Friday, March 23, 2007

Thursday at the Red Rock

I'm a little sluggish today. Yesterday I met up with Pauly, Derek, Change 100, and Pauly's bubby Senor at the Red Rock Sports Book and spent all afternoon and evening drinking some Gordon dude's brand of beer and double shots of Patron. The nitecap was steaks at T-Bones, an outstanding restaurant inside the Red Rock, thanks again BTW Pauly.

Man what another fantastic day in Vegas. I love hanging out with bloggers, particularly this crew, and we shot the shit, told stories, discussed life, all that kind of fun stuff as we waited three hours for the games to start. Life is great and it keeps getting better.

Thankfully UCLA came through to absorb some of the earlier blows. Texas A&M cost me twice, and I got rivered when Chicago got a put back with 0.2 remaining to cost me a Nuggets moneyline at +135. Oh well.

Tonite I like:

USC +8'
UNLV moneyline +140
USC moneyline +335

I'll have bigger bets on the spreads but I'm backing those up with moneylines as I try to take a shot at a bigger prize. Heck I might even parlay both moneylines with an NBA dog moneyline to see if I can make a couple racks. I love me some longshot dog moneyline parlays.

That's it for now.

Pick some winners and make some money tonite.


At 5:01 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I don't know man, your picks are the exact opposite of mine. I like Carolina to win pretty easy and I like Oregon in a fairly close one, in addition to Georgetown to cover and Butler to keep the Florida game close. While my NFL picks have historically done pretty well, my basketball picks have not so not sure I can say much there. Best of luck with the games this weekend, and GO HOYAS!!!


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