christ dude other than he's the supposed leader of some right wing fanatics but I guess since Sunday is his day of rest he took time out of his leisure to watch the game and insure victory for the Colts. I am baffled though that jc is a chalk player and bets favorites. Isn't this dude suppose to help the poor and suffering? If so it seems to me he would have made Chicago win because they were the meek and humble underdogs. Oh well reason number 1,284,786,385 why I'm baffled so many people blindly follow this character.

Bud Light was clearly the winner in the commercial contest as Coke donked it up hard. Also, and I say this every year, what's the deal with the halftime show. Halftime is suppose to be fifteen minutes with highlights and analysis not forty minutes of some has been lip synching on stage. WTF? Boo NFL.

I'm sad that football is over but I've already made the transition to full-time poker mode. I had a decent January although I spent more time and money than I probably should have working on my online tournament game. Perhaps it helped me go deep and Final Table the Venetian $180 on Friday but my tournament game is still a work in progress so I'll have to see how things shake out over the next few months.

Saturday's $540 at the Venetian had so much potential but down in flames I went. First hand of Level 4 with the blinds at 100/200/25 I get QQ in the BB. Perfect, the antes had just started and my starting tables was still intact so I felt I had a decent read on the opposing players and I was ready to play agressive deep stack poker and what better way than a re-raise out of the blinds.

Well unfortunately the blinds fold around to the SB who raises it up to T600. I immediately pop him to T2000. He thinks for a second and asks for a chip count. The count is T5200 behind so after thirty seconds or so he goes all-in. Now the player is some older Asian dude who had been semi-aggressive in the early going and had accumulated about T4000 in the first three levels with most of it coming with his 64 sooted rivering a fullhouse and beating K6 on 662 flop.

Anyway at this point there's no way I'm laying this hand down no matter what and I figured with his stalling at worst case I'm in a coin flip and and its even more probable he has a weak Ace or a smaller pocket pair and he's drawing to either two or three outs. He turns over AK and we have a coin flop.

Flop is 994, turn is a T, river is a K and my done. One coin flip one loss. If I double there I'm the big stack at my table and I'm feeling confident that I use my cash game experience to be both aggressive and to float and try to outplay the other players after the flop. Oh well.

I plan on playing this event at least once a month and I'll probably even try to satellite in on occasion. If anybody is planning a trip to Vegas soon this is a must play event. T10K 40 minutes levels, soft field, $20K first prize makes it the best tournament of its kind in Vegas.

Enough for tonite. I'll post some tournament and cash games thoughts this week and review some of my January results as I enter my first full year, scary as it sounds, as a pro.

BTW I decided on keeping the Big Game alive so the tournament is up and ready. Win those Tier II tokens and join us for the excitement in two weeks.


At 10:12 AM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Glad you're not killing the Big Game, Don. It will be interesting to see how much the payment processor woes will impact attendance at these blogger tournaments, especially the ones that are not $10 buyins. I've already seen (I think) a dropoff over the past few weeks in all the blogger events as people's online bankrolls shrivel up, so it remains to be seen how well attended any of the blogger games will become over the coming weeks and months. In any event I'm glad you're still in there with the Big Game, and you know I'll be in like Flynn whenever this shit goes down.

Funny commentary on jesus btw today. Why these sports figures continually praise god for their victories is beyond me. What about the other team? Did god not want to help the other team win too? Is god some kind of Colts fan or something? Do you think He's from Indianapolis? Or maybe from Baltimore, and He's just staying loyal to his city's original franchise. How utterly, uberly ghey.

At 11:34 AM, Blogger Mondogarage said...

If you look carefully at the depth chart, you'll see Jesus is 3rd on the depth chart at OLB.

I wish I could Big Game it up, but on my now $60 online roll, I don't even have any Tier One token runs in me right now, and I'm gonna have to win some $5 SNG action first. :(

That is, until we get a real payment processor, and not this mega fee MyATMWeb-ripmeoff scheme.

At 11:59 AM, Blogger jjok said...

nice score man. I'm dying to get out there.....

At 2:23 PM, Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Ummmmmmmm - are you still talking about poker??? UGH! Get a life and go make some reservations for Valentine's Day :)

At 3:43 PM, Blogger Gnome said...

I'll plan to play in the Big Game.

At 3:54 PM, Blogger pokerpeaker said...

Thanks for the comment about the Mookie win. Coming from you that means a lot. I'll link you up by the way - sorry I didn't do it before.


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