Thursday, March 01, 2007

Who Can't Hang?

Thanks for all the kind words on my previous post. I got a lot out of writing it and I'm glad many others understand my thoughts.

I had a blast hanging with Al yesterday at the IP Sports Bar. We were too busy drinking to play our college hoops picks and missed out going 4-0. What donks. That would have completed a perfect afternoon spend at the bar.

I stopped at the Bellagio on the way out and had a frustration session. I got all-in on the flop two times as a 58% and 80% favorite and lost both making for a losing session. I'm looking forward to when the good run comes because there is a lot of money to be made playing $2/5 at the Bellagio.

February was bittersweet as far as results were concerned. I had my worst live month ever but had my best online month ever. Good Figure. My live strategy has been single table $200 or $400 NL in short 1-3 hours sessions during any random hours of the day. Whenever I'm at the computer I keep on eye on the games being played on FT and when I find a soft game I jump in. I'll play very aggressive for these short sessions with the real goal being to double. If and when I do double then give it 15 more minutes or so to try and get another stack then go.

It worked well enough that my hourly was nearly $75 an hour. Now I certainly doubt that's a number I can continue at but I still think I can stay extremely profitable with the hopes of paying my nut this way. My epassporte account is set up and functioning so right now I have a way to get the money to my bank.

I played far fewer MTTs, satellites, and tokens in February as compared to January and the reason has been time and money--both lost in the events played and lost in not making a profit playing cash. I will start taking a couple pops this month since FT now has some soft Token satellites.

While the live game results sucked I think my play has gotten better. Fewer mistakes even though my favorite hands still don't hold up enough. The cash game session seem to come down to 1-3 all-in hands and my goal is to get my money in with the better hand and having the hand hold up to its true percentage. If I get my money in 10 times a week as a 65% favorite and my 65% favorite holds up 65% of the time I make $1500 a week. Seems easy and quite fair actually. It didn't happen in February but it will happen in March.

Due to some of the frustrating sessions in February I cut down on my live hours and spent a lot of time studying. Plenty of simulated hands, plenty of reading, plus much more time spent on math then usual. It should only make my game stronger.

I'm catching the red eye down to Florida on Sunday night for 10 days sun and fun. If I play 10 hours of poker when I'm gone that will be a lot. I'll be seeing family so it will be nice to eat well and with lots of beach time. When I get back it will be full force grind time up and through the completion of the WSOP in July. If all goes as planned I want to make twelve months worth of cushion in the next four months. My goals are quite optimistic so it will be a needed challenge.

The Big Game is scheduled for March 18th. With FT running the token satellites I'm confident we can get at least 30 entries which means a $2K prize pool. That would be fun.

Has anyone seen Cocaine Cowboys? I just got it from Netflix and it's awesome. The trailer is below.


At 7:34 AM, Blogger cracknaces said...

I'm probably going to play both $500s next week at Venetian if you are interested. Same structure as before with the $10K starting chips. Tournaments are where the quick fixes are :)

At 9:29 AM, Blogger TraumaPoker said...

Netflix recommended Cocaine Cowboys to me and I just watched it last night. It was very well done. The part that always gets me from that drug era was just how much fucking money they were dealing with. The go talked about a rough estimate that he thought he spent, SPENT, 50 million dollars during that time along with that same amount being put into Panamanian banks. I have seen other specials talking about the crack explosion of the late 80’s and how some of the larger dealers just didn’t even bother counting any bills under 100’s, they were dealing with so much money they didn’t even care.

At 1:01 PM, Blogger Astin said...

The 18th, eh? Do you call my local club and see what days they're running their big monthly tournaments too? Because I think the last 2 or 3 Big Games have coincided.

Let's see if the times work out.


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